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  1. I enjoyed this week a lot, especially the role play! In particular how @Shtanley skilfully channels Johnson’s capacity to spin an unwanted record as a personal triumph. Totally agree on the - why sack Johnson now? angle. It’s not going to happen and it shouldn’t. That being said I do think it’s really 50-50 in the summer if he stays or goes. One think you didn’t talk about was the financial element of being sacked or resigning. He isn’t going to unilaterally give up his contract with no pay-off but the good relationship between Johnsons / Lansdowns suggests a better chance of a compromise package which could be spun as amicable mutual consent. I agree LJ would never accept sacking him was justified. I do think the - ‘who else if not LJ?’ argument shows a lack of confidence as a club. Sure some of the big names are a bit outlandish. But City is an attractive job for someone to come in to an established championship club with a patient chairman set on reaching the Prem. On that theme I reckon finishing 7th is the worst of all worlds for the unity of the different fan factions. For Johson-outers it shows he hasn’t got what it takes for promotion. Johnson-inners can say it’s ‘progress’ having sold our best players (again) and lost our main striker to a season of injury. And more importantly no one gets to enjoy the playoffs. I might have to never go on Otib again if this happens. Personally I am withholding judgment til the summer and hoping for some excitement and decent Ashton Gate atmospheres in the final 10 (or 13?) games.
  2. Ultimately LJ can’t be expected to get promotion with one out-and-out striker who is not consistently a natural finisher; and who would be probably third choice for any team serious about getting out of the championship. Afobe and Nketiah aren’t going to be that player this season for different reasons - so if the ambition is to get promoted, it’s reasonable to try and land a striker this transfer window. Regardless of LJ’s flaws elsewhere, the need for a striker has been obvious since Reid left (a player LJ turned into a 20-goal-a-season player) - he’s not been well served by the hierarchy in this area.
  3. Think LJ will have seriously p***sed off the hierarchy tonight. Landsdowns would have enjoyed the payday, the media attention, 25 years ago and all that of Liverpool tie. Millions spent by LJ, multiple signings, to lose over two games to a lower-mid League 1 outfit. This might be the result that does it for Johnson.
  4. Agree that it seemed made for Palmer to come on and take a bit of control in midfield. Fam tired but didn’t see what Semenyo brought to the show. Radical theory - LJ showing Lansdown/Ashton he needs a striker who might cost big wages on a free?
  5. Could do with one but now en route home , thinking of all the glorious goals I scored at Ashton Gate cutting in off the wing, wondering if Eliasson and O’Dowda can start doing the same
  6. Last call in case anyone has a spare they need to shift ... enjoy the game all, COYR
  7. Hi could take this if you let me know where / when to meet ? Have sent you a PM
  8. Still in the market for a ticket if anyone has last minute spare. In London so can meet at ground. Cheers ,
  9. Also a plea for ticket if anyone got a last minute spare. ST holder but couldn’t make the BS ticket system work. In London today for pick up - pints at any one of the four pubs part of the deal!
  10. His technique is ridiculous. Makes things look easy. Take the ball, hit a sweet crossfield pass and sprint onto the cross for a header. Pleasure to watch. Criticism - a little loose defensively for now. Will develop. Let’s enjoy while he’s here. Great song as well.
  11. This might have been a valid thread last year but ludicrous for today. He has added bite to his game and the obvious talent on the ball. Made a number of top tackles today. The idea he is ‘lazy’ is a lazy trope.
  12. I also think the van Dijk chant is great. To the tune of 'Dirty Old Town'. Nice anthem. (Here for the curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUix4Uf4eE4). We play - and this season win - a lot in purple and lime. But we end up singing 'come on you reds' at away games. So how about this to the same tune: Oh my heart Is red and white But in ‘94 When Tinman scored On a Liverpool night It was love at first sight Purple and lime Purple and lime
  13. What we need to be clear on is the difference between the club’s philosophy and LJ’s football philosophy. LJ can point to the constraints he works within owing to the club’s philosophy and that’s legitimate. But he is unconstrained on his own football philosophy and has had time and money to assemble the team who is an expression of him the manager. Yesterday’s match highlighted the shortcomings here. - We played 3 at the back and wing-backs, but he hasn’t signed the players to play that system. Hunt doesn’t have the lungs for it. - He’s signed two midfielders (Hegeler and Walsh) who is basically said can’t really play in a 2, yet the the settled formation we were playing was a 4-4-2. - Yesterday he did want to put 3 in the middle to match Preston - fine - but based on the players we have wouldn’t make more sense to play more of a 4-3-3, given the players we have at our disposal? Johnson has stocked us with winger / forward players: Paterson, Eliasson, Watkins, O’Dowda - and eventually got around to changing things - but the abject tone was already set. Yesterday players looked like they had no plan for how to win that football match other than trying hit Diedhou long or with crosses when he was pretty much the only player in the box. A team low on confidence that’s lost its way and a manager still experimenting to find a winning formula. Preston were a limited outfit who played to their strengths and kept at us at arms’-length without breaking a sweat. It was depressing to watch.
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