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  1. What a great post. I fully accept the criticism of Pearson for match day decisions recently but when look at the remit overall and put the current situation into perspective, my god what a task. Oh to be Lee Johnson!
  2. It’s his club and his company who kindly let us use its facilities. That interview really annoyed me. Anyway, as my mate said today, it’s done, the past is simply that. Lets hope we hang on in there this year
  3. I get that you don’t rate Pearson and want somebody else. I just think it’s not that simple. I think Lansdown and Ashton have created a much deeper problem and I honestly have little faith anyone could sort it out. Lets see where we are after 20 games.
  4. My concern is that the squad is so poor as a whole I just don’t another manager doing anything different. I was looking at Forest on Tuesday and thinking despite their form prior to Cooper the squad still had Grabban, Johnson, Pumpernickel and Taylor on the bench. Something to work with.
  5. I don’t know enough about football at this level really, but if we parted ways in Monday who would you recommend take over and rebuild follow the mistakes of Ashton and Lansdown? Also what would they do with this squad given the FFP time bomb created by the club?
  6. Shame that we ballsed up the last 3 years. Agree that we are hamstrung by it now. Heavy sigh.
  7. Lots of shit had gone down over the last couple of months, but I’ll be reserving a deeper judgement until this next block of 10 is done. I thought 15-12th with signs of the infrastructure behind the scenes changing would be a success for the season. Let’s see if we’re on course for that
  8. I’m genuinely grateful for the facilities the club use. Just a shame somebody else didn’t help with the football decisions over the last 20 years.
  9. Completely agree about knee jerk reactions However is there any room for a conversation about the last 20 years? I appreciate he’s bought some nice things
  10. It’s a difficult conversation isn’t it? Are you a good parent because you buy expensive gifts? Is it actually a more nuanced conversation about the footballing decisions and opportunities encountered over the last 20 years? Its too easy to simply say, ‘we could be Rovers’, true but we could have also been one of the many other clubs who have experienced far more success than ourselves.
  11. Completely agree. Anything other than a win on Saturday and it will really compound the issue.
  12. Pearson and the squads fault. Aston and Lansdown’s fault that the clubs is a ******* mess and staring down the barrel of a FFP shotgun. Does that sounds fair?
  13. An eye witness account? Its not necessary thanks, this thread seems content with opinion
  14. Do you think he wants a picture of my love?
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