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  1. Holden offered the Head Coach position. That leaves space for Hughton as manager
  2. Well it’s not unreasonable for them to leak the offering of the job just before it becomes official. Helps keep the media sweet too.
  3. Could the official announcement be imminent then? No full article from Gregor yet, maybe an agreed embargo until the official announcement comes.
  4. This. I’d love to know what went on, what a complete and utter joke. It’s incredible how people being paid such money can be this incompetent.
  5. This is absolute madness isn't it. Does anyone anywhere know what the **** is going on?
  6. Sorry mate but what a ****ing stupid thing to say.
  7. I find the whole 'Holden is on holiday' thing a bit odd though. If you're about to be given your first (permanent) managerial role at a club like Bristol City, do you really wait for your holidays to finish before signing the dotted line? Or do you get back to Brizzle, get the announcement done, then enjoy your final few days of holiday with good news and a beer?
  8. Yeah I was just exaggerating really as a joke. Of course staff will be on here, totally get that.
  9. The club are daft enough to take 5 weeks to find a successor, but yet they are competent enough to have a complex series of plants on here to try and gauge and even sway fan opinion. I can't believe this site is free
  10. Agreed. As much as I'm sure he'll be excited to get the job, I actually feel really sorry for him, due to all the negative reception he's getting, and it's pretty unjustified in that respect. I don't mean any of this as a dig at him at all. He might well be brilliant, I think we're just bored of being the club that takes the chance rather than letting someone else do it. It's not his fault that genuinely better qualified candidates are about and he is the one that's chosen.
  11. We have many meltdowns on here let's face it. Whether it's transfers, or off the field, or yet another game without sacking X as manager. But is it fair to say that this one feels different? A bit more severe?
  12. It's absolutely fake. It's in Chrome, using the inspector. The website doesn't format as '04th' either, it's '4th'. Quite possibly a glimpse into the future though.
  13. He might be extremely decent let's be fair. It's just frustrating given how many top options there seem to be out there.
  14. Chris Hughton- 2 x promotions to the Premier League Paul Cook - 3 x English league titles at various levels Domenec Torrent - Assistant coach for Guardiola at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City Dean Holden - 11 matches in charge of Oldham Baffling.
  15. Bloody hell this is underwhelming isn't it. I don't even mean it as a dig at Holden. He's quite possibly a top bloke and a great coach - bizarrely none of this frustration is aimed at him. But when you have (allegedly) interest across the continent and the opportunity to get a manager in who has got promotion multiple times before, and turned down other clubs in this division every other bloody month, then yes, this is a seriously underwhelming appointment. Then again, I felt this exact way when we appointed Cotts and when we appointed LJ. And (at least) 1 of them turned out to be a
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