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  1. His technique isn't up to test match cricket and he doesn't have a second gear (or the bravery to use it at test match level) I'd sooner chuck Hildreth in the team, though I haven't seen him play for a couple of years now.
  2. Yep. And before any Somerset fans go on about Compton, he isn't good enough. Like to see Chris Dent given a go! Just because I used to play against him at junior level...
  3. How is if possible for our batsmen to have failed in 8 consecutive innings? Shameful.
  4. Probably more of a 'must not lose' than a must win. Massive game though, it's got to a stage where we can't lose games against those around us.
  5. Whilst that may be true, the evidence is suggesting that they absolutely don't back him being sacked to be replaced by Cotterill.
  6. Tim, I obviously have the opposite opinion to you here, but don't want this to turn into an argument so gonna try something different and be polite! Firstly, is blindly supporting really supporting the club? What if SL isn't all good? What if this club no longer has its biggest asset under its control? Isn't blindly allowing that akin to what's happened at Cardiff to at least some degree? secondly, I don't know that he has done everything in his power. Since he left the country and gave control of the club to hi unqualified son and some other god-awful appointments (with the benefit of hindsight, Guy Price, Kev Smith et al have all been dreadful) this club has plummeted on and off the field. As I've said before though, I don't see anyone who wants him out. not anyone worth listening to anyway. I do see a lot of people unhappy with how badly the club is being run at the moment who want improvements to be made. Is that really an unfair desire?
  7. Christ, he's coming across badly at the moment. I've spent years defending him and I've turned. FFS I hate feeling so dejected about this club already.
  8. With respect to Steve, it's all very well asking for people to raise concerns in person but when emails, letters etc are sent they are invariably ignored. DL will reply of course, a decent bloke and an honest person too, but what chance of a board member taking the time to respond to anything? So the invitation to discuss it is, unfortunately, utter bollocks. I don't want the board out or SL to leave, I want them all to do better by my club. Currently they are not and the petulance coming from the board room is cringeworthy. I'm glad SL was at AG yesterday. I hope he noticed that the attendance was shocking, and that those who remained loyal and went absolutely hated what they were subjected to. I can have no doubts that the vast majority inside the stadium who made such discontenting noise were not behind the appointment of SC (ie. the way he was appointed) or the decision makers at BCFC. I desperately want Steve to realise he's ****** up majorly, that his board is not fit for purpose and he desperately needs help.
  9. To be fair to Cotterill, he's spoken well on the radio there. He needs to learn fast, Reid is essential and Baldock is a waste of space tbh. Knows what he needs which is good. He won't get away with many more performances like that first half. But he spoke well.
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