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  1. Discipline is not the issue. Respect and values are. Plenty of these utter scumbags hold down jobs, keep fit etc. Things that need discipline. The problem is they think this sort of behaviour is acceptable, normal. That is the problem and it comes down to leadership, values, respect, upbringing.
  2. People have forgotten how to behave. Look at our 'leaders'. Rapists, coke sniffing, liars. They're having a hugely damaging impact on society, let alone their efforts to turn us into a 3rd rate country. Ignore the rules, do what you want, **** the consequences. You'll probably get away with it anyway.
  3. 1 year loan. Get him out the building.
  4. He's in trouble.. probably sharing a cell with the Forest idiot.
  5. Leah Williamson is a RB/ cb isn't she?
  6. That entire report only mentions City players past and present.
  7. He's got little choice has he? Might as well praise him as he could well play a crucial role next season. He'd like him if he was on £10k a week for certain
  8. Yep. A number to consider. Bentley O'Leary Kalas Dasilva Massengo Either new contracts or sold. I think we sell 1 keeper, Massengo and Kalas, keep the other keeper and Dasilva.
  9. I would guess he's been bought to play 10 or either side of a front 3. Wilson will be the one to compete with Tanner...
  10. I would hope they'll see straight through that
  11. It's a good idea but please don't pretend you're doing it out the goodness of your heart. The enabling thing is horseshit. He's just trying to maximise his profits that's all. The sporting quarter thing would work without the houses. It just gives the houses greater chance of approval if they're designated as enabling something more sexy.
  12. It's got a massive enabling proposal of houses in Ashton Vale. Anyone seriously thinking that would just fly through planning is utterly deluded.
  13. Some people are clueless Dave.
  14. Perfect description of Ashton there Spud. Will use that in conversation...
  15. I think using players out of position in a season like this has been extremely useful. It gave Dasilva a route back into the side. It allowed Scott to play a whole season. Weimann there didn't stop him scoring and it's a good option in emergencies or when chasing a game. There's even flip side to Bell. He got a view and hopefully understanding of the level and a different position. Will help him in the long term even though it was unsuccessful.
  16. Idiotic defending will cost Rangers. 3 of back 4 on yellows already..
  17. No penalty for us at home all season?
  18. Yep. We'll only sign a CB if one of those 4 leave I'm sure. Moore and Baker to leave definitely. Vyner probably leaves if a proper RB is signed.
  19. He was sent to Grimsby for a reason. Didn't want it to be all comfy for him. Loan to Carlisle or Barrow next season...
  20. I assume Nigel Pearson was involved in some capacity? He just seems to have a little bit of ownership with it.
  21. Who appointed Lauren Smith? Serious question. For a comparison, the Bristol Bears Women's coach was appointed by Pat Lam. The 2 games I've seen she was easily the best player on the pitch. Clearly up to playing at a higher level. I guess she'll be in the WSL next season.
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