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  1. Great report from Ole, he tells it as he sees it. Always enjoy the read. We can all see the same game and take a different view. Not there so i could not comment but on radio Brizzle Gary Owers view was we deserved the win. At odds with Ole. On another thread I commented how Darren Ferguson, after the game, stated CM gave them problems with his quality throughout... Ole gives him a pretty average mark. Either way, he reported as he saw it.
  2. It’s interesting that Darren Ferguson also thought he was good. He stated he was a handful throughout, and he had that quality and caused them problems. (His comments on the equivalent of our Bristol live) when someone of his pedigree says that you have to suspect it’s right. (Not going off topic but always surprised he has not done more as a manager) However with Saturday, midweek, Saturday there’s no way he could last a full season, bound to come out at some stage..
  3. My goodness me, moved on leaps and bounds. The dross and 'crab' football seems to have vanished. I think the majority of the fan base clearly massively behind NP, but we are all fickle. Nature of football.
  4. He signed a contract extension of three years in Sept 2019 with an option another 12 months. Heres what he said then from the main web site in 2019... “I’m really happy to have signed a long-term deal with Bristol City,” O’Dowda told the club website. “I know it took a long time but I’ve always wanted to stay here and I just needed to make sure it was right for both myself and the football club I can recall the club wanted him to sign for a long time and it dragged on and on. He himself says it took a long time, and the fans view, right or wrong, was he was seeing his options..and it appeared there were not any ? No issues with that. Fact is he did sign an extension in the end. I am unsure when his contract does run out but as others have said perhaps he can now step up and become the player we would all like to see. Well done today COD
  5. If I am right he wanted to go elsewhere, and no suitors hence still here & signed that new contract a while back. Let's hope he ends up with that 'end product'.
  6. Good to hear, positive, perhaps another under previous regime being a jack of all trades, master of none.. need a set role being a wide player...
  7. Thoughts please from anyone who watched the game... On radio Brizzle he seemed to have a good game, and did really well, That was Owers view and that of the assistant. Came off as hamstrings got tight and not wanted to be risked... Your views, seemed to play properly wide and seemed to gave the posh full back a had time ? True ?
  8. Ask the question..how many times you left a stadium and said or thought COD was good today…one comes to mind few seasons back when we lost 3 2 at Norwich…anyone else please…but today will be the day….be positive
  9. The Saint & Greavsie Show... High light of a footie weekend apart from watching City... Blew away some of todays sterile pundits with a real 'laugh' at the game. My take on the 66 World Cup was that Sir Alf did not want to change a winning team. Started against Uruguay & France... played all 3 group games picked up a knock and Geoff Hurst came in... rest is history. He still got a medal. The 66 World Cup has a lot to answer for. Got me hooked on this game, and then Bristol City. Ggrrhhhhhhh. I still think in my life time I 'might' see a England team winning the World cup again..... Greaves was certainly a 60's footballer...
  10. wow ! What a difference of opinions on this thread. from did well...to poor.... everyone sees it different. The main man is NP, and in his opinion, in his interview, TANNER, did well...I will go with that one. But respect to those who were there and can give an opinion. The beauty of the game a !
  11. top top top moment. Listening on radio Brizzle everyone lost the plot ! Talk about a 'smash & grab'. An NP interview was again class.
  12. It was funny mind... I thought he was pretty good against us other night..
  13. fact is with the long season ahead of us that no way will CM and AW start every game and he will get more than his share of time on the pitch... as the season progresses. He has always been a goal scorer if played where his talents state, and lets not forget he is a £4.00M approx striker ! Round holes again and all that... Well done NW..
  14. Its an interesting listen, particularly in respect of us, and very respectful.... and what a decent side we are with great players. It is worth a listen. I warmed to the guy. Strange how never worked out for him at Stoke but done a good job at Luton who i thought were the best this season at the gate.
  15. I am in Dolman Midway between half way line and pen area. I had a cracking view of the RHS of the pitch first half. Wish I had not I said to the guy I go with halfway through first half that it simply was not working and nothing from Zak & Scott. Then 5 minutes later Scotts off. Then as we saw, Zak does not reappear second half. We just seemed balanced gain after the break. The old saying square pegs in round holes. I understand the need for big guys against Cardiff, and Bates at LB, but that should not be the norm... I will say it quietly but we are missing Jack Hunt !
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