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  1. Yes you're right MrBIbs, I lived in Cardiff for 15 years and drove for Cardiff Bus, the depo was right next door to Ninian Park and in the 90's there was a lot of trouble between CCFC and BCFC fans. However the trouble was not always caused by the true fans, I remember a night game when a group of well known agitators who were not from Cardiff or Bristol pulled portable fences from the industrial sites opposite the ground, as the road was closed to traffic, stood behind them and were encouraging the Police to fight them. I watched from our canteen windows as Police with riot shields confronted them. the thing was that most of the agitators where not youths, but some of them must have been in their thirties and forties. Some time later when the news reported the court cases involved, most of them were not football fans, but enjoyed causing trouble and damage at derby games and where family men. That game ended in a goal less draw and I attended with a work mate of mine, also from Bristol, in our bus uniforms and sat with the Cardiff fans. My mate said to me before the KO, don't celebrate if we score, but thankfully there was no need, as no goals scored. Crazy times!
  2. Did that have anything to do with the power cut at the ground, do you think?
  3. I heard them say that due to the game only being transmitted overseas that the audio is not from RB today. I presume the next game will be back to RB again.
  4. Yes and get more parachute payments!
  5. Thanks, I sorted it out in the end, although, I wish I hadn't after that result. It turned out that as Robins TV was only available for overseas the audio was only the commentary and not as usual the RB one and they did start the audio later than usual. this is the first time I have used the phone app for the commentary and wasn't used to hearing the prattle from the TV boys.
  6. At my daughter's house 20 km outside Tallinn and can't get live audio on my android phone, it says audio unavailable on the os. Very strange as all ok at home on my laptop, anyone have any ideas why it is?
  7. No audio on the website. Surely it's available today, as it's RB commentary any way.
  8. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss! Well done boy's, good 2nd half deserved it COYR's
  9. Andi33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  10. I bet if that was in our box a pen would have been given.
  11. Andiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  12. Great to see so many youngsters starting, I would like to see them show some senior players how to cause problems for opposing teams, win or loose. Hopefully their energy can get us three points today against a team we usually don't do well against. So Come On You Young Red's!
  13. A Happy New Year to all OTIBers , we have 1 hour to go here and then the President will be on ETV making his speech, I just wish I could understand him, Estonian is a very hard language to learn. Anyway lot's of Estonians speak English quite well and love to speak it to native speakers. Let's hope after all the trials of 2021, things will improve, both on the pitch and in the World, surely they have too and after last nights game, I do believe that City will continue to improve, as long as we stop getting all these injuries, get some decent officials and continue to play the good youngsters. See you all on Sunday. Best wishes from Tallinn.
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