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  1. At least we are a bit more polite than them pesky Geordies - they like a banner mind (but at least they can spell ‘Hughton’ !!!)
  2. Reckon you’ve overegged it a tad - isn’t it 14 points and 42 points? Although I am rubbish at Maths ..
  3. Well, Ashton was a Director at West Brom for 14 years ...
  4. Fair play Kid - a deserved response ...
  5. Brilliant! Don’t worry, you’ve only upset the ITK merchant who clearly isn’t - high comedy! Top notch!
  6. Funny you should mention Nigel Adkins .... (when it comes down to it we are all equally ‘in the know’ really - Kid In The Riot getting pissy about a username similar to his adds to the hilarity! Especially as he told us to expect ‘news today or tomorrow’ bloody ages ago but nothing, absolutely nothing materialised! He hasn’t got a clue either!)
  7. Nah, I reckon they look at the salary offered to them, the transfer budget available to them, and the expectations of the owner - I don’t think they give a flying F about who their predecessors were at Bristol City ... especially when some of the stuff you are highlighting was over 20 years ago ...
  8. You are correct - but your response isn’t relevant to my reply
  9. Your forum username seems to be incorrect .... he is a top notch negotiator when we are buying and selling players ...
  10. Nowhere near, clubs have had caretaker managers in place for long periods of time while making sure they appoint the right person - the panic and doom and gloom merchants on here - it’s just laughable ....
  11. I dunno, it’s all so confusing! A contact of a City employee told me today that the ‘2nd interview short list’ was Hughton, Cook, Neil and Adkins - but I don’t know who or what to believe at the moment! It’s fun though! All this angst over a guy who will be sacked in two years time, then off we go again!!! Wahey!!
  12. I went to the zoo, I saw a baguette in a cage - I said ‘what’s that?’ - I was told it’s bread in captivity ...
  13. That’s a good debate - Marley’s work-rate and desire is JET’s x100 - but JET’s individual moments of brilliance were superb, albeit few and far between ....
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