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  1. The option was entirely dependent on Bakinson's form 2nd half of the season. If he'd nailed it and pushed Ipswich into the Play offs they'd have happily taken it up, but unsurprisingly he didn't nail it he did 'alright' so they are probably looking at other options and won't be paying the agreed fee. They may come back with a lower offer though. Frankly all I care about is that he's gone and we can use any fee and saved wages to get a player in who Pearson actually wants.
  2. Certain players seem to be highly favoured but with little to justify it. Scarlett and Vale specifically.
  3. The England forwards have been non-existent. Need one of them to provide a link to the rest of the team. I'd get the holding midfielder on from Villa, take one of the forwards off and push Scott into the 10 position.
  4. Scarlett is having a nightmare. Not releasing it. Like under 9s football.
  5. Israelis are 'competitive'. Our players are not using Scott and Chuckwamecka enough. Turning down simple lay offs for Hollywood nonsense that hasn't worked. Scarlett in particular is good at holding it up but holds it too much. Trying to be Harry Kane basically
  6. Question - who was captain the last time England won the European Under 19s championship?
  7. Almost as if they invest in their infrastructure rather than sell the profitable bits off to private, foreign concerns and let it rot..
  8. £150 ?? You want to ask him about his nasal habits Neil
  9. I hope Nige sits Alex Scott down and asks him about who would fit well for a season long loan here. Someone like Scarlett could be useful.
  10. Watching the game earlier, he'd be better at RWB than the 2 who've played there so far. Not got their physicality or speed but miles better on the ball and would link up well with Devine who is a very good player. We constantly gave the ball away on the right today.
  11. That's exactly what happened yes. The most composed player on the pitch.
  12. It's a total misnomer comparing Grealish or even Foden with Xavi. Xavi was a central midfielder. Foden and Grealish are attacking midfielders. What we do is favour 'beasts' over more diminutive, technical midfielders, like today with the 2 big lumps in CM rather than Scott.
  13. I would bring Scott on for Norton-Cuffy at RWB. We might hold onto the ball more. Maybe with an eye to moving him inside later on. He needs to be on the pitch. Clearly
  14. Quite smart. Foul outside the box. covering defender means it's not a goal scoring opportunity. If he stayed back he'd have allowed a shot.
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