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  1. I had older brothers there already so I knew all about Rugby. Sounds like they allowed you to play football after 3 years? You'll be saying there were girls there next! No football (or girls) for the duration - 7 years - in my day. There was a football team organised by the 6th form which I played for on a Sunday, nothing to do with the school, simply called The Exiles. No idea who we played against - other Bristol 6th forms rebelling against years of enforced Rugby I expect.
  2. I saw Rosemary's Baby there too, as a 16/17 year old I thought it was brilliant. It was always 'Bunny' Warren to me. I said Ron Pickup to your RP above, that was the actor of course, the teacher was Jim Pickup. I remember Edwards vaguely, didn't realise he was a Jonathan like the Olympian. I think you missed the 2nd half of my post above if you thought 'e hd lot otify' was the end of the finished version, since edited and added to!
  3. Yep, was taught by Aubrey 'the strawberry', early on and Eric Dehn in the 6th form. I was in Warren's (later Rollings) so the RC incident may have been a 1st team practice, I was a reasonable scrum half despite a resentment that we couldn't play football. I used to get absolutely hammered by some of the early growing giants. I haven't got JE or RP (Ron Pickup?) I'll have to think about them! I was also in the after school film club, remember seeing Cabaret and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. On a City related note I remember one of the younger teachers (could have been Beale, I saw him down at AG) managed to get grainy b&w film of City away matches in the promotion season and showed them regularly after school. I was following City away by then but for faraway, and evening matches that I couldn't get to, it was great to see the goals. We had a lot of match going City supporters - I remember seeing, 'We f*****d Fulham' sprayed on the toilet wall on the Monday morning after we played at Craven Cottage, which didn't go down well with the Sargeant at all! Having said that I saw him at AG too, so maybe he was the culprit!
  4. Name already sent so don't open your PM's yet if you want to think about it! And yes.... but initials only if you want to guess!
  5. He was a Biology teacher and was indeed a nice chap as far as I remember. Just got carried away in his determination to make the tackle and forgot his comparative strength on the day I assume. Won't put his name up because I just googled him and he stayed local after retiring and died fairly recently. You went to the same school as me at about the same time iirc so you'll no doubt have known him, - I'll PM you the name.
  6. When we were new at secondary school we were in one of our first Rugby 'games' sessions. The sports master said he was going to demonstrate tackling and told a slightly built boy to pick up the ball and run at him. 'Watch me carefully boys, this is how you tackle'. The boy ran at him but as he swerved to try and get past him the sports master dived and thumped into him, taking him down at about knee height before landing heavily on top of him. The boy was left whimpering on the ground with a broken leg before being carted off in an emergency ambulance.
  7. One of my brothers lives in the same part of the world as the OP. He certainly didn't expect the club to help him out with tickets last time he came over, or to be prioritised over regular fans, and the OP probably doesn't either. Many exiles from all over the world can only watch City once in a blue moon and quietly fit in a match or 2 around a visit home without any special treatment from the club. Good luck to the OP in getting tickets for the matches he wants to go to - there'll be no problem with the home games and the best part of his plan imo. is to watch several games rather than just one. From my experience of taking fans to one-off games over many years you can just about guarantee it will coincide with a dreadful City performance that so dampens their enthusiasm they're left wondering by the end how anyone can stand going regularly, as was the case on my brother's last match. With a plan to watch 3 games the OP can be hopeful at least one of them should be a pretty good City performance and mid Feb looks a reasonable trio of games without the possible ticket complications of trying to include Cardiff away.
  8. Pissov Ratkov, nasty foul on Scott requiring treatment. Deserved yellow card.
  9. Good detective work, looks like the culprit. Terry (if he was born here he's still a Bristolian, if evidently a sadly misguided one) probably left Bristol to get away from Rovers. If he'd much rather paint toilets in another part of the country than watch them who can blame him?
  10. Cundy showed he was reasonably comfortable playing Championship football and now his injury worries seem behind him is only likely to improve. Should City decide to replace him (there seems an assumption that Naismith has been signed to play CB but surely it's just one of numerous positions he might play) it is likely to be a veteran, e.g. Davies, or a player completely unproven at this level, e.g. Horsfall. Good signing for Barnsley and good move the player himself, but from a BCFC point of view a bit disappointing imo.
  11. May be wrong, but not convinced he's such a big City fan from what I've read - certainly not like most of us on here - but of course the OS saying a new signing is a boyhood City fan is always going to go down well. No doubt he had a soft spot for City through someone in the family but as he was born in Barnstaple, grew up in Maidenhead, and joined Chelsea as a 9 year old it seems unlikely he was ever a regular attendee at AG. Seems like he went to some big end of season matches in his City shirt, but we've probably got 20k who turn out for Freight Rover/Play off finals and not much else. 14 appearances last season, and at 33 seems to have ongoing injury frailties. I'm very surprised he was offered a new contract and quite happy if he's decided against it.
  12. We had a similar wide white band across our shirt in 18/19. That was awful too.
  13. So approx. 1,400 u12's and another 2,100 u.19's. Almost 20% of total sales fall into the 12-17 age group. Good spread and great for the future of the club (if the u.12's in particular enjoy it enough to use their ST's regularly) but that only leaves about 9.5k full paying fans. Except then there's the reduced prices for u.25's & OAP's, in excess of 1k OAP's I'd imagine, and by the look of our crowd, many more (like me) on the verge. Plus the u.22's. not mentioned - reductions vary by stand - but you'd hope there would be a lot who continue to attend when perhaps it comes to paying for themselves for the first time once they stop being u.18's. Plus free tickets for carers, a few hundred probably. Not sure where complimentary/sponsors tickets fit in, but there used to be a fair number of freebies there, though presumably not included in 'sales'. All round looks quite healthy, but the 13k figure, while sounding pretty good, doesn't tell the whole story of how maybe close to 50% of those are not full paying adults, and how that equates to income for the club. We're certainly getting a better picture than usual though.
  14. Ted comes from his former forum name, Ted Pitman, a play on Jed Pitman the erstwhile local sports presenter. Nev, I can only assume, is just an abbreviation of his current first name. Never.
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