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  1. But that doesn't make sense. If those LJ bad runs put us in relegation trouble he would surely have been relegated. It sounds like you're saying Pearson should be allowed the same bad runs no matter where we are in the league. It would be nice if we could actually have a win let alone a run of wins under the current regime.
  2. Prime


    You don't want to knock the kid, but you did anyway. Incredibly harsh. He hardly received the ball and the times he did he was tackled by his teammates (Martin in a counter attacking situation and Wells in the box). I wouldn't say he played any better or worse than anyone else. The one time he was in a position to take someone on, he was outmuscled, but arguably it was a foul. I also thought he was committed and helped out in defence. I really thought this would be a thread about how great it is to see another academy product make his debut. I really hope he doesn't read your post.
  3. I think it's plausible although a high risk strategy. What doesn't make sense is going through a 2 month recruitment process then appointing Holden. And on a 12 month basis. I've always thought he had either Cook or Howe as preferred but wait 12 months. Probably cost cutting more likely though for 12 months.
  4. Having lived in Pompey for a few years, when he was manager there he was very unpopular. He was mainly criticised for slow sideways passing and never getting crosses into the box. Most fans wanted him gone but then Pompey went on a great run at the end of the season and they ended up winning the league in the last day. Pompey fans like all fans are a fickle lot and were disappointed he left for Wigan. At the time, I thought he didn't have a great relationship with the fans because of the boos and maybe it was that that persuaded him to leave. Or maybe money plus location was the motivation fair leaving? And/or he had ambition to get to the championship and wasn't willing to wait with Pompey who are the bigger club. I understand his style of football has changed a bit from those days with a willingness to be more direct. I think his style changes depending on opposition and the players he has at his disposal which is similar to LJ in some respects. I won't be disappointed if he was our manager but I have a lot of doubts about him being the right man.
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