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  1. @Shtanley @petehinton genuinely loved listening to this lads. That 2006-2008 city team was one of my favs ever and Bradley Orr is one of my fav players. I’ve got a couple of mates that are fans of QPR/Blackburn and mentioned what Bradley said on those clubs and they were very interested. - you could create an edited down sound clip of just what’s said on those clubs and push it on social using those clubs’ hashtags, to get more engagement etc. Idk, just a thought, I know it’s city af podcast so who cares about other club’s fans but they were very interested and could be good t
  2. Hi everyone, Has there been anyone announcement about the season ticket renewal dates and process? I, like many of my friends, didn’t renew in the end due to the uncertainty of the virus and the lack of job security I was getting. I still don’t know if I’ll get paid and couldn’t justify £300+ on a season ticket. I want to keep my same seat but couldn’t do so. I know there’s much more important things right now, and we don’t even know when next season would be, but do you think there’s a chance they’d start the renewal process again?
  3. I went with a mate tonight who hasn’t been city before and he commented on how poor the atmosphere is and didn’t even know there was a singing section. What’s happened? Mid week matches under the lights always used to have good atmospheres but it was awful tonight and didn’t help the players.
  4. The goal was all his fault. He kicked the ball straight to them who nearly scored, yeah he saved that but it was his fault originally. His kicking wasn’t as great as usual and was slow to play the ball out. He wasn’t awful but it wasn’t one of his best games.
  5. I didn’t think it was a red. The defender lays on the ball hes an idiot. Fam had every right to go for that ball. Anyone that’s played football knows that. Whats he meant to do? Wait nicely for the defender to decide when he wants to get up and out of the way.
  6. Tonight was his poorest game in a city shirt (albeit I didn’t go to Luton away...)
  7. Got away with one tonight but definitely feel we need Nagy - has the club given a date on when he could return?
  8. Anyone know if city will be on in any pubs tonight? The Robins? Cos it’s on sky red button
  9. But has a date been announced for when building work will commence? When it’ll be complete?
  10. Anyone know where we are with the further developments at the gate? The swanky hotels and basketball arena etc that was announced a while back. Is that still happening?
  11. Anyone know any pubs that will show the Derby game on red button? I guess The Robins would, but any others?
  12. Anyone going? I’ve seen Scotty Murray & LJ are playing, anyone know who else is playing?
  13. When is the training kit available? I’d love the Robins t shirt and the jacket Sam Szcmodics wore for the warm up at Forest Green.
  14. I bought some a few hours ago and haven't got the email confirmation yet...
  15. Thanks mate shall do now. Also just to say, I didn’t start this thread to make them look bad, more just presumed an admin would be on here. Its a great website and all money going to fan events makes it well worth it!!
  16. Anyone know who runs the Section 82 online website? I bought some stickers over a week ago and they haven’t arrived yet. Living in bedminster I didn’t think it would take too long. Just wondering cos it’s some packs of stickers for my European travels
  17. Is our game on Sky red button? will it be on in any pubs around BS3?
  18. Anyone got 2 adult tickets for villa away going?
  19. I hope so! they didn’t mention that we’d be given random seats !
  20. Has anyone bought a match ticket off groupon for England U21’s? I’ve bought a few for me and my mates but not sure how we actually get our ticket off the club. I want us all to sit together and ideally choose which stand we’re in but there isn’t any guidance and the club isn’t responding. I’ll be incredibly disappointed if they end up separating us, especially if we’re put in the Atyeo stand where we can’t all meet up before the game. Anyone know anything?
  21. Chelsea at home if being very fussy. Any of the top 6, Everton or Fulham away if being a bit fussy.
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