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  1. Who ever the candidates are I hope they are also looked at on who they could possibly recruit ie we are in dire need of leadership qualities on the pitch in a couple of areas when other players go off message they can correct that when the players cross that white line.
  2. RIP Norman watched and met him fantastic man and player RIP
  3. Have to agree with havanatopia both our defence coaches have had enough time to fix what I think is an inapt defensive structure. The first goal was a set piece all bet it a long ball set piece no one took any responsibility to get to the ball first and their second goal six city defenders to two of theirs in the six yard box and we still couldn't close down or apply a hard challenge again this is not inexperience just crap judgement and coaching and yes lack of b**** to stick there foot in.
  4. Starting from pre-season friendlies up to this last game its plain to see that our defending is not up to the current championship standard so is it time for the board to look at bringing in an additional coaching appointment in defence and set piece defending to free up this responsibility from LJ so he can focus on his other areas. I put it out there as to what other posters think.
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