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  1. Only if the sags start improving.. No-one wants to read about that... But while Agent Wael is there and they stay at the cabbage patch I say strap in and enjoy the ride down to their rightful spot as the Weston Super Mare of the National League South
  2. Desperate stuff ..... I can almost hear the wheels coming off robboreds minibus....
  3. Going to see the greens next weekend Vs Tranmere, always enjoy the day and good to see them making a fast start. I note the horse punchers have Walsall away...
  4. Apparently Chris wilder wants the job( talk sport). Good fit you would have thought...
  5. Philips immense again. Leeds will do well to keep him.
  6. What the actual ****? As soon as I get an offer I'm leaving you bottom feeders? Charming. I mean being realistic that's what we'd all be trying to do I suppose but to put it in those terms must sting a bit for our blue and white brethren?
  7. This a hundred times. I don't go to games much anymore but I happened to catch one when he'd just signed for us. His movement was exceptionnel and we just weren't on his wavelength.
  8. Mercer Ayling flint webster bryan Hartley Doherty Tinnion Adomah. Kodja. Reid subs: Basso/ S.Taylor/ Murray K Smith/ Trundle/ Thorpe/ Carey back four and keeper easy enough tricky after that
  9. Ouch. That's gotta sting a bit
  10. Wow. ok. I had to check that he was still on the pitch second half. Just goes to show. I thought he had zero influence on the game contributing to us being unable to get any control.
  11. It really is. Simpson looks shot. 3 points very welcome and hope we kick on. I thought we were pretty poor actually and where did Matty James get to second half? I had to check he was still on the pitch
  12. I recently realised I can ignore topics. I know a lot of you like to get involved and that's what forums are all about but with some users I just can't be ******. Great feature.
  13. Thanks ole. Was hoping you might give us a report. Couldn't find a stream to watch. Kind of glad I didn't
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