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  1. It may not be to your taste but this is what I came up with.
  2. I have designed badges for a Welsh league and multiple teams, I'm currently doing the graphics work for the business I work for but I'm always willing to help when I have time so if @ollywhytewants to ping me a message I can always have a pop at helping.
  3. I like it but really not a fan of the central badge at all.
  4. Well if it is we'll need a third for when we play Sheff United
  5. I've never got the fascination with the past, I mean let's be honest, you're only as good as your last season. Have Brentford been a Premier League club in the past? No, Are they now? Yes and that is all that matters and rightfully so. I don't think a single one of our fans would care about our past if we were to get promoted next season. The past are nice, or not so nice, memories but they have no impact on where any club "deserve to be", that's all on the last season and how they performed.
  6. The bright coloured one set me back £40, whilst some people say that's steep I'm not so put off mainly because a good quality t-shirt in my size tends to set me back £20. I really like some of the stuff Hummel have made.
  7. I missed this post but watching that I do love the fact he's comfortable on the ball, that's always a huge plus for defenders so long as they're not overly confident. I like how his movement is sharp too, obviously it's only one game but it shows there is potential there.
  8. I've just seen a lot of mentions of needing a lot of CB's, that really isn't an issue if we're not going to use 3 at the back.
  9. I think there are far too many assumptions that we're going to play 3-5-2. I think Pearson just stuck to what squad knew but with a pre-season in hand and his chance to change things with 12 players going out who is to say we're going to keep the same formation. Personally I hope we revert to a back 4 and Pearson creates the tactics he wants to employ and brings in players to compliment it and add depth.
  10. Because football is about balance. The two teams who were promoted were both higher pressing, the teams in the play offs too, however they were less direct than Wycombe and Rotherham. There is no point in pressing high of you're going to be so direct, it just means you end up chasing the ball for 90 minutes which causes fatigue.
  11. I don't dislike Derby but I'd rather they went down purely because of the whole FFP, Rooney fiasco. I feel like they've really pushed the limits and it would be just punishment.
  12. I want to believe that Pearson can turn this club around but right now I'm not so sure, even with so many out of contract he doesn't have a lot to work with and so much to build. My personal opinion is that Kalas needs to stay but needs a leader of a CB next to him. Kalas has shown he can be influential and has the ability but I still feel he's what I call a "second CB" and the best example I can think of is when Man Utd had Pallister and Bruce, both were good CB's but without Pallister by his side Bruce was piss poor, Pallister wasn't necessarily the better of the two players but he led the back line and because he was so good at leading Bruce appeared to play far far better with him. This is what Kalas is missing IMO, a player to keep him in check and to give him some confidence if he's underperforming, the second Kalas' head goes down that back line suffers because no-one else will lead. There is a lot of talk of getting rid of Wells but for me this is just another case of blaming the wrong player, just look at the stats of out games: Millwall - 4 shots, Luton - 10 shots, Wycombe - 9 shots, Sheff Weds - 5 shots, Nottingham Forest - 6 shots. This may seem like a lot at a glance but if you look at the opponents shots against us in the same games (M - 20, L - 14, W - 23, SW - 20, NF - 16) we've been massively ineffective in creating chances, even more so we've been awful at creating good chances. I've said it so many times, Wells has the ability to score a lot of goals at this level, the issue is we have no players who compliment what he does, Wells makes runs and gets in dangerous situations off of attacking passes and therein lays our issue, no-one is playing those passes, we're one dimensional going forward, and we have nothing when going through the middle. Brownhill was massively underrated here by many of our fans but this is what he brought, he would go forward at defences and play passes through the middle rather than going to the side or trying to play a fast counter attack that the opposition already knows is our only go to. I think if Pearson can keep Wells and sign the right man to play behind him who will play forward passing balls through the middle you'll see a completely different player, especially if we stop playing him with players out of position going forward. All in all we still have some players we can get as lot out of who are currently being slated and all they need are the right signings around them. Personally I'd be looking to the youth to build the squad around going forward, allow Massengo to play the role he's best suited to and bring in players around him to support him, Kalas should be in a back 2 with a leading CB, we shouldn't be playing 5-3-2/3-5-2, that's a formation for a team with dynamic wing backs which are very hard to come by, get back to a back 4, Kalas, leading CB, Dasilva at left back with a left sided midfielder who can rotate with him to give us that dangerous left sided attack and a whole new right side. Either Joe Williams , if he can stay fit, or a new bigger, stronger ball winning midfielder in the middle too, hell we need at least two ball winning midfielders in a squad so that is a must. Pearson has so much to do, not only does he need to build a new squad, he needs to help fix the injury issues by changing backroom staff, he needs to instil confidence back into the players who are still here come next season as well as create a team atmosphere with the new players who come in. I think turning this club into what it needs to be will be a three season job minimum project, probably why Pearson has been given a three year contract and I think next season will still be a part of the rebuilding process with many ups and downs.
  13. Is that the sound our players legs make every time they do something this season?
  14. But even in business you grow based on demand, if you try to grow beyond what you can offer you generally see your business begin to suffer and maybe even collapse. The simple fact is that big fixtures are big because you don't see them as much, the second they're readily available they lose that hype that comes with them anyway. There is nothing positive in any way shape or form with this situation and I personally hope that the clubs involved are banned from European football for a season and given a point deduction.
  15. Anyone saying we can't keep him on because of injuries may as well just sell most of the squad
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