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  1. A mention for the Merchants Arms in Hotwells, spent a very pleasant evening there last night, great little pub. Good selection of well kept real ales and very friendly regulars and bar staff.. Sat outside much of the time and fortunately no cars hurtled into the front of the pub, as happened a few years ago.
  2. I remember a few lock-ins at the Crown and Anchor, the unassuming (v. quiet) landlord didn't announce it in any way, it was a pleasant surprise on your first visit to find he just kept serving. Was the Swansea Arms one of the pubs lost when a number of roads in Hotwells were demolished to make way for the Cumberland Basin?
  3. I remember wearing baggy jeans in the 70's when I was still of an age (u21) to be a 'dedicated follower of fashion'. Never again. Anyone over about that age who follows the latest trends, whether it be clothes, hairstyles, or whatever, is a bit odd imo. I perfected my own 'look' about 40 years ago and it hasn't really changed - as I get no negative comments (at least in earshot) about my choice of attire I assume it is positively appreciated by all onlookers. Possibly admired even, but whether it's then widely imitated to make me an unwitting trend setter myself is hard to know. The trend for beards, pushed on every TV advert for years, has ben very weird imo, glad if it's on the way out. How did Shoreditch become such a notable leader in the fashion stakes?
  4. Going to bump this one up just in case their are new readers. The lady concerned didn't have the energy today to go to her appointment when I turned up to give her a lift - despite assuring me on the phone half an hour earlier she was fine to go - so it looks like we've reached the stage, with worse weather coming as well, when a visiting hairdresser will be imperative. If anyone knows of a home hairdresser who would be happy to go BS8 please let me know.
  5. I used to go to the Eldon in the early 80's. Good old pub then, side bar hatch to separate dartboard area, small bar billiard room, lots of character. Gather it's been knocked through and poshed up a bit these days.
  6. 'Long suffering' fans may be a football cliche (and fans of many clubs would claim to be) but at City we really we do seem to be just that. Some would say it could be worse, we could be back in L1 - the irony there is we would almost certainly be 'suffering' a lot less, winning far more games at home, scoring more goals, far better atmosphere at games, and going home happy more often than not. The 'problem' is we do too well one season and get promoted. That has to be our aim in L1, of course, and it's a great season and memorable moment when it is achieved, but Bristol City and the Championship is a conundrum. We're not good enough, big enough, or financially strong enough to do really well in it and our primary (unspoken) goal every season quickly becomes just to avoid relegation, and exciting football, entertainment and match day enjoyment all fall down the list of priorities. Better standard of players, in theory better quality of football, but as for matchday atmosphere at AG, and enjoyment supporting the club, well, not so sure.
  7. The 22 City goals scored in those 11 home games was my reason for not including the 2nd half of the 17/18 season in my calculations. We can't really complain about an average of 2 City goals per home game & 22 goals in total (that's 22 occasions to jump out of your seat, let off steam, get excited, and celebrate - remember that!?) in 11 matches when bemoaning City being so low scoring at home was part of the thinking behind starting the thread. That would equate to 46 City goals at AG in a season - in fact it was 41 that year, but either way a veritable goal glut compared with the paltry returns of the 3 seasons to follow. Yep, the corner does appear to be being turned under Nige now and I look forward to City not only winning a home game asap - that would be a great start - but really hammering someone at AG to send the fans home exultant for once.
  8. We know all about City's terrible current home run but it's nothing new really, the results have been pretty awful at AG now for at least 3 seasons, and now continuing in to a 4th. Over those 3 seasons, plus the first 3 home games this season, City have played 72 home league games. 18/19 Played 23 W8, D8, L7 Goals scored 28 Goals against 26 19/20 Played 23 W8, D7, L8 Goals scored 29 Goals against 32 20/21 Played 23 W7, D3, L13 Goals scored 18 Goals against 30 21/22 Played 3 W0, D2 L1 Goals scored 1 Goals against 2 Overall record Played 72 W23 D20 L29 Goals scored 76 Goals against 90 We've failed to win almost 50 home games in those 3 years (so in most of those cases will have left the ground frustrated and/or disappointed.) We've been outscored on our own pitch each season but 1 - and that was close - and have only scored just over an average of 1 goal per game, and overall the away teams have scored 14 more goals than City. Just 19 City goals to celebrate in our last 26 home games. The entertainment for 3+ years has on the whole been poor, the exciting games, imo, few and far between. Even some of the 23 we've won have been largely completely forgettable when it comes to excitement. Yet people question a lack of atmosphere and decreasing crowds? It's meant to be entertainment, and if that's not to be, it's a huge consolation is at least to go home with a hard fought scrappy win to celebrate more often than not. There's been a paucity (poor City?) of either wins or excitement at AG for far, far too long. In the same period, our away record is: Played 72, W30 D13 L29 Goals scored 96 Goals against 103. So we've won 7 more games on the road than at AG, lost the same number home and away, and scored 20 more goals on our travels. Not too bad an away record at all, and just as well - but it's the performances and results at Ashton Gate that set the mood of most City fans and in those respects there's been a long term depression lasting several years.
  9. Meant The George not The Plough, of course. One of a vanishing few to still serve their beer straight from barrels behind the bar.
  10. Was it just coincidence the coughing outbursts from the unfortunate chairman (get well soon HH) always seemed to erupt just as Ian was in full flow? His hesitation & bemusement (barely concealed fury?) at the repeated onslaught by the host only added to the entertainment, I thought.
  11. Got some recently from Sainsbury's, Winterstoke Road, 3 for a quid.
  12. It was funnier than most modern day comedians.
  13. Very easy - Nige gives confidence he knows what he's doing - the evidence is there for all to see - and the players play as if they know exactly what's expected of them as individuals and a team too. LJ just blathered, tediously and egotistically, and chopped and changed his huge and expensively assembled squad hoping to strike lucky. Which he did, once or twice. Most fans saw through him eventually, although it took some a lot longer than others. Btw, we've had a very poor home record for several years, it's not a new thing. All power to Nige, by far the most competent manager we've had for many years.
  14. Amazing resemblance to the Wurzels, and that Portugese milk maid has certainly got something about her. Never realised Tony Blackburn was Portugese either!
  15. You're on fire this morning Oz, watch out you don't set the bush alight (if only for your wife's sake!) Are the Worzales a Portugese Wurzels tribute act? Beat me to it by seconds!
  16. The Nova Scotia, The Cornubia and The Highbury Vaults are all very worthy of their recommendations. Plus the Grain Barge for the top deck in the sun. I'd add, in no particular order, The Quinton House, The Channings Hotel, The Lansdown, The Victoria (next to the open air pool), all in Clifton, The Hope & Anchor and The Bag of Nails, Jacob's Wells, and The Shakespeare, Prince Street. All traditional pubs which have retained their character and serve good quality real ale. A bit further afield I like the Angel Inn and The Miners Rest, Long Ashton, and, to my surprise, the much renovated Plough, Abbot's Leigh. I also feel at home in all the pubs I've been to in Clevedon on my regular visits.
  17. Not at all, Rovers losing gives many of us a lot of pleasure. Thanks for some good news @JamesBCFC
  18. DaSilva the only defender on the bench, no place for Tanner.
  19. Never knew about 'dark' before, that really is different!
  20. It's been grey since the last upgrade. I'm beginning to think I quite like it - for a change anyway. You can change it back by going on 'theme' at the bottom of the first page and choosing your preferred option.
  21. I don't think anyone's mocking PNE or it's fans, the replies indicate quite the opposite - lots of respect shown for the club and for a reasonable following. Ted might wish to reconsider his initial post in light of the replies and the very different circumstances surrounding the visits of Blackpool and PNE. Other than that it's matchday and 750 enthusiastic away fans are more than enough to make a lot of noise. The onus now is on City fans to make sure they're drowned out.
  22. Wimpy was great, used to go to the one on Park St. and another next to the Hippodrome as a special treat. Usually after being dragged down town by my Mum to buy shoes or bits of school uniform for the new term, an expedition I didn't enjoy!
  23. Nige seems really impressed with Pring both as a player and a character, so unless his form or stamina falters, or he gets injured, I can't see O'Dowda displacing him.
  24. Saw the interview was 11 minutes and thought that was far too long. Flew by.
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