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  1. Some on the Derby forum- DCFC (Dopey Cockeyed Fuckwitted Clowns) Fans complaining about some vitriol on here is rich considering some of the shite and tirade of abuse at the EFL and a range of others on their site for the last 2.5 years. The most cretinous and objectionable fans at this level without a doubt as far as these matters go, for consistent Championship clubs...maybe I'll go to Derby v Wycombe away next season if it doesn't clash, combine it with a trip up North to see Northern mate.
  2. You are right but reading some of the takes since the charges in Jan 2020, perhaps as far back as the stadium sale was announced in April 2019 and varied stages in between...should we be? The word some is an important one here though- I suppose many clubs have an outsized minority who are vocal- Clowes probably will do them some good based on bits I've read, should be a different profile of target etc for a while.
  3. Well this is it. Could have arranged or offered some kind of multi-year payment plan, perhaps with a portion of cash from the club as a partial guarantee each year, ring-fenced, taken the P&S deduction and Business Plan and stayed up as you say. Plenty left in Jan 2022, young diamonds for sure. Agreed- excellent job and it looked on at various stages. Agreed- he really has and another thing to mention is that in the mini Parliamentary debate on Derby this week- a few MPs queried the Sports Minister- fairly sure the name "Mel Morris" didn't cross their collective lips once. He is ultimately to blame- on varying levels below but he is ultimately to blame...would have to re-read it. I do hope the "Professional Standing" reg is still applicable- certainly should be or "Permitted Players" at minimum as per the Business Plan for Reading and to a lesser extent Derby last season. Chester, Hourihane, Barkhuizen and Mendez-Laing all linked...how many of them if any would fit a Business Plan that is suitable for the circs I don't know- certainly not Hourihane and perhaps 2 of the others? Free agents though they are, unsure any seem appropriate.
  4. Should probably also add that this is the third time in not much longer than a generation that Derby have had an Insolvency Event of some kind...some prolifigate owners clearly. This, 2002 or 2003 in and out of admin briefly and 1984. 3 Insolvency Events in a shade under 40 years.
  5. Ha I said I wouldn't quote DCFCFans anymore but sometimes you just gotta... YaniP- he appears to have been playing "pass the brain cell" or lost it, dropped it or something- forgotten his meds I expect- for him to talk about idiocy or morons given the cognitive dissonance on that site in some time, the conspiracy theory whining really is funny. Actual cogent post not that I agree with all of it from Gee Screamer though, has he remembered to take his tablets today or something- or maybe he's laying off the booze for a change. Yes if Derby had paid their creditors then we wouldn't be having this discussion- the P&S/FFP bit would have been a fail either IRL or likely to 2020/21. As for Gibson and Couhig, the EFL won a hard won victory and that gave those two the platform to make their claim in a sense.
  6. Oh yes in a football context I meant- well I dunno, the EFL Insolvency Policy seems to it would appear classify HMRC and Unsecured Creditors as one and the same although none of us have seen it. Granted none of us know what % is being paid- either now or over time. Could be high- we don't know do we.
  7. Well, a percentage on your forum are very ill-informed, ignorant and arrogant or have been about these matters. Anyway it's a small price for being on the side of right- some of the stuff last year was hilarious- some of the stuff for 2.5 years has been hilarious! Not as sad as a thread last August "Has the Embargo been lifted"! What a daft one that was. Progress to a Business Plan perhaps but as to the question fully lifted, well the thread was made on 6th July 2021- well Father Dick Byrne has the answer... In all reality, justice done kinda- what with the -12, FFP sorted- relegation and the accompanying Embargo/Business Plan. From a footballing perspective boxes ticked.
  8. Remember Derby MPs have been having a good moan- maybe fans of other law abiding clubs should lobby their MPs to lobby HMRC about disclosure or precedents.
  9. I'm not disappointed Derby have survived just so long as the EFL cut them no slack moving forward- ie uphold the rules as the rules need to be upheld.
  10. Are Derby fans forgetting about Couhig so soon- don't think he's gone away, nor will he. Unless Clowes has already done the decent thing- or the expedient thing- and settled on some level.
  11. Well I didn't think they would go bankrupt though I am glad they have suffered. I was pondering the other day whether it would change their fans much but I doubt it- in certain aspects ie EFL regs and so forth, the most arrogant, know-nothing fanbase I have seen at this level- I am not including those who are largely PL just down for a while but consistently Championship based clubs. Clowes seems decent from early bits and what I've read- they don't deserve him I expect a sizeable minority of their entitled fans. Wish I'd gone to Pride Park in April but there's still time- maybe next season if I see my mate up North. Get that writ in Mr. Couhig unless the claim has already been settled. Key q too is what % to HMRC...public money is public money after all.
  12. That may well be true- and is a perfectly valid regulatory position to hold, although Stoke are in no position to preach on one level... £30m in Covid "Impairment" in 2019/20 alone. £11m in Player Sale add-backs for 2020/21- indeed this bit could set a precedent as we are arguing this exact thing that as a result of Covid we can add-back lost player sale profits...no indication that the EFL have approved this method yet btw. Parachute Payments are the big factor here- but cannot have one rule for Stoke and one for the other 23- if we get penalised I trust Mr. Lansdown will be pointing the finger at Stoke, indeed he should already be onto the EFL I would say. As should other clubs- the £30m Impairment feels a nonsense, simply insist on it straight line for FFP purposes and let the chips fall where they may. As for hypothetical Player Sale add-backs, you either approve some or none. Oh and £32m Profit on the stadium and training ground combined- I have questions about the info for the stadium deal on the Land Registry vs claimed date in the accounts, see also Sheffield Wednesday and Hillsborough- similarities albeit different. Somewhat important as the EFL regulation in q not only excludes profit on fixed assets effective from the 2021/22 season but the accounting reference period covering that season. Devil and detail. I should add, this £30m and £11m in particular is in the context of the EFL's club voted limit on a £5m Covid allowance for 2019/20, the same for 2020/21 and £2.5m for the season just gone. My favoured FFP related solution to Stoke's manouvres would be: If player transfer add-back profits not permitted, add the £11m back to the losses or remove them from the deductions- adding £11m in 2 seasons to the Covid period, thereby an average of £5.5m. As for the £30m in Impairment, we can a) Add back the £30m to Covid losses and account for it there and then- £15m it would be averaged, or spread it over the term of contract for each player impaired, up until expiry or disposal- no small job the latter. If that puts them in breach of FFP then charge them or offer a settlement.
  13. Thanks Dave- sold on the day itself...would have thought the combined Covid season would be T-1 then and T-2 going into next season. Burnley and Leeds dropped their cases btw it would seem- Kieran Maguire reckons that the profit on Richarlison via the Esk was £32m IIRC. I am assuming that the Richarlison profit got them over the line although their £170m in Covid losses is a total joke.
  14. As for Chinese ownership and the concentration in the Midlands from about 2015 onwards...HS2? Some kinda investment opportunities maybe,.
  15. Reading another one Chinese owned I believe- that's going well isn't it! Wolves are the only reasonable success story to date.
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