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  1. Nottingham Forest Basically they were under an embargo for 2-3 years on and off which helped to stabilise the finances- this was under the old system which didn't have deductions but open ended embargoes until the club had rectified if they stayed down which gave a club a very strong incentive to fix FFP and do so correctly if they were unsuccessful wuth promotion. Then the system changed old to new AND they became quite good at cashing in on youth products. Pushed FFP to the limit- who knows in the fullness of time what proper analysis of their accounts to 2022 will show, they put in for £28m in 3 years in Covid addbacks and claims iirc which could surely in the fullness of time be challenged or amended by the EFL for FFP purposes- remember though they were rather good at sales, especially youth players as I say which on disposal is pure profit. Cooper came in, strong loanees- something just clicked and they surged last season- Cup run helped too IMO, beating Arsenal and Leicester will have put confidence up further- perfect storm, struck while iron was hot. That Carvalho 'sale' to Olympiakos in January however...would be very interesting to see what that was- could it have kept them the right side of FFP?
  2. Although importantly they neglected to retain a number of loanees or out of contract players- or were unable to, importantly in the case of Fredericks and Targett...probably 2-3 others who were quite important in how the squad was set up.
  3. That season begun on September 12th iirc owing to Covid or the weekend of it anyway. Regardless, in a City specific context- we got 2 penalties 1st 9 games and conceded 1. Therefore, from start of 2020/21 to present in the League, 3 for and 16 against. Healthier ratio sure but still 5.33:1. I'd wager we are still quite poorly served...conceding 1 every 6 games, gaining 1 every 32 in that timeframe.
  4. I was in London recently with a couple of friends and in or near Earls Court, Olympia way we got a family room- 3 separate beds, £44 per head per night...not bad, inclusive of breakfast (okay continental granted) and free wi-fi. Nice enough place too. Found the name- Mowbray Court Hotel. Dunno if that's a bit far- also dunno if (my friend did the booking) if it's always that affordable or was some special deal. Few minutes walk from Earls Court Tube Station too.
  5. We also got one- one that was deemed soft in a match report in the Times - v Swansea at home in 2020/21.
  6. Fwiw I suspect that we are below the average for output and xP (expected Penalties- yes I probably made it up that term) over the period -remember all those games, 1 shot on target etc- but not 14 fold! On the other hand, we certainly have conceded a few in the same time period- about to double check now...when I say conceded, some were missed or saved but awarded against. I make it 15. That is from 1st November 2020 to present, 1 penalty in the League for and 15 penalties in the League against.
  7. Law of averages, plus the undoubted improvement last season post Semenyo return should yield a better return than we have had. I agree that you're not going to et all of those that were turned down- but to get none of the turned down claims over 21 and a half months?? When we were in our handful of shots combined with less possession phase totally get it, but and I'm not fully sold on any we've had turned down this season fwiw but last season a good few were- then the other side of the coin how many against in that period.
  8. Bournemouth away rings a bell too- or was that a bad one against, back in April? Although on the flip side, some of the top sides in the division last season relative to their dominance didn't get as many as expected probably.,
  9. This is good because as well as injuries, suspensions, transfer bids as mentioned by @Alessandro quite simply healthy competition drives- or should drive- standards, Knowing that if your level drops a bit there are proven and or in form players, or hungry players who will take your place...excellent problem to have.,
  10. Believe it to be 1 in 85 games now in the League. Put in a different way, 1st November 2020 to most recent game- 16th August 2022 v Luton, 1 penalty in the League. No, apologies- got that stat wrong as I surely have...1 in 85 is crazy! Just checked and it's 1 in 87!!
  11. Great for him, first League goal at AG- is it his first in the League too? Definitely been a worthy starter last 3.
  12. I could see some merit to it, wondered it myself but otoh vs stronger opposition, away from home- there is also a case for the experience and attributes of Martin. Certain games though I think that could be very exciting.
  13. We'd played so well, it was important to get over the line. We did so with a minimum of fuss or drama- job done, especially with our record this season of throwing away leads and refs decisions helping to undo us- clean sheet should also be good for morale.
  14. Up until the red card, as others mentioned after the 1st few minutes we took control again- we were excellent, it took the red card combined with the reprieve for Freeman and the non penalty to even make a game of it. Which Luton failed to do as I thought we were quite comfortable for that period, but it was encouraging even at 2 up to see us reassert ourselves after HT when 11 v 11.
  15. Quite fair although I would say also that a different- be it more experienced, better or different tactically, better man manager may well have got more out of a number of them when the financial picture was still decent, than LJ or Holden did. Some of course were ill-fitting or a total loss- but some I doubt we saw the best of.
  16. Thought I would have a quick extrapolation from the numbers and guesstimates I did the other day. Stoke City Holdings- starting point, possible £18m FFP profit Areas of swing back into the red... FFP loss inclusive of Covid allowance £4,966,000. Unknowns. Are FFP exclusions still the same, and in which year does the onerous contract provision apply? Big caveat too- this is assuming that their ridiculous Covid write-downs and add-backs are accepted in full and without question!
  17. I don't want to sound pessimistic and overall I am not- I think we will stay up and keep minimum one of Weimann and Semenyo but anyway... There is potentially one worrying parallel with that season although still early. As I recall in the first 3 months probably of 2012/13 we had little problem with scoring goals...occasionally too we would score 3s and 4s later in the season- the defence?? The departure after initial impact of the loanee Danns- none of that helped. From memory in that 1st 3 months... 4 vs Crystal Palace 4 vs Cardiff 3 vs Blackburn 2 vs Watford 2 vs Peterborough 2 vs Leeds 2 vs Bolton 3 vs Burnley Have I missed any- yet numbers 3 and 4 were at home- at home and we lost both. Edit: Also lost to Leeds- 10 sorry 8 goals for in 3 home games and zero points??
  18. That's fair- perhaps I should've worded it a bit differently, a switch in formation to accommodate- a more pragmatic shape in that year 1. He couldn't or wouldn't change his shape but had we got Maguire and one of Gray/Gayle perhaps he wouldn't have needed to. Fredericks was a strange one, signed then gone within a few weeks yet clearly a decent player!
  19. Very good post by Dave- and never mind the fees for a mo, or even the wages- yes significant- but the churn is ridiculous. The churn of players is no way to build a side- and is costly financially too. In respect of Cotts- yes we ultimately started the season with a weaker side than we came up with and that's fairly unforgivable BUT otoh, had he been more patient and accepted a year of perhaps transition and stability in 2015/16, then he and not LJ would probably have reaped the rewards of the higher revenue streams that were coming in 2016/17 and the greater flexibility FFP wise. He made mistakes too.
  20. Ohhh- and 1 bit I never noticed in their accounts before- dunno if pertains to 2020/21 or beyond. As in would that be included in expenses for 2020/21 or beyond- I know it helps to frontload costs but for which specific year.
  21. Stoke I look periodically at them and their position and have made some best guesses/estimates. I would say that their combined average loss after Covid and FFP allowances Covid period is £12m and maybe £6m in 2018/19. Some key metrics from 2020/21 and this can form a bit of a basis for trying to work out 2021/22 and perhaps beyond...some of these are best guesses, some are media claims. Might try and make it more user friendly, better layout later- graph, spreadsheet whatever. If all allowed to stand, that could be an FFP profit for the year of £18m. I am taking some best estimates- e.g. I think their turnover will be closer to £30m than £25m, and that their amortisation closer to £5m rather than £6m. Plus am assuming that the EFL count and accept all of their add-backs etc. If anyone wants to calculate the swings plus obviously add their own numbers and such, it'd save me a job!
  22. Although unsure about Birmingham or indeed Sheffield Wednesday- the latter got halved at the LAP for some opaque reasoning however, possibly linked to the EFL handling things badly in 2018.
  23. I largely agree with this but will play Devil's Advocate a little. Can we not tap Leicester for some favours in the loan market? NP yes I know he was sacked but he should be highly thought of there,. Secondly, Stoke this and last season despite seemingly being up against it FFP wise seem to have no such problem with PL and the odd foreign loanee. See also Nottingham Forest last year- thought their FFP position coming into 2021/22 was not dissimilar to ours and perhaps a bit worse. Then they signed varied loanees, sacked one manager, paid some compensation for Cooper I believe. Reading's loanees for their financial position have been off the charts.
  24. Yeah couldn't necessarily begrudge Weimann it- it would be his last shot at a big move, he works so hard and across this and last season has become really prolific- assists too, energy, self-sacrifice- list goes on. Would be a major blow without a doubt though, last thing we need.
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