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  1. Not at all- just don't appreciate being bounced into something. I still take steps that entail significant personal responsibility about Covid but not up to the Vaccine/Vaccine Passport. If hectored, why should I bother- plenty don't bother with twice weekly LFTs I expect. If you've been double jabbed, what are you scared of exactly.
  2. The irony of course, is that people who preach at me about Vaccines etc- @lenred a good example- this is my personal stance but who knows if it's a thing, makes me less inclined to take the responsible steps I do take short of vaccine- not unlawful ones of course but much less inclined to be as voluntarily diligent as I am now... Good example. If someone chooses to stop doing Lateral Flow Tests if they can, then the chances of being obliged to self isolate fall notably. Only if the person has symptoms or is contacted by Test and Trace will that kick in.
  3. Can't argue with that, staggered entry and leaving times maybe worth a look still- of course bits about transport to and from games are an argument in favour, masks and proper ventilation on e.g. buses would help with this. Like to think so, but...it could suit some in the Government to have enhanced monitoring for longer let's say. Yeah, sports venues and nightclubs can differ, but suppose the flipside of that is nightclubs mostly have a much younger average age attending- which can significantly reduce the risk of getting it seriously.
  4. Not that important in the grand scheme probably, could just be a reflection of motivated voters on one side or the other of course but- saw it on Twitter. That said- his LinkedIn poll showed a different picture apparently.
  5. The amusing thing is, Morris- through his financial antics and stupid hiring and firing, along with his CEO lackey and his Accounting cronies- has put them in the position that they are in. Yet you wouldn't know it from the substantial minority who blame the EFL- delusions run deep in Derby clearly.
  6. Of couese not on the scrapheap, saw a figure that said it was lower but that maybe out of date. A constructive response this though, for sure a debate to be had. Personally speaking, again extrapolation yes I know, Covid has hit me more significantly economically than health wise but clearly there has been a serious Pandemic. Saw an interesting bit in Sunday Times that compared Covid to the 1890 Russian Flu as opposed to the 1918 one, based on the figures listed something between the two. Maybe it was the Co-morbidities linked deaths I was thinking of. Will research in some depth later, I still take significant precautions and act responsibly, I just doubt the need for Vaccination Passports. Falling cases is great news too.
  7. The obsessives or whatever are those who wish to impose Vaccine Passports which as an aside I assume you are pro. Clearly those who choose to take a Vaccine aren't obsessive. While I am sorry for your situation, it feels like you are extrapolating a bit, cherry picking. Which question did I miss anyway.
  8. Big variation by age group- saw the Sunday Times and it showed, and intriguingly though still huge, over 80's had a lower % of uptake than the 3 below them. Still 93% (think the one below qas 97% and the two below were 95%), whereas I think under 30's was about 65%. Actually surprised that 7% of over 80's aren't all-in! Intriguingly, regional differences too- 99% of under 30's in Richmondshire (North Yorkshire) whereas only about 44% in Birmingham! Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but it also perhaps presupposes that those who don't take Vaccinations are not still highly responsible in other ways. Such as compliance with all but the idea of Vaccination Passports. I just don't see the need for them tbh.
  9. Wrong word by me, someone who believes there is no alternative to being double jabbed. Obsessive perhaps a better word.
  10. What are some of these Vaccine obsessives afraid of exactly? We're at the beginning of the end of Covid as a serious problem IMO, it'll fade away to something flu like or fairly moderate I reckon. Double jabbed should be ample protection. How many under 50 have died of it in the UK? About 500 tops, and that's a guess by me- likely less. Not that I would so much as even be open to condoning it but I wonder if we will see Wembley like scenes ie for the final at Nightclubs and specifically Sports Venues around the country if it comes in.
  11. Thanks, I'll have a read of it and do further research in due course.
  12. Thanks, I'll look into it further at some point- while since I've looked into it much...the infertility e.g. I don't believe, the NHS Nuremburg thing is clearly crazy but I wonder if effects might not materialise down the track. Hope not- now the Valneva is from what I remember due to be a more regular technology? More frequently used- whether it'll be available in the UK who knows but...
  13. Though there's an argument that we failed to get the best out of multiple as well, then there was bad luck with injuries with a number of others who could at least have been passable cover/depth/squad players. Some are still here and of an age where time is on their side- no doubt there were bad signings too and our hit rate was too low.
  14. Maybe it's different here but one site I read suggested 10-15 years- will re-read it, see if I've misread. Could have had an American bias, Clearly if money behind it, and if certain red tape can be removed that can shorten it, all the eggs in the Covid vaccines as opposed to the usual range of work- but there's always a valid element of doubt and debate when done at speed- and when I say valid doubt the NHS Nuremberg thing in London was clearly a nonsense.
  15. They usually take 5 years before they get approval- clearly 5 years cannot be done in this scenario but any short circuiting brings about an increased risk. Conspiracy? No- possibility? Yes. Sound Scientific reasons behind the objection to twice weekly LFTs and as a further alternative, proof of Antibody Tests for those who are worried about Long term Health effects? Seems odd this vaccine or bust movement.
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