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  1. Just heard our uefa Czech rep tickets will remain valid. must have got lucky in the ballot
  2. We got locked out for about an hour and a half before we could get in. once we did managed to rewind and watch from start though. Quality of it was brilliant , shame all the tech problems ruined it for some tho. apparently they are going to let bbc show most of it (or even more of it ) on Glasto weekend. So if anyone missed it they might be able to watch it then
  3. I’ve still got Czech rep game tickets too through uefa. the fact I haven’t heard anyone say they have had uefa tickets for this particular game cancelled yet makes me think they are yet to ballot it, rather than I have been lucky to retain them fingers crossed tho
  4. My mate just got an email confirming we lost our tickets for the final. Gutted haven’t heard about England v Czech group game yet altho I expect that cancellation is in the post too will try and get him to log on as others have done above to confirm the bad news
  5. Thanks Dave , sorry to hear it looks like yours have been cancelled. this seems to be a very common theme across nearly everyone’s applications so far must be all these uefa partner / corporate allocations chewing up the available capacities I guess bad enough these games are to be played inside stadiums with 25% capacities (albeit understandable) , but if 20% + are corporates atmostphere will be awful
  6. Just for clarification , has anyone had the results from the general uefa ballots yet. Or are all those who have found out so far through the England channels?
  7. The email just said all ticket holders would be informed by end of May, was pretty vague though on the exact timescales
  8. That is very disheartening for many reasons
  9. IM not sure if they are doing each supporters groups separate to the general ones anymore. A mate got some through general ballot and he is still waiting to find if his will be voided or if they will stand
  10. Sorry to hear this guys. Was this through uefa general ticket ballot tickets or through official England channel tickets?
  11. Got mine this morning also
  12. Evening all. Can anyone confirm if all tickets are cancelled? Or just ones bought through England supporters group? My mate got us some in the main uefa ballot (not England fans specific). Unsure if those ones are getting cancelled too?
  13. Playing a big gig on downs 3rd September
  14. Announcement of something on radio 2 breakfast show tomorrow I believe
  15. Idles set was awesome this year, really felt like it meant a lot to them to be playing there. Saw them again at downs festival, still very good but didn’t have the same magic / live up to the Glasto one
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