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  1. Try telling Jonathan Pearce that.
  2. I did’nt realise Nagy was pronounced Nodge.
  3. Agreed, if he’s good enough to represent his country at a major tournament then he’s good enough for us.
  4. That is Hollowhead is’nt it
  5. Is that Steve (Rambo) Johnson back row 3rd from right?
  6. Kelly Somers aint bad either.
  7. The reason Wales is so green is because it always rains. Spent a week there on holiday once at Pendine sands and it rained all week,vowed never to go back.Give me Dorset all day long.
  8. Grey polo shirts with black collar look ok but not so sure about the jackets though :laugh:.
  9. It is a non story, i cant believe this pointless thread has had so many replies.
  10. You’d think they would try to make the poor lad smile for the photo would’nt you.
  11. If Sunderland dont go up Johnsons gonna be under huge pressure.
  12. Brentford for me, just because we wont have to get beat by them next season. Also i think Barnsley wont have a similar season next year.
  13. Tuchels done a fantastic job there since he’s arrived.
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