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  1. The greatest game in the roverrzz history is on sky 403 right now...
  2. Genuine question. How far down the pyramid would they need to go to have the best facilities in the league?
  3. Incidentally i drove past The Star at Tickenham yesterday, didnt he used run that?
  4. Wow, he sounds like a guy on the up....... I smell BS if he's ended up at Ragbag Rovers.
  5. Ah well. I get criticised for calling him useless. Both facts are true, some people just dont like the truth i guess.
  6. He really is a 24 carat gold plonker!!!
  7. I notice Glos have renamed their ground this morning....
  8. I'd certainly like the opportunity to find out if they would.
  9. Only one team will be promoted from Division Two of the County Championship this summer in order to reduce the number of top-tier teams in 2017. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/35744204
  10. I believe it was more of a business networking opportunity, he came out with 3 new investors so was quids in... Oh and he gave Carlie a kick on the way off!!
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