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  1. When will it be decided as to whether Cardiff have to pay up the outstanding transfer fee? That's ongoing I believe but post news of a hearing at the CAS being due, it's been silent in that regard.
  2. Will post the Sunday Times ratings later. From memory, Bakinson got a 7!? Unusual!
  3. Just re-read that side. Yes no protection for Tanner definitely. Bakinson and James, well the latter is fine but I can see depending on how Nottingham Forest setup that being bypassed, outmanouvered whatever. The left side looks acceptable tactically speaking. Scott behind the striker? Always thought he was a wider player, no real issue with giving Martin a rest though.
  4. That side could have been interesting although I wonder if Martin needs a rest. Vyner and Tanner can also double up on the right out of possession, although the obvious risk then of 2 v 1 on the left (ie Bournemouth's right), look to overload DaSilva. Quick switch of play and you can pin DaSilva in, not only negating us attacking wise but isolating those higher up the pitch. Not Simpson in a back 3 though. Vyner due to his age and ability to go in and out ie RB and CB.
  5. I'd have liked us to have kept Paterson if possible. He's good technically and has good versatility. Sooner him than Palmer eg As for other bits. 2 vs 3 in CM will generally see a side overrun, especially vs a superior side. I can understand the reservations about Bakinson but Wells for Williams just solidified Bournemouth's advantage in this area IMO. King I don't think was supposed to have played as much as he has by now. He's done okay but I saw him as more of a squad player when signed. James has done fine but we really need a consistent run of him alongside Massengo and Williams I think. That feels like our optimum midfield. Lack of goals perhaps the big question.
  6. What @Hxj said a while ago rings true- Forest fans of late anyway, make my approach in some respects to Derby look fairly light hearted- a few posts off their forum lately. Despite the selective vision a few on DCFCFans have I don't want them to go under. I want them to suffer, absolutely I do, but going under a step too far. I have suggested in anger that I would, or certain other things that I regret and indeed in response to some of the village idiots who frequent DCFCFans- not all but a % fit that description- but deep down, nah suffering is acceptable. The last page of that thread makes for funny reading. https://www.forestforum.co.uk/threads/44511-The-demise-of-Wayne-Rooney-s-D***y-County-(in-Administration)/page611 DCFCFans should have a byline as you go onto the site... "Welcome to DCFCFans- if you are from a local village, you maybe in luck- as we know in Derbyshire, 5 or 6 appear to be missing their idiots, including the home of the administrator/head of the site". Well a bit less clunky but something to work with.
  7. He did in a sense- arguably in 2018 as well when holding onto Flint, Bryan and Reid despite interest, by which I mean Jan 2018 but by the summer we had to sell to trade freely or perhaps even avoid falling foul. In 2007/08, we could have shelled out £10-20m in January if SL had been able to do so and we probably go up- see Stoke albeit they are basically backed by Bet365.
  8. Thanks- had only read it quickly and not properly tbh, that's a good point. It's interesting insight but still leaves a few unanswered questions. Wages are a key but by no means the sole running cost of a club. I previously read that they had enough cash to last until January, seems pretty unclear in any case. See no reason why not, though my preferred solution would be to have it 'bite' at the time that it takes most effect. Application at the earliest opportunity should hole their survival in the Championship chances below the waterline but.. can't be bothered to get a flowchart up... If Derby stay up by less than 9 pts then you add it in May- down you go! If Derby go down then you place it in League One- down to the bottom of League One you go! If Derby stay up by in excess of 9 pts, then you add it to the start of 2022/23- in other words you start on -9 and under the EFL business plan that's part of the package. If stay up by 9 pts, then which season would depend on whether they go down on GD. Always believed that points deductions should apply at the time they have most effect, but probably my scenario wouldn't be possible- so it and along with Reading's, should be added at the earliest opportunity.
  9. Good argument for that- I would suggest 2007/08 might have been the opportune time, in particular the January window. Then again a few what if's and if only moments even with what we had can kick in- say for example a fully fit Brooker in 2008/09 or even 2007/08 onwards- but take 2008/09, would a fit and firing Brooker and Maynard pair have been very difficult to handle? Should we have looked to have gone a more fluid 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 a bit like the playoff season but built on with the new personnel? A similar base but add in Williams and Maynard, maybe with Noble- and talking of Noble, a more in shape Noble could have been a strong asset for some time. I dunno...a few scenarios. Elliott (Johnson) Skuse Sproule Noble (Williams) McIndoe Maynard (Brooker, Trundle) Or... Elliott (Johnson) Williams Skuse (Noble) Sproule Brooker Maynard (Trundle) That's a fluid 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 respectively. Wide forwards with Brooker more central or McIndoe and Sproule pushed high with Maynard central but Sproule of course able to come in and run at central defence with his pace and Maynard able to pull wider to replace him there...Noble able to slot between the CM 3 and supporting the attack in-game, maybe Williams too but less memories of him. I digress- back to the highlighted bit, yes rolling the dice in Jan 2008 may well have done the trick. It's a massive counterfactual however- could have led to a better place or to a significantly worse one- see Bradford, Coventry, Portsmouth etc.
  10. Wells was a very good player at QPR, movement etc- and a healthy goal return although the setup and movement of the squad surely helped- that said if Wells or Vydra, back in Jan 2020 I would have preferred the latter. Paterson, although some of his contributions by which I mean goals or assists were in a losing cause, has a useful record so far this season- Goals 4, assists 3- yes today skewed it a bit but more than satisfactory in 11 starts with 1 sub appearance. Stats can of course mislead but just think he could have contributed usefully.
  11. Check the appearance record of Williams at his previous clubs- he's only been injury prone since he moved here!
  12. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/16446073/efl-derby-administrators-prove-complete-season/ Now isn't this supposed to be done back in the summer/August? As in proof of funds to start the season...why did the EFL not take a bigger stand at that time? However it seems like it is in accordance with the regulations so the club or fans can have no cause for complaint. I might also add that the devil is in the detail a bit, eg is this £13.5m just wages or total running costs, applicable to the club accounts only or to the consolidated- because the club will gain or will have gained revenue from the subsidiaries of the consolidated accounts- namely Club DCFC, Stadia DCFC- DCFC Academy Limited has costs but does it directly bring in revenue?
  13. I believe a few on the Derby forum have jumped the shark tbh. One sage suggested that Kieran Maguire and his input is less than trustworthy because he is...you'll laugh I expect- a stooge for the EFL!? One also claimed that the EFL might kill Derby off as a final vindictive act, although I apologise if it's out of context. Derby's position is largely the result of their own actions and therefore the actions that may or may not occur are largely down their actions as a club. If their club goes down, it's mostly a result of the actions that Mel took. Additionally saw a bit which I haven't been able to find or looked for in great depth which suggested Rooney asked if the EFL have an agenda against Derby or asked if off field disputes are reflected in on field decisions.
  14. The parachute payments bit. Have a lot of sympathy with the point, but that alone doesn't explain even if we had lost, just how the gulf was so big yesterday. Big fish such as Hull and Peterborough drew 0-0 at home to them, yes they will have been on the back foot surely but surely not as hugely. At Dean Court, Bournemouth appear not to have been so dominant, performance wise. Possibly some fortunate results, some competitive games certainly. Luton and QPR two examples, lost but not thrashed or played off the park. Think Blackpool pulled it back from 2 down, don't think that any of them have significantly greater resources etc.
  15. Do they retain many? Some but many? That's not to disagree with a lot of your post but... *Ramsdale- X *Begovic- X *Ake- X *Rico- X *Danjuma- X *Fraser- X *Wilson- X *King- X *Defoe- X Brooks of course has his health issues, all the best to him. Then you have fringe but nonetheless players who featured namely Arter, Francis, Gosling, Surman to name a few. There is a good argument to say that they and potentially Watford man for man shouldn't have gone down in the first place but although there is a major financial advantage, they have also shed quite a few of their PL assets. In fact their squad is quite thin in places depth wise so I'm a bit surprised at just how well they're doing but otoh Parker is significantly, perhaps a hell of a lot better than Tindall or Woodgate.
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