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  1. Just heard a re-run of Joey’s Radio Bristol interview - can’t believe he said their ‘fans turned out in huge numbers again’ and then he said ‘the players are still lacking in confidence because of things that had gone on before’ - still blaming the previous managers after all this time!!!! Unbelievable guff from their manager - oh well ...
  2. Yep, when we decided Sean O’Driscoll wasn’t good enough for our football club, his next two jobs were assistant manager of Liverpool FC and manager of England at an age group level - it seems he was well liked and rated highly outside of BS3 ...
  3. Who knows the real truth?! I was told the origin of ‘Boing Boing’ by a Baggies fan - but many more of them may support your theory instead - oh well, keep the faith Buster ...
  4. Nope, when Pearson took Leicester City into the premier league as champions of the championship he signed seven players that season and only paid a transfer fee for one - £450k for Riyad Mahrez...
  5. It wasn’t as bad as Steve Coppell’s record ....
  6. Nah - they got it from this song when a few Baggies heard it whilst on holiday ...
  7. Every song is sung quietly ...
  8. I disagree! Without the full stop it would have seemed that good news was being buried - the full stop was spot on ...
  9. With all due respect mate - it’s been well known for decades that rugger fans sink amounts of beer that would consistently put football fans to shame ... they’ve also been allowed to quaff their beer of choice within the stadia in their seats for a long time - bit naive of you to complain about this in 2021? And FYI - rugby matches are 80 mins not 90 mins ... you seemed to refer to both?!
  10. Ritchie and Cheesley then Taylor and Turner ...
  11. I’ve always thought Terry Cooper and Alan Dicks both deserve some high profile recognition at the stadium - such a shame that dear old Terry has passed away before this could happen - perhaps one of them could have a statue and the other could have The South Stand named after him ...
  12. Doubt it - he was in his late 70s back then - a bit difficult to start again in management at that age after such a long time out of the game - perhaps he meant in an advisory capacity ...
  13. Yeh, it’s annoying - I was searching for info on Brechin City and all this Bristol stuff kept popping up ...
  14. We’re not special really Sturny - I was just chuffed that for the first time in 20 years we’d hired a manager who had decent successes on his CV - and don’t forget he discovered Jamie Vardy and bought Riyad Mahrez for £450k - he was subsequently sold for £50m - I’m happy with Pearson ... Fair play!
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