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  1. http://www.forestforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=48866&page=53 -- Can't begin to imagine the Chernobyl-scale meltdown on here had it been us.
  2. OneCity


    Forest though... what an UNBELIEVABLE choke. Fair play to Swans.
  3. A choke at Stoke, and what a choke. Brentford fans must be absolutely livid.
  4. Exactly, because actually half the time I was unaware that a player had sworn UNTIL the commentator pointed it out!
  5. Cannot stand commentators today, especially the Sky Sports one who constantly blusters several times in every single match: "we apologise if you were offended by any bad language there..." As if anyone is shouting at the TV, "Oh my God, he mouthed the 'F' word.." Piss off. It's football. When an athlete's blood is up they're going to swear. It happens, we know. If I was offended by someone on the television uttering a swear word, it would only be a reflection of my own psychological insecurity. Enough with the pandering to the bloody safe-space, everything-is-offensive and so everything-s
  6. In short, no. Gas wind up.
  7. At a time when I was able to go to every home and away game, I got to see a lot of this this ex-Chelsea player, who arrived with some fanfare and excitement. But he was not match fit, not match sharp, and every performance - and I think I saw them all - I have to rank as abysmal. He seemed to lack even basic ball control skills. I remember watching him during the pre-match warm up at some ground up north, can't remember where, where the players were kicking it between them in a game of football tag. On several passes from Alan Walsh, and others, this player was unable to simply trap the b
  8. Sigh. It was very very poor today. Don't know what to say truth be told... I've been a big supporter of LJ during his tenure, there's been so much good. Wasn't so long ago we were beating Man U at the gate and everything was roses. But what it boils down to for me is Johnson is just NOT getting the best out of his players, not by miles. You can say all you like about tactics and formations, but surely a manager's bread and butter must be motivation, confidence building, and playing to the strengths you have by bringing out the talent of the players you have. And what talent there is
  9. So he walks from a club sitting pretty in a play-off spot, for a club in a lower division and a full 37 places beneath them. Unbelievable Jeff. Has that ever happened before? Is there even a similar case?
  10. Betting - the whole massive gambling culture of Football and all sports these days, with many clubs including our own promoting it further by using betting companies as shirt sponsors. Every footballer being on social media, and then the media placing such strong emphasis on whatever any footballer has to say on social media. Some Stewards at games, who have the demeanor of grim-faced armed guards, or airport security, or the police themselves, just chill out ffs. Elaborate, ornate and ridiculous hairstyles of some players. Those LED advertising boards. Advertising everywhe
  11. Yup, and I remember we all had our brollies up, it was raining coins that day, and bottles of 'not' water.
  12. Was at that game too. My enduring memory was someone climbing one of the floodlight pylons. It was quite terrifying to observe, must've been cidered right up. beyond that, don't remember any trouble per se, certainly not any City fans getting 'a pasting' as he says. If #GasLogic is a thing then selective #GasMemory is a problem too.
  13. Those honours make Blackburn considerably bigger than we are. So if Rovers are bigger than Blackburn, and Blackburn are bigger than us, then Rovers are bigger than City. That ladies and gentlemen is how #GasLogic works.
  14. It's worth noting. After going through the entire 1980's being at the receiving end of a lot of Rovers gloating is precisely why I hold my tongue - things can change, no matter how unlikely. I like a bit of banter, and taking the p!ss a little bit, but I don't gloat. There have been reversals in the past. Fortunes are like a sine wave, with ups and downs through time. We're on top at present, well on top. But gloating is as sure a way as any to tempt fate! I like reading this thread and having a daily chuckle, but I'm well reminded that things CAN change. Sorry to be a damp squib.
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