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  1. Away days at Elm park in the 80s, although I missed the one in 84, was always a tasty affair. Remember the heaving terraces at one end of season game, and a City fan actually climbing the floodlight pylon. Great view from up there I'm sure, but holy hell that was dicey.. Also remember, after one game, the coaches pulling away from the ground and Reading fans lined up on the pavement to see us off - bricks in hand. Can't recall if any got lobbed or not, but yeh, was glad to make it onto the M4 in one piece!
  2. Very sad to hear. Sillett was proper old school. Used to have the players running laps around the pitch until they threw up. Would love to see him cracking the whip on this sorry bunch! He'd get their arses moving in a hurry. RIP
  3. Bloody shambles. I cannot see where a run of wins - that could keep us in this division - is going to come from. Absolute wasters!
  4. Did he? Gosh, memory of that game is somewhat faded. I just recall it ended 1-1, and we were very optimistic going into the final against Walsall.
  5. Mate, I think it's slightly worse than you remember. After getting back into it by winning that second leg 2-0, Ralph Milne missed a damn sitter right near the end! That goal would put us into division 2 right then and there. To cap it off, we lost the replay 4-0 (not 3-0), or so I recall. But I agree, if there was any set of games that sums us up over the last 30 years, it was the play-offs of '88. Colin Gordon secured our spot with a very late winner on the last game of the season, filling us all with hope. We beat Sheff Utd 1-0 in first leg of the semis and take a slender lead to Brammall Lane. We almost screw it up, but there was Carl Shutt in the dying minutes to equalize with a stooping header. Scenes! And we're filled with hope again... Cue David Kelly. The end.
  6. Yup remember that one, I got frickin soaked that day. Didn't it snow as well a little bit? I might be misremembering, or it was a different game.
  7. Proper football kit that! No fuss, no pretension, the real deal. Purple and lime with pin-stripes? Like a pair of girls' pyjamas.. No bloody thanks!
  8. Only in the 70s. That decade was mental. God I miss it...
  9. There has to be something properly wrong with him. He is essentially dehumanizing a group of people based purely on the football team they support. He then goes on to joke about actually killing them by mowing them down with his car! Jeeeezus. He must have borderline psychopathic tendencies or something. We all like a joke, a bit of banter with the rivalry, and yes some of it can get quite coarse. But I would never, ever, upon viewing a group of Rovers fans crossing the road, think "hey, wouldn't it be sort of funny if, hmm, you know, I ran them all over and killed them, hahaha, they won't feel anything because, well...they ain't human!" Absolute knuckle dragger!
  10. Which brings up another interesting difference to football then and now. Not one City player appealed for offside, they didn't even look at the linesman, they simply turned around to head back to the centre circle. How times have changed.
  11. Wasn't there a famous game in the 60s - I think it was Charlton, who were 0-6 down at half time but stormed back in the second half to win 7-6. That would bring a new definition to the word 'scenes'. Wish it had been televised.
  12. Or who knows, maybe the EFL Trophy: Bristol City U21 Vs Bristol Rovers How funny would that be.
  13. Then in that case he has joined the perfect club. They seem to complement each other very well indeed.
  14. Not short on guts, but short on quality. Writing was on the wall when Scott and Pring went off, basically our primary offensive threat. Semenyo, I'm sorry, but about as bad a player as we've ever fielded in the Championship. Should be nowhere near the team. And Wells, did he have a single meaningful touch? It's very worrying to be turned over by a Swansea side that are still gelling together, and playing most of that game in third gear. They made it look easy, because they know how to keep the ball and use it effectively, how to recycle the ball and thus boss possession, and how to pass the ball, quickly and accurately, back to front. All things, based on that showing, we do not do well. AT ALL.
  15. Still somewhat concerned we haven't strengthened up front. I do like Weimann as a footballer. Brings a lot to the table, and we really missed him last season. But he's never going to be a prolific target man. He's a Robbie Turner sort of player, an excellent foil, but who only thrived with Bob Taylor next to him. If it's Weimann or Semenyo it's Weimann for me all day long and into next week. But he really needs that young, hungry, prolific strike partner. Martin doesn't have those attributes. He'll bag 10 in a season maybe, but not much more than that. And having seen plenty of Semenyo the last couple of seasons, I hate to say it, but he's just not a Championship striker, at all. For the benefit of his career, he's someone we should be looking to shift on. Could do a job for someone in league one though.
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