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  1. The same way as with cash. You send Bitcoin in return for an item. The biggest difference is that Bitcoin is pretty dreadful. It's relatively slow (hour or 2), it's expensive to send, and it's dreadful for the environment as it uses so much power. As far as crypto's go, it's one of the worst, but it's the 'gateway' in to others.
  2. I'm relatively into crypto - agree with the post above though I should point out that there are some green cryptocurrencies which unfortunately seem to be overlooked. Very surprising considering the energy usage of some of them is completely unsustainable, which makes their rises all the more mystifying. I'm still yet to 'get' NFT's. I grasp the basic concept of them but I've never once seen an example of a realistic use case.
  3. I highly recommend Don't Look Up on Netflix. Very eye-opening and it's very much a metaphor for what is happening now with global warming.
  4. We’ve said we’ve wanted the academy to produce for some time. This is a statement. Win or lose, there is some talent in that lineup and whether it’s through necessity or not, it’s great that Pearson is doing this. That lineup in 3 years will be so much better.
  5. Well if that's the truth then it just goes to prove the point even more that people have no idea how prevalent it all is.
  6. Seem all of 'em! But they were all some time ago (although not for the Roses drummer allegedly) - I still don't think heroin nor crack cocaine are prevalent today in the same way coke/MD/ketamine is but that's purely anecdotal.
  7. Yep exactly what I've been trying to bring across, great post this. And I'm sorry for your story - I think it is absolutely true that for many who can control it, I'd say it's arguably not that bad whatsoever, certainly not in comparison to alcohol. Doing a bit of MD here and there and a bump of coke on occasion cannot be worse than drinking 3 or 4 times a week, and there are psychological studies to back that up too. But as you say, that's only when it goes okay, and clearly it doesn't for everyone, and to some extent it's just down to luck in some ways as to whether you're the sort to be addicted to it or to be negatively impacted by certain drugs. Let's not forget that some popular ones are not addictive (in the traditional sense) whatsoever. But I can't argue a case against those who are impacted because I'm lucky enough not to have an addictive personality as such, so seeing your opinion is really interesting. I hope you're doing alright because I know once you're in a group of mates and it's such a fundamental part of socialising with them, it's incredibly difficult to break out of. I think 2 huge steps would be firstly for the public to realise just how everywhere it is. There will be so many people in restaurants and bars whinging about drugs to their group of mates, all while not having a clue that 2 or 3 of their company use or are on them. We can't address things until we have a grown up conversation about them. And secondly, the public needs to get a grasp of levels of drug impact. People automatically hear the words 'drugs' and instantly think 'bad', while being completely oblivious to the fact that drinking constantly is in fact worse than occasional use of some drugs. I'll be honest, I'm a gig goer, festival goer, our group of mates use stuff routinely, and I've never met a person who has used or even seen heroin or crack cocaine. I could be wrong, but I'd be amazed if either of those were anywhere near as prevalent as the ones we're talking about up to this point.
  8. Yet in my closest 20 I’d say 10 are semi-regular users and all have tried at least once. A group of normal men and women. They are not wrong’uns nor addicts. They have regular (some in fact quite senior) jobs, a couple of which the cocaine is actually in a weird way a small part of the social aspect of their job. We really need to drop this idea of users being all similar in one way as it’s not true. Its not as simple as you put it, and it’d be hugely eye-opening for some to realise just how many of their closest people do drugs of some sort. As for the post above about buying it and indirectly contributing to violence, etc. I don’t really have an argument for that, it’s very true even if not a direct cause, but the biggest ‘fix’ for that is on the government level, not the individual one imo.
  9. Agree with this and @MarcusX. Some people mocked Alex's initial statement but some are just completely oblivious to it, particularly if you've never done any of it. Right or wrong, it's everywhere, and not just linked to Stone Island wearing skinheads, some of those you'd least expect will use it regularly too. It's just another argument for some sort of legalisation imo, half the time these people don't know what they're actually getting but will continue to do it regardless.
  10. Well if it's true that he was an 'Ashton' signing and not really LJ's (having already got Szmodics), that just makes this one all the more baffling. Nigh on 30k p/w on someone who was never a first XI player. At a club like ours that is outrageous.
  11. Man City away was amazing. I just remember spilling into the concourse at half time, 1-0 up away to pretty much the best team on the planet at the time. Absolutely surreal, going from watching us lose to bloody Luton on a Tuesday night, to being in the lead against Pep's Man City. Obviously it didn't go our way but my word we did ourselves proud.
  12. Mercedes can’t really take it to CAS. Conveniently the FIA don’t recognise it.
  13. Yeah Hamilton’s response was so mature, there’s not a chance that I could have responded like that. An absolute gent in that regard on Sunday.
  14. To be fair I don't mind the idea of SC's, it does create a bit more randomness which generates excitement, even if it isn't 100% fair. The problem is that in this case the rules have allowed the race director to create the exact situation that he wants. That shouldn't be possible and the rules need tightening up for sure. I think the verdict from Masi asks the question that Merc will be asking in court. He says in allowing the lapped cars to overtake the SC, he interpreted that as 'removing the cars that would intervene with the leaders of the race'. So why did he interpret 'leaders of the race' as simply the cars between Lewis and Max? Surely Sainz, in third and a podium spot, should also count here? Why were the cars removed for Max but not Sainz? It literally created the perfect scenario where Max had no one blocking him in front and cars blocking the third place driver behind. There is no precedent for a) releasing just the right number of cars for a particular driver and b) bringing the SC in immediately as a consequence. Not doing either of those would certainly have given Lewis the Championship, it's an absolute farce. Again, completely manufactured and artificial, and it happened either through incompetence or corruption. If F1 fail to acknowledge it as the former then it's going to look like it was the latter.
  15. Listening to the radio is so dodgy, Horner telling the stewards ‘we only need one more racing lap’, and then the stewards just engineer that situation for him, that has never happened before and looks about as contrived a situation as you can possibly imagine. This is going to the FIA and then CAS and to be quite honest I think Mercedes have a case.
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