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  1. Been reading reviews saying this is really good, but haven’t watched it as don’t use Apple TV really
  2. Just seen the score , sounds like an incredible performance from Gianis again. Great reward for showing the loyalty to re-sign a long deal with the Bucks in the face of pretty much all the big market teams sniffing about. I’ve been watching a lot of NBA in the last two years or so since sky appeared to pick it up uk coverage on the cheap. Shame all the finals games have been 2am tip off tho GMT which kind of makes it too late to stay up for and too early to get up for :laugh:. So I’ve mainly just been catching the game highlights
  3. Got my final ticket back!! mate who originally got them through uefa portal got an email this eve giving him first refusal. Sounds like it was a battle logging back in the get them but he managed to persist if anyone had uefa tickets cancelled check your emails now
  4. Some great older sets added to the iplayer this year. Fair play I thought they would have just used the same material as last year. arcade fire 2007, queens of the Stone Age 2011 were two memorable ones I was at iggy pop 2007 is there too which I missed And regretted Idles 2019 is a must for anyone who likes Idles
  5. Do we think City v swans match might get pushed to early Sunday kick off due to police reasons? Or is that less likely now that probably fan numbers / travelling numbers will be Lower?
  6. Cheers for update mate. I had a finals ticket (through a mate who got lucky in the original ballot), which was cancelled recently, so hoping we may get a chance to get them back. That was uefa direct rather than England supporters though
  7. Wondering if people who got tickets cancelled might get first option on some of the re-released ones now capacity has increased for knockouts
  8. No scope for ciders or any other booze? Got a mate who isn’t keen on beer but will drink pretty much anything else. Is he gonna be scuppered?
  9. Can you still get up and get a beer / food in concourse inside stadium or is it just straight to your seat and sit there ?
  10. Afternoon all. Just out of interest did anyone go to England v Croatia? ive just noticed my England v Czech ticket is suggesting I should turn up at Wembley 2hr 30 before ko (Covid protocols I guess) happy to oblige if this is genuinely necessary, but wondered if anyone has any experience of the last match day as to whether this was absolutely necessary
  11. Just heard our uefa Czech rep tickets will remain valid. must have got lucky in the ballot
  12. We got locked out for about an hour and a half before we could get in. once we did managed to rewind and watch from start though. Quality of it was brilliant , shame all the tech problems ruined it for some tho. apparently they are going to let bbc show most of it (or even more of it ) on Glasto weekend. So if anyone missed it they might be able to watch it then
  13. I’ve still got Czech rep game tickets too through uefa. the fact I haven’t heard anyone say they have had uefa tickets for this particular game cancelled yet makes me think they are yet to ballot it, rather than I have been lucky to retain them fingers crossed tho
  14. My mate just got an email confirming we lost our tickets for the final. Gutted haven’t heard about England v Czech group game yet altho I expect that cancellation is in the post too will try and get him to log on as others have done above to confirm the bad news
  15. Thanks Dave , sorry to hear it looks like yours have been cancelled. this seems to be a very common theme across nearly everyone’s applications so far must be all these uefa partner / corporate allocations chewing up the available capacities I guess bad enough these games are to be played inside stadiums with 25% capacities (albeit understandable) , but if 20% + are corporates atmostphere will be awful
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