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  1. Ypu can actually go in to account settings > signatures and adjust "Show other people's signatures alongside their content" However, I do accept your point on this.
  2. People who use the emoji in a smarmy or cocky way after one of their posts. Also, people who use the word "woke" to gain some sort of non-existent points.
  3. Flares are banned at Glastonbury, although I'm unsure if that includes smoke devices, but your point still stands as to whether any revellers caught using them would be charged. There are plenty of other things banned at Glastonbury too.... apparently!
  4. Cheers. Probably would have been a good idea to read that before posting
  5. Does anyone know if any of this is in stock in the shop? Wouldn't mind trying it on for sizing. (Although from previous experience they are very good with returns) Also what are the current opening hours? (The latter perhaps being one for @JerrySLO if he isn't on his hols)
  6. Suprised no one mentioned it (especially you @Davefevs) but the purple shirt is very Bristol Rugby, which I quite like.
  7. Indeed and thank you Lew for posting this. Had to check OTIB as soon as I saw the tweet!
  8. They are already gushing over Sunderland on Sky. I think they just need to turn up to win
  9. Iceland actually... To be fair I've thought of getting one of these... (Yes, this is a real T Shirt you can buy)
  10. And I wonder what measures they are taking to crack down on it....
  11. The Rangers V Frankfurt match thread... Everyone's 2nd favourite team mind!!
  12. I don't think it really matters who has who now to be honest (unless maybe the top 2 were involved). I know it sound cliche, but it's the end of the season. It's about who turns up on the day, with fight, passion, agression, awareness.... balls. I think Leeds are down but it's not over yet.
  13. I seem to remember people on here getting slightly annoyed last year with the lack of updates on sales, so I wouldn't hold your breath.
  14. I think that could be part of the bigger problem to be honest. The clubs further down the pyramid may be affected the most...
  15. PhilC


    Looks like panto to me....
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