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  1. I thought he was great yesterday, a good compliment to James and HNM. Would love to see the two young uns be our midfield two in a few years in the prem!
  2. Not gonna lie, I thought NP was taking the #### with that team today in a Derby but he was brilliant today. Humble pie.
  3. Impossible, but influenced highly by how good I thought they were rather than actually were, here we go... Basso Orr Carey Taylor Bell Murray Tinnion Noble Elliot Dziekanowski Taylor Subs: Cole Roberts Flint Bryan Bent Doherty
  4. Gutted. His posts on matchday were a true ritual. Rest easy fellow red
  5. We are looking worryingly reliable on Nakhi...
  6. Not sure if asked elsewhere, is the celtic game on Robins TV if someone already has a subscription, or do we have to buy the super game match epic bundles?
  7. Like the shirt, don't like the font for the bcfc and dont like the central badge, 7/10 from me
  8. and people mock the Brizzle accent - "Spuggggie its in me eyes man!"
  9. Genuinely shocked and gutted about Walsh tbf...
  10. 10/10 for effort mind...
  11. Bentley, Moore, Vyner, Dasilva, Bakinson, Massengo, Weimann, Semenyo, Williams, Walsh, possibly Baker and Pato. Hate to say it, but I'd probably actively look at getting Wells and Kalas' wages off the books.
  12. Time to leave this forum until late August I think
  13. The thing that does scare me, is, if its not ashton on the phone now to clubs and free agents, who will it be?
  14. Did he score against Stoke in the LDV whatsitmecalled it? Or is my memory going? Champagne shirt?
  15. How many times gave kalas and bakinson just given the ball away
  16. Baker and Vyner to see the season out please.
  17. Luton beat Watford last week... I know its a rivalry, but we aint Watford
  18. found it for anyone else who needs it :laugh:
  19. Please tell me someone still has the link of the old guy in the car predicting prem league in 5 years after the takeover???
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