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  1. Correct glorified training sessions. Always have been, always will be.
  2. Not many shouts for Nagy….great Euros and cannot make our first 11… perhaps we are in better shape than the prophets of doom suggest
  3. Well, Gregor asks the sort of things we would ask, and while I really rate NP and wish him every success in the World he has to mellow a tad. Like it or not, the media are part of the modern game. it will be interesting to see how NP will react as the season progresses and I hope old Twentystone can entice him back on radio Bristol as he did with LJ and the villain MA and many before. I suspect as Twentystone solid ex pro and similar central defender they will get on like a house on fire
  4. Great tournament and all did well. Including Southgate, but I have this gnawing thought that if Mancini was manager of England we would have won it? First 20 -25 we were all over them, rest is history yet GS never changed it when they were control, and we never managed to get at those defenders with all that pace. God knows how we will do playing in the desert (or any European nation for that matter) in next years World Cup. That Blatter has a lot to answer for. Sure GS will take us there.
  5. City v Blackpool will be amazing…would not like to say which way it will go crowd attendance wise… will it be a monster crowd as we celebrate we are back…or will fans be cautious and stay away… nervous about the guy next to you, behind you ..will you need evidence you have been vaccinated… still balls in the air I reckon.
  6. Was a fantastic footballer who played at top level for so long, and now a good pundit, but we have seen time and time again being a great player does not mean you are a great manager… agree other comments bit of a strange one.
  7. Yep. It could easily have been different. So it’s wise not to have rose tinted glasses, but we do have really good depth. You could say we played more like Germany than the Germans did . As for the future few rounds lot depends if we can get bit more bite in the final third.. Grealish simply makes things happen.. when he’s on the ball you just fancy something happening
  8. Brilliant result. Last time beat Germany in knock out stage was 66 when I watched it with my Dad. Got me hooked on football and over the years dread to think what I have spent. Quite emotional on a number levels. That said Kane pretty poor throughout and while he might now come good as a result of his goal, Perhaps it’s time for a change Saturday…and give him a rest.. Grealish..that guy can conquer the world..I just want to see him starting and playing behind striker. Fantastic afternoon..
  9. If he is fit and plays. Great news. Top defender and NP must see that…wonder what happened at Coventry. I am sure I read it from the midlands he was joining the blues …
  10. He certainly had a great game yesterday for Hungry against France albeit with a fair bit of twaddle being spoken by summariser Pearce about him. Liverpool and Chelsea after him, or were after himoh yeah ! I always thought he was an improvement on Pack, and he has a lot to offer. I get the feeling as well that he’s not a NP type player and I suspect you might be right that he is a saleable asset. I would like good old McGregor to ask NP about Adam !
  11. It is just so annoying that we have top top players…yet as Roy Keane said other night we keep passing ball sideways and backwards…. As Roy said, move the bl***y thing forward. In Croatia we beat an aged side. Remember the Late great Cloughie would demand his players only go one way… according to his winger Robertson ..forward. It will be interesting what GS does on Tuesday night. Really looking forward to it, as well as seeing Kalas play. Kane still ?
  12. very true. Most games I have seen have been pretty entertaining.....apart from ....yes... England V Scotland.
  13. Sorry if I have missed mentioned earlier in the thread, but when were Liverpool and Chelsea both interested in Adam as claimed by JP !! Seems we beat them to his signature few seasons back then does it ? Or we sell him for £20M to one of them ? Bit of fantasy here me thinks..
  14. Surprised not mentioned before but the Wales v Turkey game was a good watch, some good football for a 'neutral' with the added bonus of seeing a City Ex.in Joe M. He was solid and did not look out of place. Playing with the likes of super star Gareth Bale. (what a miss from the spot mind... ). Even Ashley Williams was quite good a s a pundit... Still really strange that he did not ever really feature for us and now a similar story at Luton. Yet pretty much nailed on completing with Europes best for Wales. Good luck to him.
  15. Well. He talked the talk. He’s still coming out with it now stuff like ‘pitch personality ‘ and 11 league one humans v 11 league one humans He has not endeared himself to those northern folk that’s for sure… but going back on topic it is a good question to ask.. would any of these profile managers like Pep to be able a create a winning team from bog standard group of lower league players more so than a Warnock or McCarthy or any other lower league manager… I am not so sure
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