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  1. Hopefully he will be playing in these customised beauties tomorrow and puts one in the back of Fulhams net - COYR
  2. At least Neil Armstrong is a high flyer unlike WRDC, my Derby season ticket colleague absolutely refuses to talk about it, he fears the worst.
  3. My favourite player of all time and a gentleman, I remember he would stay with Gordon Low in his place behind the Kings Head, we used to hang around outside for autographs, Gordon would tell us off but then go and get Denis to sign, lovely guy, his wife Diane a lovely lady as well. I also recall him having a lovely red MkII Jaguar registration VTF 444D (my memory I wish I could remember important things). The first time I saw Denis (one N only) play was in a world cup qualifier in the early 60's at Hampden (my Aunty and Uncle lived on Aikenhead Road just behind the ground) against Czechoslavakia Law scored 2 and Ian St John (I seem to remember) scored the other, great experience for an 8 year old. As I say my favourite of all time!
  4. Very much cliché ridden, umbrella sound bite hyperbole showing no understanding of the requirements of what is needed on the training ground, in the dressing room or on the touchline, badges are a necessity, being a nice human being often is not.
  5. Be Careful BJ giving out telephone numbers that is actually one of my mates numbers !!!
  6. Ken always had interesting stock especially in the early 70s, I bought a Honda CB72e from him after I passed my test on my trusty Triumph Cub, BAD 341 was the registration of that Honda, loved it, electric start 250cc and 100mph, then compulsory crash helmets came in!!!
  7. And wasn't it Ken Avery in Moravian Road?
  8. That was it, Grosvenor Road, which was the next road across from St Nicholas, should have known I was a BT lineman there for a few years - Doh!
  9. Wasn't the original Fowlers on St Nicholas Road in St Paul's, was burnt down in the riots, also remember Grays on Stokes Croft - my first Bonnie came from there.
  10. I remember the Bury game (1966 according to Dazzler, a night game I seem to recall) it was like watching a spirit floating across the turf he made Nijinsky look like a carthorse - pure class, got his autograph after the game and someone asked him if he was off to Manchester City (no Man' City shorthand in those days) he just smiled, very nice guy, RIP.
  11. Rarely post an opinion on here as snipers get on my nerves - opinions are just that not facts. However this says it all, Lee reminds me of Eric Morecambe that is - "I'm playing all of the right notes (players) but not necessarily in the right order (formation)" Back to my silent mode, stay safe people, and enjoy that first pint of cider at your local.
  12. I see that they have a big blue object all labelled up to plug the gap - My mistake it's the new Executive bogs :-)
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