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  1. Absolutely no chance he’d last six months. Relegation zone from day 1 and he’d be gone by the end of November.
  2. Nope, on current form we finish between 14th and 16th. Our form would have to improve dramatically to finish 12th.
  3. Not working on iPad or laptop, but working on the App.
  4. I have us 8th with 69pts, behind Preston and Millwall. That still means 14 points from 9 games for us, which is a decent return and slightly better than our season to date, so is pretty realistic. We win against Preston when it’s too late.
  5. The laws have changed for this season. If a team loses possession as a result of the ball hitting the ref, s/he stops play and gives them possession back via an uncontested drop ball.
  6. There is no need for the ref to stop play if the team who were in possession keep it. It only stops if they lose possession as a result of hitting the ref, in which case they are given the ball back via a drop ball.
  7. Even if that vague waffle is meant to describe our identity, how can we get back to something we haven’t been all season?
  8. You might want to read it again, very closely, and have a little think . . .
  9. Oh dear. His utter bewilderment at a simple question about playing style betrayed a total lack of understanding about how the team is currently perceived by those who watch every week and a complete lack of insight. Cliche and banalities instead of any attempt to address the question. Worrying.
  10. Agreed; it’s very annoying. A simple way of putting it is that a week is seven days (presumably everyone would agree with that) & there aren’t two Saturdays in a week.
  11. The total seats in the stadium is 27,471. Like all other stadia, there are various reasons why a number of seats aren’t used in reality, including safety (not selling a proportion of seats in section 82), segregation and use by media organisations. That’s why the largest number of actual tickets sold in the stadium to date is 26,399 (for Bristol Bears) and for football only just over 26,000 (for the matches v Manchester United and Manchester City).
  12. I agree that this is poorly worded and is almost certain to mean a total of 23,000 sold including the away support, so still under 21,000 home tickets sold to date.
  13. It’s a shame that this awful podcast was published, because Lee normally sounds great in his post match interviews, but this was shockingly cringeworthy, with 9 out of 10 sentences not even making any sense in English let alone having any useful understandable meaning for the listener. With Gregor’s terrible, rambling, stuttering 6 questions in one (plus the answers he thinks he is going to get), the whole thing was a total car crash, made worse by it being marketed as a special edition. Gregor is not a broadcaster and has not got much better in the last couple of years - hesitant, waffling,
  14. It must have been a great throw - all the way from 2016 . . .
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