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  1. So the question then is; Is sustainable football the football that you’re prepared to pay your good money to watch, year in year out, with probably a reduced chance of success and promotion?
  2. Well I’m sorry, but I happen to think that to be deceived by the owner and board is something worth screaming about!
  3. Peculiar F**ktard, why not come clean about this policy in the beginning when sacking LJ? Instead spouting BS about ‘taking the next step’ ‘breath of fresh air’ only a couple of examples. They have done untold damage to the majority of the fan base with this deception. They are no longer trusted.
  4. It’s obvious. Manager is a yes man who will go along with it. Bring players up through the academy or buy youngsters and train. Bring them on into first team. Sell for profit, hopefully one or two very large fees here and there. I don’t expect any ‘big’ signings or experienced players brought in. We are a selling club from now. A money generating club. It won’t work.
  5. One of the best views in the U.K. Hope to retire there one day.
  6. I’ll second that. The scones are delicious
  7. TW#T I’ve stood in the EE when we were on the bottom of the football league. This stinks, and when it’s official I will cancel everything and will not set foot in the place again until a proper manager is appointed and/or new owners have taken residence.
  8. Steve Coppell now makes perfect sense. Did the right thing.
  9. Hang on, there’s been a couple of relegations along the way. And I will repeat the football is shite. Large periods of games where we can’t string two passes together.
  10. But the football is shite!! Dont give a **** about the analogy, what I said is still correct.
  11. It’s already hit it and smashed it to pieces!
  12. Nothing on the pitch then??
  13. Capabilities that he hasn’t yet used since he joined the coaching staff!!!
  14. Yeah, well obviously you’re oblivious. Negativity about Dean Holden?? Its not about Dean Holden!
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