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  1. Absolutely devastating. No parent would ever want to go through that. Heartfelt condolences. I hope the club find a way to support Benik and show the City family are behind him.
  2. The article implies playing time was an important factor in any deal. He is a direct replacement for Roofe, who was a starter before he left for Anderlecht.
  3. Love your optimism, Reggie, but I’ll wager a tenner that Nketia is higher in the scoring charts at the end of the season. Having said that, I like Afobe and, given good service, he could well be a 15-20 goal man by the end of the season - if we give him the service and he gets his mojo back.
  4. Very interesting read. Seems like the medical was set up in hope, rather than expectation. It also seems extremely intricate and impressive from Arsenal. I’m surprised more clubs don’t appear to follow suit with such commodities.
  5. I had a bin thrown through my back window when I lived on Glos Rd, the evening after the filth’s first home game at the Mem. *****.
  6. Indeed, but those cards were generous. I thought it was pretty even up to that point, possibly with Klitchsko shading it due to those middle rounds,
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