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  1. Two of my four arrived last week, still missing two. Hopefully tomorrow.
  2. Mountain biking been in for a few Olympics now
  3. Arnold’s, gym candy, pumpers, you know the score Aiiiiiiiggghhh! Boom Shaka Laka!
  4. I’ve caved and bought the friendlies package City are just like family, I moan about them more often than not, but couldn’t be without them.
  5. Promotion of course. England are the team I support, City are so much more than that. I am them, they are me. I was desperate to win last night, but after that performance I’ve resigned myself to the sound of inevitability
  6. No problem with the keeper. The simple fact is we missed three. So much nonsense around beating the keeper. Just score the penalty.
  7. I do agree with this. What the xxxx does that mean?
  8. Fair play to Mancini, I can’t see an England manger being tactically astute enough to achieve what he has in just a couple of years. England just aren’t hard enough. Maybe it will come.
  9. What a fantastic run! I’ve had the best time in years! I’m not a happy clapper and issues with not just playing style but also some players, but overall it’s been great, 5 wins, 1 draw, a couple of nail biters, a glorious night in Rome. Ive loved it. For the first time in ages, we exceeded expectations. Only won team can ever win it. If your enjoyment is centered solely on that, then yes disappointment will probably be your constant companion. For me it’s been great. Roll on Qatar and watching with the decs up
  10. I share your pride of this endeavor. But I have no faith that our ‘time will come’. Lots of challenges if you only honestly want to complete with Spain, Italy, France, Argentina etc. A conversation for another time.
  11. Just watching Croker walk down the stairs to a chorus of ‘England’, bang up for this now!!
  12. Pass me the pearls……
  13. At least you managed to get in!!
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