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  1. It's simple. He's well known by a lot of people who think he should be given a pro contract but aren't really qualified to make that decision. I trust the people we have in charge now to get that decision right.
  2. They'll throw the bottle back though...
  3. Unfortunately we have not been well run. We needed an experienced man like Pearson in charge precisely because our version of Dan Ashworth was a complete bluffer. Thankfully he's now working his magic at Ipswich.
  4. That is the perfect description of our season. It will do me..
  5. He didn't get to the block. Didn't make it past the sniffer dogs. That's not what is the issue though. It's when he was allowed in again at the behest of a steward and jumped. it's assault. Plain and simple
  6. That sounds like a league 2 / conference player. In an organized side lower down will score loads but we don't have that luxury...
  7. Hi yes I e mailed her earlier with a detailed account of what happened. He was first ejected for a valid reason but accepted it and left. He was then invited back in by a different security person. Once inside he was immediately blindsided by the very same stewards who initially threw him out. Quite clearly a set up. From what you say and what I've heard elsewhere, Fulham are employing thugs with a night club attitude and turning a blind eye to violent behaviour. Pick out someone young and inexperienced, rough them up and chuck them out. Just want to say again if anyone did see any of this, please PM me. I'm going to rattle as many cages as I can..
  8. Respectfully disagree. We struggle with balls into the box specifically set plays. That's to do with personnel and doing jobs not formation. We played with a 4 v Millwall and were comprehensively outplayed. We changed to a 3 and were miles better. Unless Tanner is fit we really don't have a proper RB as well.
  9. £7k pw is st least £2k too much. No more than 50% of what Weimann is on.
  10. That doesn't surprise me in the slightest. He always had the vibe of someone who played when he wanted. Those types tend to have manipulative agents. I've never forgotten his performance in Holden's last game. It was shameful. Not the sort we need.
  11. In time I think he could become a similar player to Michail Antonio. Powerful with very good movement. He has an exceptionally high ceiling I think. Where was Antonio at the same age? If his core CF skills are improved and he becomes a more consistent finisher he will certainly make the Prem at a decent level.
  12. Just got off the phone to my 18 year old who was thrown out at Fulham. He was later handed a ticket by another steward and allowed in only to be set upon by 2 stewards, assaulted and ejected again. If anyone witnessed this, please can you PM me? Thanks
  13. Went to that game. Only Heskey and Carragher had proper international careers..
  14. Seems like we're debating a hypothetical rejection of a hypothetical offer? Or did this really happen?
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