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  1. Ooooo quirky goalkeeper kit, I wonder where they got that idea from............
  2. "They call me the count because I love to count things... Von Court case... ha ha ha Two court case... ha ha ha"
  3. Really please to see Tammy doing well and get a standing ovation after his 2 assists. Yes there's that small connection (loan) to us, but I personally think he is a very talented player and I'd like to see him succeed and go on to some very good things. Possibly not quite at his top technical ability just yet, but I'm confident that will come with time. I just hope (like a few of the other young English talent out there at the moment) he doesn't blow it on cars, girls, and trips to Dubai and stays focused on his career.
  4. Correct, for me I still (very) occasionally watch on a Saturday or Sunday without knowing the scores. Now you mention it, the fact I knew the scores yesterday probably made me create this thread in the first place, although I think we've established why they were shown in the order they were. Just to clarify, I didn't lose any sleep over it, I just wondered what the opinions were that might have prompted the decision. I'm not sure that's the case on a Saturday but you may well be right!
  5. Ah, I see. Cheers that was more like the answer I was looking for. I'd heard Newcastle West Ham was pretty end to end too. Not necessarily just favouring big clubs then!
  6. OK, good point Maesknoll. However I would expect them to show the better game first most of the time, and the point is more favouring the bigger clubs over the better matches. Prefer to have the option of watching the better games first and then choosing not to watch highlights of the other games, which is often the case on a Saturday. Must be getting old.
  7. Pretty annoying. Favouring the big clubs again when the other game had 6 goals. OK the Spurs City game was better than I expected (Didn't watch either live) but thought it was a bit of a joke!? Oh and a side note.... Kane was mentioned in the commentary before the game even started.... and now Mark Chapman is saying "They aren't a one man team"... Why mention him then!? Sorry... late Sunday night rant!
  8. Back on topic as I couldn't give a **** about what we call our training ground, nor do I have the time to get upset about it, that looks impressive for Leicester.
  9. Oh wow, how sad, and such a shock to visit the forum and see this. Thoughts with his family and all who knew him. "Havanatopia, he's one of our own" Rest in peace fellow red
  10. In fairness @Robbored, and all joking aside with your constant moaning about the PA system in the Dull Moan, I really think you should do this. As was pointed out in another thread recently, this is actually a serious Health and Safety issue and the club should be ashamed. This really does need to be sorted out.
  11. Agree with this statement. I think people are over reacting by saying people are over reacting, it's just a discussion FFS
  12. Completely agree. I noticed a lot of City fans on Twitter yesterday commenting on the Grealish situation and how Villa fans were all "crying". Couldn't care less myself. It's an embarrassing obsession some City fans seem to have...
  13. As someone who lives local this is very frustrating (although it doesn't affect me of course) and I hope that whatever the club are working on comes sooner rather than later.
  14. You should get it about 2 days before the season starts, 3 if you're lucky
  15. I received the email. Just wanted to be the first to say it I'm sure they will be sent in time, but there will be a few worriers! I literally cannot wait by the way!
  16. Do you think they will arrive on time!?
  17. This lasted well....
  18. At least we have Spaniel Bentley in goal (Sorry....)
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