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  1. You beat me too it. If you don’t know the background story with McClean and take this as an isolated incident it does look like mindless sectarian abuse but unfortunately and imho McClean like you said has brought this upon himself. The refusal to wear the poppy was and still is a disgrace and if he felt that strongly about it he shouldn’t play or live in England. He has been more than Happy to let English clubs pay him millions of pounds in wages over the years though hasn’t he - funny that..
  2. Indeed. Mental to think it wasn’t too long ago that Forest were a complete basket case of a club and looked more like slipping back into League one than getting to the Prem and staying there.. just goes to show what a bit of time and new ownership with ambition can do for you!!
  3. So Neville isn’t happy that the Glazer’s are spending the revenue money that Man Utd as a football club generates and is pointing out that the family haven’t put their hands in their pockets like Abramovich did?.. **** me is that not how a football club should operate Gary? I’m sorry i normally have a lot of time for Neville and his opinions but what a load of absolute bullshit and especially now with the introduction of FFP how can he genuinely come out and say that.
  4. Hahah. Couldn’t happen to a nicer club or set of fans!
  5. bris red


    Credit where credit is due Vyner had a really solid game today. Totally unconvinced by Naismith though.. he is obviously trying to be the modern ball playing centre half but to me doesn’t look technically good enough to be it at this level.
  6. It’s not though is it really. The theme has continued on from last season.
  7. I wouldn’t either. I’d hate to see Weimann leave but if i was in his shoes id be onto my agent for a move.. with the goals he has been scoring he could probably get one last big pay day over 3 years at this level or in a topflight league on the continent IMO.
  8. I hear what you are saying mate but are you not concerned at the general trend of our performances under Pearson? It’s the same outcome week in week out and these are performances against teams newly promoted. Fair play for the positivity from certain people but christ that performance was dire.
  9. Im genuinely not a doom and gloom merchant in the slightest and really really want/wanted Pearson to work but on that showing we are in for a relegation battle - I can’t see anything other than that to be honest.
  10. Many of our fans will happily just sleep walk into League one it seems
  11. Genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if someone puts a late bid in for him and he goes this window to be honest
  12. Indeed. Same old story unfortunately patience is wearing thin for me
  13. A pretty fair summary.. We need to try and get Scott on the ball more second half. Conway looks really lively and energetic
  14. I cannot stand that McLean! Comes across like an absolute bellend
  15. Will they ****. Mid-table at best.
  16. Without wanting to sound harsh on Fontaine but that’s going to happen when playing in front of a live paying crowd. I never once felt sorry for him to be honest - he was a liability come the end just like Zak is now. People pay good money to watch these highly paid ‘professionals’ and don’t expect mistakes week in week out which was where Fontaine was towards the end. It has been done to death on here but Vyner is far too mistake prone at this level. It’s not really comparable to Fontaine anyway who was a very good centre half at this level for many seasons for us who just unfortunately lost his way towards the end of his career.
  17. Indeed. Much prefer Italian domestic football, much more interesting to watch both on and off the field. La Liga and spanish fans are just dead, most of their clubs don’t even take away followings to games…
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