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  1. I'll answer these: Today we've appointed a new manager, it's from the clubs perspective who they feel can best run and do with resources at their disposal. Clearly not what the fans want, but when was football about mob rule? It's not, but to alienate the fans means to lose the backing both during games, when fans can attend, and financially. The mob don't actually rule, if anything this proves it, however it also proves that you can't force the fans to accept everything. The fans accepted a new Robin, the fans accepted losing many of our best up and coming players but after 4
  2. Spike


    If you think we're suddenly going to do a complete turn around after losing our best players and just using the youth you're in for a rude awakening...
  3. Some may, I have a feeling the majority will feel the same way. I'm certainly not buying any shirts, merch and when available tickets to support this. This club has done a lot of dumb things but the fans have been sold the dream of a club moving forward, this is far from forward and no matter who the back staff are Holden is not good enough. Not.A.Chance.
  4. Yeah I've seen this, I genuinely won't be bothering with this club if this is the case. This defeats the whole point of sacking LJ in the first place.
  5. Not disputing this but he has now and he therefore has that experience. How many up and coming managers have we had from L1 and L2 and then how many managers have we had with a 100% top 6 Championship finish record and 75% promotion have we had. Comparing Hughton and Cook is pointless, Hughton is a far superior choice, the only reason not to chose Hughton over Cook is financial and his desire to take the job. If Hughton is willing to do the job the board should be looking to make it happen at all costs.
  6. because as you said, he's not won the Championship, he's not gained promotion from the Championship. Plenty of managers look good in L1 & L2 and can't make that jump up
  7. I'm still interested right now, should Holden be given the job I can honestly say I think I'll probably lose a lot of interest, possibly to the point where I'll find something to do other than watch the football.
  8. As much as I would be relived I still won't be excited or expecting much other than maybe the top half of the league finish. Even so, I won't be happy with it as for the first time in a long time we're in a position where there is an amazing manager or two available if the club is serious about promotion or at the very least pushing forward and we'll be taking the lesser option again.
  9. Spike


    I liked JET when he played for us but would I want him back, hell no, he isn't anywhere near the level we require these days. He has nothing to offer the club and we need to stop clinging to nostalgia and past players and move the club forward.
  10. Hummel have made some lovely kits.. it's making me nervous about ours.
  11. I'm concerned with Cook, I still don't think he's the man to take us up but I think he'd do an OK job.
  12. I have this horrible feeling Bournemouth will get Hughton and we'll get Cook.
  13. New Celtic gk top...
  14. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad at all but this whole quoting of 41% is largely misleading
  15. All these win ratios are annoying and misleading, the fact is that this season, and this season alone, his win ratio over 46 championship games was 32% which isn't nearly as impressive as his EFL record. All this does is show the difference between League one and the Championship. In perspective Swansea, who finished in the last play off position by pretty much the last kick of the season had a win ratio of 39%,that is a big difference! The only win ratio that matters with a manager in relevance to a Championship job is their win ratio in that league. I'm not saying Cook won't do b
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