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  1. Harvs was a quality player and a great bloke.
  2. What a man. Quietly resurrected our club. Never shouted about his achievements but these achievements dwarf any of his predecessors. It would've been easy to play basic football when he took over given our circumstances but what I remember most is his determination that we recover playing football the right way.
  3. Sheff Utd Fulham Bournemouth West Brom Boro Stoke Forest Cardiff Bristol City Swansea QPR Millwall Blackburn Luton Barnsley Birmingham Huddersfield Coventry Hull Reading Blackpool Preston Peterborough Derby
  4. Agree. I think Moore may end up at a league 1 side. Vyner is earmarked to play right back.
  5. Which one is Smeagol and which one Gollum?
  6. Forgot that detail. They really are ****ed aren't they
  7. It seems to be a feature in other countries that a bigger club sells a promising player who has a blocked pathway to a smaller club but has a generous buy back clause written into the arrangement. Is that allowed in England? Can we buy George Nurse back for say £300,000 within the next 2 years ? For example.
  8. He probably knew when he was told 'you're 3rd choice George. But we've just had a offer from Shrewsbury that we've accepted. Do you want to speak to them?'
  9. I suspect that it is low but with a high sell on or some kind of buy back option. Interesting that as soon as Ashton leaves we start doing business with Cotts. Good move for him. I know someone who played left back for Cotts who can't speak highly enough of him
  10. Was tried to the left of Pring and then inside of Pring in the earlier friendlies. Wonder if that was following a discussion with Cotts?
  11. Agree about Eliasson. He's got a touch of Mahrez about him
  12. Cotts looking for him to play the Derrick Williams role?
  13. The least sure I can remember feeling about our prospects. Last season was unique for so many reasons. What we don't know is the long term effects of Ashton's cuckooing of the club. It seems like we've moved past that and with Pearson, Gould and Rennie in place we should progress. What I don't know is the ceiling for improvement. I'm really not that sure there is much between the 'established' Championship sides. Barnsley and Swansea look considerably weaker leaving Bournemouth and the 3 relegated clubs as likely top 6 sides. Literally all the others bar Derby could pull a rabbit out the hat.
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