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  1. Unsure about the subs yet but an interesting 1st XI could be something like- as it stands and assuming DaSilva and Afobe still out but nobody else: Team A: Bentley Hunt Moore Kalas Rowe Brownhill Nagy Massengo Palmer O'Dowda Weimann Nice and fluid. That all important CM three, plus Nagy's presence gives Brownhill more license. Palmer and O'Dowda- interesting O'Dowda would have license and indeed instruction to pull wider in some phases but we've seen how he can slot in centrally- that unpredictability could help. Palmer in a fairly free role and his directness could give us a boost- mix of directness and skill- up behind Weimann. That can easily morph into this during the same game: Brownhill Nagy Massengo O'Dowda Palmer Weimann Brownhill helps out Hunt on the right, O'Dowda assists Rowe on the left when we are in a defensive or midfield based phase- arguably left hand side is more conservative than right hand side with Rowe in there though his output has been rather good! Palmer and Weimann still giuve a good threat on the break, Nagy can do his thing- yet with Brownhill and O'Dowda we can avoid being overwhelmed either centrally or on the right- in fact central superiority and wing based equality. That midfield 3 behind Palmer in certain phases will help help to compensate for the fact he isn't the best defensively in certain phases too and his style will naturally lead giving the ball away- high risk, high reward at times? Weimann can also lead the press in a defensive sense- intense work can help buy time for the midfield to slip back a bit defensively. Alternatively, assuming back 3 is now the way to go, how about: Bentley Moore Kalas Williams Hunt Nagy Brownhill Rowe Palmer O'Dowda Weimann Thinking along the lines of the Wolves type setup of 2 years ago- Jota and Cavaleiro were nominally wingers- except they weren't! O'Dowda especially may have scope for such a role in a 3-4-3- Palmer we'd need to work on but more natural a fit than say Eliasson. Again as above, O'Dowda can help Rowe on the left- Weimann would need to be a bit more flexible in this shape but again he can be- a concern might be a bit less protection for the defence from the midfield simply by dint of numbers but once again, Rowe can tuck in centrally though less so in this. Or: Bentley Moore Kalas Williams Hunt Nagy Massengo Brownhill Rowe Palmer Weimann Not that I am advocating dropping O'Dowda but I do wonder about this one. You would have the back 3 yet with Moore able to bring it out, Nagy could sit and yet technically good- gives Brownhill and Massengo license to push on- Palmer behind Weimann has the double security of 3 in Centrral defence and in CM behind him which frees him up further- Weimann's intense worh rate still buys time. Suppose the main downside here is that you could get caught in 2 v 1 out on the left, but with a packed centre- and it would be truly packed in this case- might that help negate? Weimann could also I guess pull wider left in some phases to press, maybe leave Palmer forward to exploit on the break and let Massengo maraud a bit with a quick turnover of possession. O'Dowda for Massengo in this would help to mitigate against the 2 v 1 out wide though! Bench? Maenpaa Pereira Baker Smith Eliasson Diedhiou Semenyo (home-grown rule).
  2. It's not really anything that's new as such but possibly a bit of a new angle. Already made reference to Fair Value Adjustment, whether this takes place on Acquisition- been researching it periodically. Should we read anything into the fact that on acquisition for Sevco 5112 Limited, Mel Morris didn't see fit to adjust the Tangible Fixed Assets to fair value- ie Vendors' Book Value was listed as the same as equal to "Fair value to the group"- £0 in adjustments, up or down? Is this a bit of a red herring @Coppello @martnewts or something that can be done at convenience for a new owner- optional- or is it in fact an indicator that Book Value broadly in line with Fair value? As we can see, there are no adjustments anywhere- but specifically to Pride Park, notably to Tangible Fixed Assets. August 2015 was when this occurred.
  3. :laugh: never! Never...just have too much time on my hands.
  4. Ha! Your, how shall I put this, renowned attention to detail surpasses itself! Well aware that Reid is not technically at Cardiff. Fulham on loan. Cunningham on loan at Blackburn too- point I was making which you well know being that he could perhaps have used these players to look to build a platform to come back stronger. Certainly a stronger squad in many ways than they had 2 years ago! Saw similarities with Burnley tbh. Happily he did not!
  5. Rather ironic that his final game was against us of all teams- and the first time we'd beaten a Colin side away in any form since May 2008 and overall in the League, October 1998! Read that he quit, mutual consent job? Wonder if he'll retire now- mind you he's already "retired" quite a few times- seem to recall when Sheffield United got relegated on the last day that was it for him! A bit of fun but I saw this online earlier. https://www.joe.co.uk/football/neil-warnock-barcelona-football-manager-231381 He seems less objectionable than Hollowhead IMO. Not saying I'm a fan but get the impression that Warnock quite likes us in some ways. His style? More varied over the years IMO. His QPR that won the Championship were quite good- he got the best out of Taarabt after all and not many can say that! Weren't terrible in the PL either to watch IIRC. Crystal Palace first time around he brought through quite a lot of youth, possibly had a mix of approaches there, Sheffield United- solid body of work and a number of youth. However he seemed to get more reactive in style as he got older, doubled down- though not entirely. Camarasa and Arter are technically sound midfielders- he loaned both as well as Reid last season. Cunningham probably better technically than Bennett. What surprised me was that having come back down, I thought he would build on things a bit but he did not. You have a squad you took up- you lose the aforementioned Arter and Camarasa, that's a decent chunk of Cardiff's limited craft out the window. Still... Smithies possibly an upgrade on Etheridge. Flint in some ways a good addition but aging. Cunningham an upgrade in a number of ways at LB. Pack, Bacuna and Vaulks can add to things- maybe Pack, Ralls and Vaulks in front. Bacuna to cover for one of those 2- not the worst! Hoillett and Murphy flair from the wings. Reid- play him up front! Tomlin a wildcard, but seemed to get into better shape this summer. Madine a good option, useful with Sheffield United last season on loan- at least varied. Callum Paterson- occasionally flair but at minimum a useful outlet from RB vs more defensive sides. I actually did think this may form part of his strategy when he signed Smithies, Cunningham, Bacuna, Murphy and Reid in 2018/19- build on the strong foundation with some more footballing ability than 2017/18 and look to return to the PL stronger! Surprised he did not- seemed to double down on the more pragmatic, long ball style.
  6. It's probably in the regulations somewhere, that technically they can get you to stop- confiscating phone threat sounds like an overstep though! Private property and all that, and as you say early days! It's a grey area IMO. Nothing wrong with that. So far, this issue seems to have been confined to Hull- localised problem? Still it's a worry I'm sure, but provided stewards are well trained and apply some common sense- same especially goes for this company- it should be alright.
  7. Thanks, that is an interesting insight. I'll get back onto authorised bodies in a minute but I'm not convinced from further reading that he obtained the contents of the phone- the steward or official I'm guessing under instruction, was though watching him through binoculars from another stand or an upper stand for the duration of the first half. Unsure if that makes it much better! Agree on this- seems well OTT- what category would trying to prevent bookies from being ripped off fall under, warrant acceptability wise? Authorised bodies- am broadly assuming that you mean the police etc? I'd have to read back through the thread and the stories but I'm not wholly sure they had the contents, merely a suspicion based on persistent phone usage and the aforementioned use of binoculars from a vantage point! Could ultra advanced CCTV or however advanced it is at football in 2019, have noted the contents or isn't that really technologically possible?
  8. Elland Road sold for £20m in 2017 to owner- but not to Leeds, he brought it back though. Bramall Lane and training ground total transaction to be £50m- combined for the pair of them. One report says it includes the academy also!
  9. I took a look at a few clubs earlier and it really must be subjective, niche- down to the individual ground. Struggling to justify these valuations- ie the major ones, talking Aston Villa, Derby and Sheffield Wednesday when set against a variety of clubs who have had reasonably recent valuations. Walkers Stadium for example actually didn't seem to rise in particular even after reaching the PL, winning it and playing in CL- that Aston Villa impairment is looking increasingly curious given that clubs change division often. Either it was overvalued in the first place, the Impairment was flawed or it's incredibly subjective. It's debatable as to whether relegation or a significant change in on-field fortunes can be classed as a material change in circs- actually despite my FFP suspicions, I have sympathy with a view that it can but in accounting terms, it's possibly not so clear. FWIW, 2 possible comparisons- focusing on the Midlands clubs who have done this mainly. Stoke- remember 11 seasons in the PL! At Depreciated Replacement cost in March 2018- £41,600,000- if we include Plants and Machinery it'd be £42,500,000. Comparison 2. The aforementioned Leicester one! In May 2014, £41,463,000 on an existing use basis. Included within it was £4,777,000 of land which would not and will not be Depreciated. This was off the back of a return to the PL and actually a 2nd promotion in 6 seasons. £81.1m Pride Park, £60m Hillsborough and £56.7m Villa Park- come on?? I know actually that it isn't that simple but it just doesn't really stack up. Looking a little further back at Leicester again. In May 2009 after promotion back to the Championship had been confirmed it was valued at £41,463,000 on an existing use basis- yet though it had barely depreciated in 5 years- fair enough- it had barely shot back up either on promotion to PL. May 2017, interim valuation- which appears to be inclusive of fixtures and fittings- and remember in 9 years they'd gone from relegation to third tier for first time in their history (haha Hollowhead) to promotion back to Championship, promotion back to PL, winning title and playing in CL. £45,808,000- this states that it is inclusive of fixtures and fittings but doesn't seem to have soared in value all that much considering! Valuation in May 2017 of the ground was of course £45,808,000- net book value stated at £19,106,000. Some takeaways: Depreciated Replacement Cost appears not to fluctuate wildly over the years. Promotion and relegation don't seem to see wild swings in value. There's not an awful lot of difference between the existing use basis and depreciated replacement cost one, in terms of cash it seems, or % wise. Net book value definitely diverges when set against "real" value. Still, more questions than answers for the clubs under investigation IMO. Based on 2014 revaluation at Depreciated Replacement Cost, disregarding Depreciation post 2014 and taking all of the additions at cost- ie £500,000 makes it £500,000 more and factoring in a Revaluation Reserve then £30m or so for Hillsborough seems about right... £32m Hillsborough also seems sensible enough as seen online. Pride Park and Villa Park appear to be harder to decipher.
  10. I have a good feeling about his appointment and think he will do well. However, it is worth noting the turnover in the role! In the last 6 or 7 years, if my memory is right we've had: Dave L Adam Baker Rachel Lemar- jointly with Adam Baker? Matt Parsons The last guy whose name escapes me right now- ironic given my pushback against his (club decided) lack of presence on here! Now Jerry Tocknell. About 1 a year or maybe a bit less on average if Lemar and Baker were joint at one point- nuts! I think that's everyone...
  11. Well yes- 2 sides on the pitch after all! Would also say the rise in counterattacking game in modern football plays a role too, in addition to what you suggest plays a part. Number of factors basically.
  12. The control and baseline performance levels though are often down on 2017/18 for sure, this started last season and has continued now- yet I'm not so worried about the home form this time around either.
  13. Home form still needs a bit of work IMO- or performances. I think as players return from injury and we keep ticking along, we need to build from a position of strength and to continually do so- would not mind something like: Back 4 and Bentley Brownhill Nagy Massengo Palmer O'Dowda Weimann Control- A pretty centrally top heavy shape. The ability to drift inside and stay drifting inside as per O'Dowda. Flexibility- O'Dowda can pull wider to help out a bit defensively in his other role, Brownhill can pull wide right and Weimann's high pressing can buy time. Fluidity- well look at the football on paper. Balance and workload- 3 would immediately bolster the centre of the park, would significantly reduce the risk of burnout. The balance would come because of that 3, instead of say Palmer or before him Paterson ahead of them in the centre of a '3'. This might help moving forwards. Always build from a position of strength I reckon.
  14. Misleading though as we've only played 7. Extrapolated over 8, well I'll have a look now- adjusted and extrapolated then it's different- we'd have another point or 2. Swansea with a game more are 12th in the Home League table, Nottingham Forest are 13th and just one point ahead at home. Leeds won their first 4 away games in pretty dominant style yet at home couldn't finish sides- it's that sort of division in some ways! Oh and West Brom are 9th in the home form table- you know WBA who have lost once all season, top of the table and score reasonably freely- a massive one point above us.
  15. Sometimes one to emerge from the pack. Fulham in 2017/18 taking it to the last day from nowhere the obvious one. Last season though it was slightly different, Sheffield United had standard top 6 contention of 38 points from 23 games- looked a lot like it'd be Leeds and Norwich, with WBA the next realistic challengers- 9 and 10 points off the top, still haviung to go away to the top 3. They did it though, got 2nd and in contention for the title until the final day!
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