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  1. Why would you feel the need to 'label' someone, or their posts? On the basis of what pillred actually wrote your labelling of him as a mysogynist is complete nonsense. Actually, it's more than just nonsense - it's a really unpleasant and nasty accusation, made with no foundation whatsoever, that perhaps you should retract?
  2. Phil, you say, 'I can assure you I will not be watching Bristol City Ladies', ' perhaps most who do are friends and relatives', the standard (of your daughter's team) was quite atrocious', City's women's team... undoubtedly inferior standard. You appear to be telling off pillred for imo very mild comments, and yet you seem to have at least as equally a low opinion of women's football as him, if not even lower judging from your respective posts on this thread.
  3. Remember the old booze cruises in the 80's. Started at the Pump House, on to the Plume of Feathers, over the road to the Mardyke or/and Spring Gardens, back to the The Nova, then the (at he time fairly new) Cottage, ending up at The Ostrich. Actually, maybe not the right order but it was those pubs, perhaps the Shakespeare too. We used to do an occasional Friday night Hotwells Road crawl. Met up at the Nova Scotia, then on to the Pump House, Rose of Denmark, Adam & Eve, Spring Gardens, Mardyke, Plume of Feathers, Crown & Anchor, American Eagle, Myrtle Tree, finishing at the Three Tuns. Pissed as parrots and happy as Larry by the end of it, didn't feel quite so chirpy in the morning, but we'd still all meet up at the Plume again on the Saturday lunchtime for a hair of the dog or 2 before going on to the Gate!
  4. It all came out in the wash (i.e. the EP) - a group of Rovers yobs (envious no doubt both of our promotion, and City hosting All in the Game) came in looking for trouble, and very much found it. It took quite a while for the police to sort it out and yank out the warring factions, and much of the fists flying and crowd surging was caught on film behind the incongruously chuckling Dickie Davies. 9 arrests iirc, it was indeed an almighty scrap.
  5. What I remember is the almighty scrap in the enclosure, with Dickie Davies, a huge grin on his face as usual, continuing to present to camera apparently blissfully unaware of the mayhem unfolding behind him.
  6. Why would he 'take it well', he barely got a chance under Johnson. The negative emotions won't be towards the club, or the fans, just the manager who wouldn't play him, and didn't even like his midfielders to shoot from distance - Johnson.
  7. What, because he's just scored 2 very good goals against us? No surprise if he holds a grudge against Lee Johnson, not the club or the fans though.
  8. Yep, Tanner and Atkinson are 2 very impressive early signings by Nige. Augurs very well for the future if we keep on signing young players of their calibre.
  9. 2 great goals from Szmodics tbf. Let's hope he's finished for today.
  11. Yep, but as you're such a fervent LJ devotee it's surprising to see you referring to him as 'Ellis Short'.
  12. With Portsmouth being at home, I imagine it will be more than that!
  13. I'm not sure how the standard of their transport to away matches is worthy of a mention?
  14. In GJ's case many of us argued at the time it was the rebellious players at Plymouth (and beforehand) who should have been shown the door by the club and not GJ.
  15. Think it was a huge game for them and a nothing end of season game for us. Not all ticket and they unexpectedly brought a ridiculous number - up to 5k was reported at the time, and they were in several areas of the ground, including notably a large presence in the Grandstand iirc.
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