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  1. Now explained above, posted early in error, thought editing it would prevent what I'd written already being visible.
  2. Official attendances given out these days are far higher than the number in the ground, by several thousand on most occasions, but clubs (not just City) count those STH's not present anyway. Many hundreds of cheap kids ST's only used a few times a season too, but included in attendances. So hard to compare with the days before such an odd way of compiling an 'official attendance' came in to being. Attendances will slump imo. due to a combination of the extremely poor Johnson/Holden appointments (and the mostly dreadful football we sat through bemused and increasingly pissed off for 3 years at AG), Covid reticence, and the gradually increasing anger at the squad's 'performances' last season, eventually culminating in near disinterest by the end of it. I can only speak for myself that the diabolical appointments of LJ and then DH came close to finishing off my interest in City, and if you have felt entertained or excited by many home performances over the last 3 years I suggest you are in the minority. As I said earlier, NP - a great appointment at long last imo. - has a really big job on his hands to re-enthuse jaded fans and get them back into the habit of returning to AG regularly, and it won't happen straight away. 16k.
  3. Yep, perhaps some people are looking at pictures of the queues outside night clubs on 'freedom day' and assuming there will be the same enthusiasm for watching City. I doubt that - City fans are a much older demographic, with a large number aged 50+. There are many who have stated they are not yet comfortable with the thought of returning to AG for health reasons, and Season Ticket Holders or not, they will not be there until they are convinced it is as safe as it can be for them. My opinion is City undoubtedly have passionate fans but many had that passion more or less killed off during all the years of mostly excruciating football under LJ, as well as the disgraceful non performances of last season. With that and the pandemic Nige has got his work cut out too see the sort of crowds inside AG he clearly hopes for, and a battling City team that excites the fans and gets some shots on target will be the minimum requirement in the short term to start to build up home attendances again.
  4. 12.5k STH's will be counted in the attendance although thousands won't be there. No idea about Blackpool fans - 500? - plus 3k POTD. Fans actually in ground about 13k, depending on Blackpool sales. Official attendance 16-17k.
  5. Does look that way. My batch numbers and dates are handwritten as well as my name, and no 2nd sticker. Mine was issued from AG - interesting to know if anyone else jabbed there has any sign of a personalised barcode anywhere on their card. Agree the card should be suitable barcode or not - why not?
  6. The only sticker on mine is on the back, circular with a heart and crown with 'I've had my Covid Vaccination' printed around it. No other barcode or sticker on mine, so it looks they may have stuck a completely unnecessary childish sticker over what could be an important barcode, and which may well make that barcode indiscernible on removal? Or is the barcode & sticker you refer to elsewhere on your card?
  7. I've laminated mine to carry it around for this very purpose. Can't see a barcode on it though?
  8. Of course they have. We know flu can kill, and have serious long term effects, and it circulates widely every Winter, including at AG. All we can do is get innoculated if we feel at extra risk, but as with Covid that does not provide anything like full protection. We either accept there is always a risk in existing in daily life or we stop going to Ashton Gate, stop going to the pub, stop socialising altogether, and organise our lives so as to come into contact with as few people as possible. Some people seem content with the prospect of repetitive lockdowns and endless restrictions, but that is not only economically impractical, it is for many people psychologically catastrophic.
  9. Other viruses can have detrimental long term effects. Flu can kill of course, but the debilitating, long term ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has long been associated with viral infections, with about 260k known cases in the UK, or 1 in 250 of the population.
  10. Yep, but it's in the open air and shorter queues for refreshments than inside, although no doubt less choice. Try a little adventurous exploring next time you're at AG!
  11. That's not the case Bat, or wasn't at least. I'm in the Dolman and I regularly go (went) outside the SS at h/t. Stalls out there too for food and drink.
  12. Can you not get out in the fresh air outside the SS and the Lansdown anymore?
  13. You don't have to, masks are just being 'encouraged' when you're walking around. 'We encourage you to use face coverings when moving around internal areas.' If the weather's OK, best go outside with your refreshments.
  14. Pearson's interviews have almost without exception been excellent imo. Very informative and none of the BS we have become accustomed to. There will always be a few fans who don't take to a new manager's personality - they said it on here early on and continue to swarm to comment on any thread where they can continue to stick the knife in a bit. These individuals very predictably look for any little thing to criticise him, but it's clear to me most fans seem to not only like Pearson, but are delighted he's here. As for this particular little contre temps with Gregor, all a bit silly and childish on the part of a journalist who needs NP far more than NP needs him, and who had been promised an interview after the MKDons match anyway.
  15. If Walsh didn't get on well with LJ at City, it's reasonable to think that avoiding LJ would be a prime factor when considering his next club. From the outside you'd imagine Walsh wants to play for a manager who appreciates what he has to offer and makes it clear he will play him regularly to progress his career. I expect that's how Cooper sold Swansea to him, and in a manner he found believable; he no doubt heard similar from LJ when he signed for City but once bitten twice shy and he wouldn't have accepted it from LJ again even if the money was a bit more imo.
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