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    Really enjoying this thread so far. By and large reaffirms the less than 1% of the fan base who use the forum regularly. Although sometimes I get the the impression they think they are the fan base. When city are still bang average in 20 years time you’ll honestly ask yourself (well some of you as quite a few will be dead) who are these numpties wasting thousands of pounds on season tickets for themselves and families? Why on earth are they so loyal? They’ll love the club and feel so loyal for many reasons, but very few will be because when they were young that sat politely in the Lansdown and just enjoyed really watching 90 minutes of division 2 football.
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    Great day. Highlight of the season See you next year for more. Exactly as when I was 19 and I’m the sad *** who is still loyal over 20 years later that he’s dragged along all 3 kids to continue this affair. Chin up!
  3. Not for me. An average team on home soil and we still failed. Other people can laud it if they want, thats fair enough. I don’t.
  4. Yep, not a very good side and still Champions of Europe. Poor old Gareth and the chokers from the summer.
  5. Agreed. Its like they’ve manufactured the screen grab.
  6. 35 years supporting this club and still yet to see it
  7. It’s not the last minute equalizers it’s the huge individual errors. Were fortunate none of it matters to this season now.
  8. Been saying this for a while. However, our weak as piss mindset and individual errors have to be shouldered in the main by the players.
  9. it’s not toys out of pram, just bored of the huge individual errors and weak as piss mindset. Anyway, season almost done
  10. Bored of it now. Weak as piss. Blame Pearson, blame the players, doesn’t really matter. Really no need to concede in the manner we have and it’s all too regular.
  11. Absolutely Pearson takes ultimate responsibility for shape, tactics etc. But my god, I can’t remember a City team littered with so many individual, costly errors.
  12. We’ll concede goals and scoring them isn’t a given. 2-1 West Brom
  13. I listen via my phone John, but thanks for the offer. Can I no also just say that you are, without doubt, one of my favourite contributors on this forum.
  14. We’ll find our soon enough. Either this all gets better or Nigel will be gone by the Autumn.
  15. That’s fair enough. For me last summer was not about rebuilding but dismantling as Steve was fully aware of the impending financial problems that had been created. This summer is an opportunity to rebuild. However what do we know. Steve might have completely pulled in the purse strings and Pearson charged with nothing but essentially cutting costs. Its all about parameters. Yours are slightly shorter than mine. For what it’s worth I don’t think Tanner or Atkinson were bad signings. King, Simpson we’re frees I think.
  16. I’m still willling to give Pearson the summer and then the first couple of months but I can understand how with the end of the season in sight, the performances are pushing people to their own limit.
  17. I have issues with the first. Watch Semenyo just switch off and drift away from his man.
  18. It’s an interesting one given it takes us back to 1982.
  19. I think thats acceptable from time to time. im very pissed off with this evening and recurring problems. But then I’ve been pissed off with club fir a while. If we’re honest Pearson hasn’t come in and ruined it for Steve, this has been coming for a while.
  20. Things were going wrong with Holden but I’ve always felt he was a victim of circumstance rather than his own ability. If you are referring to LJ, he had his time and opportunity and blew it year after year.
  21. Yep. Im happy to criticise the management but I have so little faith in this squad that i do t believe there is that much room for improvement
  22. That’ll do. Happy to be frustrated if we come back and I’ve missed it,
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