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  1. hi there! nice rant but we have no idea whats going on with this process or SL's thinking or involvement ( in that i believe his son is chairman now)? Theres a lot of people making a lot of assumptions about the process and the people involved tho and you know what they say about assumptions yes? i dont think he's made any statements about covid has he? I stand to be corrected tho... so maybe keep yr powder dry for now
  2. I haven't been keeping track of this thread but I note that some of us seem to be angry at the club and SL for not employing CH. He might not have applied. We may have offered it to him and he might have turned us down. If you watch Hughtons "Coaches voice" video, which is a good watch btw, he plainly says at the end that he wants to manage " at the highest level" as he believes that he has earned the right to do so... which is fair enough. So we may not be what he's looking for at all. That being said he has to be realistic about his prospects of getting a job straight in
  3. yes mate. thanks for voicing this. can't stand him. can't even listen to him. **** off Colin.
  4. Its Never Time for Colin
  5. As above, loved watching him play and if he ever reads this, thanks Scott. i'll share my favourite memory as well, Scott and Tony Thorpe were celebrating a Thorpe goal over by the Atyeo, where i use to sit a few rows back, i got over excited ran down to the gate and hugged both of them as we all screamed "YYYYYESSSSSSS" I'm also fairly tall at 6'3" so was able to squash them both!! happy days!
  6. Shame theres not an " ignore thread title" option on the ignore user list but hey ho... Dig a guy out for going into a challenge that most players would avoid which left him being taken off after a concussion test in light of concerns generally about player health? ******* priceless even by this trolls standards. Maybe as an ex centre half who has had a couple of head knocks i've more sympathy.
  7. Not picking you out particularly, but this is such a common complaint about KP and totally unjustified. Nobody gets to stroll around at this level anymore, his workrate is fine and i think given a run he could be a player for us.
  8. Dont hear "where be that blackbird?" anymore ...my old mums favourite... my personal fave is the Plymouth fans singing "you dirty northern bastards" to us Or the whole of the Atyeo singing "you dont know what yr doing" to the bloke proposing to his missus.....
  9. Yes Dave, but Flints presence in the box pulled both Centre half's to him, anticipating a ball to the back post, leaving a gap for Bobby who got slipped in by Brownhill? That actually wasn't my point though, it was that after the goal ,as Sleepy said elsewhere in this thread, we all expected LJ to pull Flint back.... job done... Wolves would have had to come onto us.. as it was Flint stayed up and they got in behind because we had all gone gung ho... and well.. the rest is history.... game management is what i'm talking about...
  10. Take you back to the wolves game..... puts Flinty up front to break the deadlock against 10 men.. works a treat CH pulled towards Flint and Bobby scores. Now, at that point i assumed that we would pull Flinty back to Ch and shut up shop.. look to hit them on the break.....hmmmmm.....
  11. exactly Mike. thats what i was hoping for but no, someone had to "re-imagine" it because it needed updating by shoe horning in lots of unneeded plot points and a token female role. I mean theres probably a valid series to be written about the problems of divorce and living together without being married in that era.... SO GO AND WRITE ONE... And its so badly scripted and clunky it verges on parody.... I dont like it.
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