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  1. England's most deluded fanbase about to discover it's not just a matter of chucking money at it. I don't get the sense the new people have a scooby what they're doing. 14 days a go this was all up in the air, now they've sacked the manager because the fans wanted it. What's the plan?? Have they got a Director of Football type lined up to actually run the club and improve infrastructure or are they just going to spunk millions on overpriced 2nd rate players? If you see players like Ward-Prowse / Dunk / Watkins sign it will be an indication they are going about this the right way. If it's some random promising French and Spanish players with no EPL experience you're looking at Pepe / Ndombele type wastage of cash.
  2. I've no doubts. We're in a perfectly acceptable position imo. Where most expected we'd be. We have to accept 2 seasons of mediocrity whilst contracts run out etc. Once he's had time to make the majority of players ones he actually wants we'll be stronger. Our recruitment has been pretty decent so far. 2 experienced shorter term signings plus 3 1st choice who represent a clear improvement on what was here. Another 6 signings like James Tanner and Atkinson with unwanted players leaving will make us much stronger. I think there's a clear idea about what we need which will make recruitment more successful. The immediate problem is psychological re our home form. We clearly deserve to have amassed more than 4 points from our performances but have butchered opportunities..
  3. Yep. Fuelled by Nationalist media hype, cheap cocaine, booze and knowing full well that the opportunity to get into the ground was there...
  4. Paterson would have been of little use yesterday. We needed to get the ball off Bournemouth not have someone hiding. Paterson suits a possession based side and that's not us.
  5. 'you're supposed to be enjoying yourselves, stop ****ing moaning'.
  6. I did read what you said but it changes nothing A long ban is needed. It's football and that level of intimidation and aggression is unjustifiable.
  7. A fine? If football is serious about protecting refs he'll get banned from any kind of involvement in football for about 10 years. So bored hearing about the standard of refs when they have to deal with that.
  8. Top 10 off the top of my head.. Bradford 0 1 City 1989 Forest 1 1 City 1989 Cardiff 0-3 City 1989 Birmingham 0 - 4 City 1990 Swindon 0 - 1 City 1990 (Mattered at the time) Brighton 0 -1 City 1991 (last minute Shelton goal) Leicester 1 2 City 1993? Liverpool 0 - 1 City 1994 Fulham 1-2 City 2016 Man City 2 1 City 2018
  9. Very harsh on Bedlow who had a great game in defence and attack - he is our one crash bang back . Watch back the first try and you'll see he made 10/12 metres from such a run and then from the subsequent ruck Randall made his break. The wheels fell off when he went off and Leiua came on. Now there's a nothing player. Hands like udders.
  10. Less ego. Less likely to have small man syndrome certainly. Less likely to induce aggressive responses from players. Women tend to be more careful and less prone to overconfidence than men.
  11. There is literally no reason why female refs should be any different to male refs. I would not be surprised if in a few years there are some at the very top of the game. They apply the rules of the game and certain characteristics needed to be an effective ref are more common in women then men put it that way.
  12. Norman Hunter???? Girls can play in boys football up to under 16. It's younger for rugby I believe. It's probably less to do with injury than other reasons.
  13. Selection for this level is clearly a stitch up. There's probably a quota system In place unofficially to appease the big clubs so their youth players have value. Makes Alex's inclusion all the more of an achievement
  14. It is opening up.You're right. Women can now drive themselves to the public executions and stonings. Real progress
  15. They seem to be less prone to injury with him around. Put it that way
  16. I wouldn't be surprised to see Simpson start RB and Tanner to play in front of him. Palmer and COD starting would be embarrassing as they did nothing to warrant selection on Wednesday. The quicker Pearson is back the quicker our injury count will reduce.
  17. People who think we don't miss Fam are blind. An aggressive player who always contributed defensively and on occasion was a match winner.
  18. Add Dunk, Mee and even Eric flipping Dier to that list.
  19. What's the point in an edit feature when it autocorrects what you're editing?? It autocorrected Source to source on my post initially and now won't let me correct it. Bizarre.
  20. Could you do an article about Bristol having hard water please? Or the fact that Bristol has 2 vowels in it. Or it's quite hilly? Not used to reading something even vaguely thoughtful.
  21. Surely you know what tempting fate means??
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