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  1. Yes, lots have been suggesting this for ages - the time has come - The Terry Cooper Stand - legend
  2. ... and my “ Terry’s All Gold” banner in the 4th div days suddenly means much more to me ...
  3. A pony? Were you a little horse at full time?
  4. Saved our club, gave us back some self-respect, propelled us upwards from the depths of despair, built an exciting squad with zero funds, took us to Wembley for the first time in our history, my fave City manager ever who gave me my fave times ever as a fan - I’m devastated ... rest easy Mr Cooper, and thanks ...
  5. I played for one season alongside Peter Aitken in central midfield for a local non league side - he was awesome; lots of ‘spectator’ people are quick to dismiss ex pro players when they drop down a level or two - saying they are useless, donkeys, plodders, over the hill etc etc etc But Peter Aitken was truly awesome, he respected the level at which he was playing, he gave absolutely everything he had in every game and he taught me loads in that season, he talked to me non-stop throughout every 90 minutes, telling me where I should be and what I should do - a proper ex pro and a lovely, lovely guy - he was also the first to the bar after each game and he drank us all under the table. We only fell out once - in a curry house in Bristol on a team night out when I’d had a couple of shandies - I brought up the Spurs 9 Gas 0 game and I was giving it plenty - our team manager marched up to me and told me to “shut the f@ck up” - I asked why and he said our star midfielder, Mr Aitken, was playing for da roverzzz that day and he was looking daggers at me ... oh well, the freedom of youth! F@ck em ...
  6. Not sure that’s quite correct Graham - Trev Morgan played for us first then he went to Exeter, then to the Gas, then back to us and then he left us for Bolton - after his second stint with City ...
  7. Oh right, so, how did Sheffield United win the division 4 title in 1982 then?!
  8. What I meant by my post was that you cannot fault or dismiss Steve Lansdown’s undoubted ambition regarding Bristol City FC - the original post on this thread to which I replied suggested that “bringing a couple of youngsters through” would be “job done” for Nigel Pearson. My response to that was meant to convey my thoughts that although Mr Lansdown has a very dubious track record with regard to senior appointments at our club, there is no way he’d accept “bringing a couple of youngsters through” as “job done” - even though he seems to be swimming in unfamiliar seas, Mr Lansdown’s ambition for our club burns bright - he wants us to reach the promised land and that was what my post seeked to affirm ...
  9. Celtic - knocked out of the champions league before it’s even started properly?!!! The Glasgow-based club that flies the Irish tricolour over its Stadium whenever it wins the Scottish Premiership in preference to the Union Flag or Scottish Saltire? Oh dear, how sad ....
  10. I think a lot of people underestimate Steve Lansdown and his missives - if you think “bringing a couple of younger players through is “job done” then, oh no ... no, no, no
  11. .... was that the PS in Wael’s statement? ...
  12. They’ve corrected it now but that is woeful, inexcusable, lazy journalism - wrong division, wrong football club - not too difficult to get it right in this day and age ... I despair!
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