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  1. First remembered game 1966 aged 10 Atyeo's last season fully hooked on city by the end of that season and his testimonial against leeds even though we lost 4-2 what a player there has only been one like him IMHO Taylor.
  2. I tend to agree with superjack for me there is no point now in delaying his appointment this season is done and preparation for next season must begin. It must be then tat NP assessment to SL is too high a price unless others around him can convince otherwise so NP is fast coming to his own conclusion that he may look elsewhere. Lets hope a decision is made in the next 24 hours we are running out of time.
  3. Who ever the candidates are I hope they are also looked at on who they could possibly recruit ie we are in dire need of leadership qualities on the pitch in a couple of areas when other players go off message they can correct that when the players cross that white line.
  4. RIP Norman watched and met him fantastic man and player RIP
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