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  1. Definitely- think it was maybe you who said it- compromises in positions, but right sided forward seems a good way forward...dynamic and powerful combined with movement? I just fear injury has wrecked him a bit- he missed half a season in 2019/20 then there was a decent missed chunk of last year- hope I'm wrong and at 23 time is very much on his side but to get two successive major injury layoffs can damage a player in the medium term, if not long term. Hard to explain it but my thinking- is there a technical term for it, RW not necessarily but not central as such either- because his work and energy when out of possession to help Tanner would definitely be of use or the 2 v 1 becomes a real risk- somewhere between RW and RF? Tomorrow though, I do concur with your post earlier in the week that Semenyo and Weimann as a pair could be interesting- and useful.
  2. As for the striker bit, granted it's only the goals and little bits before but Wells looks quite mobile at QPR! That version was, and he scored a variety of types of goals too. I'm not suggesting that he is or was my first choice but something has gone badly wrong here this season for him? That said Osayi-Samuel, Eze, Chair...full of creativity in and around him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auwu9ET1IqA
  3. I mean...fully fit side and we could start to work towards it- and I mean fully fit first choice, 1st 18...let the injuries or similar be those who fall outside the 1st XI and top subs. I think DaSilva in terms of technical ability our best LB but seems not to be the same post injury. A number of the subs are for versatility purposes. Although I do err on the side of caution a bit with youth- Scott is surely ahead of Benarous at this stage. That was my initial thoughts but DaSilva- very much doubt the injuries have helped him. I think from a technical ability POV he's our best LB. Some kind of loose front 3 of Scott-Weimann-Semenyo maybe- that would have a lot of energy and Scott unlike at WB, would still be able to help out Tanner but in a more natural position. Weimann as a wide right type striker, Semenyo wide left has a certain symmetry as well...O'Dowda has come into a bit of better form now too though...what's our most suited 4-3-3 shape when all fit? Atkinson of course would be better at carrying the ball etc than Baker although still developing of course.
  4. Of course. Easy win as you say. I know my audience! Yeah...they love me! Derby away- I wonder if our trip there could be the game that relegates them...timing of the season vs deduction it's not impossible? NP might hope so given his short-lived and unhappy time there.. Edit just checked- 23rd April 2022. On topic, their administrators have said they hope to sell by late January, as they've said for some time now. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11696/12485472/derby-county-administrators-hope-to-sell-club-in-january-2022
  5. Feared it wouldn't be a quick return. Terrible luck- a player with 70-80% average availability per season at his prior 3 clubs, we appear to have broke him! Still it's nothing new for us in recent times, injuries that are medium to long term...
  6. Well it is playing out to some extent as expected? Certainly don't hope Derby go bust but at the same time, discounts from HMRC debt- especially post Covid and the massive tax bills, plus HMRC have had their status upgraded- they need all the tax they can get! Something is better than nothing but precedents could also be dangerous... Payment over time- £3m x 10 years plus existing tax obligations or £6m in 5 years plus existing HMRC obligations seems a possible deal? I touched upon the political side from time to time. MPs Margaret Beckett has reportedly called on HMRC to show leniency or similar. I assume Derby and Derbyshire MPs will have something to say? https://theathletic.com/news/derby-mp-calls-for-hmrc-to-be-lenient-as-she-warns-of-disastrous-outcome/g3qNhnPf3yg6/ Now I don't know if this is one and the same Melvyn Morris- could be a different Melvyn Morris in Derbyshire, but... I knew about it a while ago and tbh as far as donations go it doesn't appear to be particularly a) Large or b) Regular but unless it's a different Mel Morris in Derbyshire? https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmregmem/170707/170707.pdf Whether a £10k donation as a one off would hold much sway is debatable but people don't donate to political parties for no real reason. Size of donation and non recurring...doesn't appear to have been regular put it that way.
  7. I mean, it could be either way tbh- the Business Plan Reading are currently under as part of their punishment/Agreed Decision includes all wage costs. Whether Carroll was done just in time who knows but the EFL wouldn't let- or shouldn't let- even prior to the arrangement any deal go through that exceeds the £13m loss target etc. Reading owner owned a Belgian and a Chinese club IIRC...both have now gone bust. Possibly but also possible that Reading and Chelsea just have some prior unexplained relationship- Gourlay was CEO at both for example. He was generally seen as disastrous at Reading...definitely they need to look at some kind of reform though, Reading are benefitting majorly from this.
  8. I like the idea of Semenyo and Weimann up front especially- but that could be our best bet in general Saturday. A good point is that out of possession too, it can become a bit of a 4-4-1-1/4-5-1...ie Weimann behind Semenyo or vice versa or Scott moving inside, with Semenyo wide right, O'Dowda wide left and Weimann in the middle. I have always thought Semenyo and Weimann as a combination to be potentially exciting at times...Semenyo young and something different and we all know how hard Weimann can work, plus the versatility he has.
  9. Might vary- the amortisation is the non-cash expense bit and that's relevant for FFP, the installments bit- well Derby to take an example e.g. owe some for Bielik and Jozwiak- payment up front would prevent such issues and might force a bit of rationality on clubs but I dunno, not entirely comfortable with all transfers have to be paid for up front. Positives and negatives to all of it tbh. I pick on Derby but tbh pretty sure all clubs- outside of Non League- will have transfer debtors and creditors. It could be a good idea, but it could also further erode competitive balance. If your club are owned by a guy with more money than sense who just is happy to pour it in, let alone a sovereign state then they can just pile up the full fee up front- those clubs who are run more along business lines are then penalised. Then again it disincentivises aspects of risky behaviour but at what cost to competition? It's a hard one IMO.
  10. FA golden share should block that tbh. Independent Regulator might also supersede such risks.
  11. From the little I read, it could be plausible- I stress the word could. EFL have to approve each signing basically, and it was basically suggested that a 10 week contract for Carroll- was it 8 or 10, don't recall- was all that they could stretch to in terms of their remaining headroom- on that salary. You'd hope that if the EFL have to approve signings that they- the EFL- wouldn't let a club exceed the remaining FFP headroom thereby putting them in breach again! IF they move some high earners out in Jan, then they might be able to extend his deal.
  12. Bit of Stoke, one or two interesting posts on their forum. The numbers that we have in the public domain don't look wildly comfortable FFP wise let's say...I wonder the stadium has been sold as well as the Impairment trick? Land Registry seemed not to have updated since early June 2021...To caveat, Stoke are not on the Embargo list so in theory...would be strange if they were falling foul but but not under embargo? I would hope fwiw that the Impairment is still under active investigation, using real data and comparable evidence etc. As in "Signed off okay...for now, not forever". See also Derby and Sheffield Wednesday. However it doesn't sound like it's an FFP settlement? Interesting to see how this will play out. I seem to recall that Percy stated something about a sale and leaseback in late May 2021- but as we know such transactions cannot be backdated and anything after the reporting period would/should be excluded from P&S calcs. Here we go, the evening of 27th May 2021- Stoke's (as far as public domain goes) Reporting Period runs to 31st May 2021...as we know from the SWFC case, backdating is not permitted and as we know from the change of regs, as I said the profit would be excluded if sold in this season. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/05/27/stoke-city-could-forced-sell-stadium-avoid-breaching-financial/
  13. Yeah looking back now- a poor decision, as we discussed before. What was the fee in the end, £15m? Obviously the impact of the profit added to the prior profit and like the losses, that averaged due to Covid but would sure come in handy now- even for a couple of loans eg. Although there was/is something about Future Financial Information or requirements for future reporting being lower if a profit posted IIRC but at the same time, it would have been better now tbh! Our FFP wouldn't have been affected for the worse at that time.
  14. The posts by @Harry on recruitment etc are of course interesting and detailed and a good read but perhaps at times there is a bit of tunnel vision That might not be entirely the right turn of phrase but he never mentions e.g. foreign players- and their increasing number at this level. In the last few seasons there have been plenty of bargains or relative bargains to be had, admittedly perhaps not so much post Brexit, in that market. Tunnel vision the wrong term but do your posts or similar on your preferred approach risk fishing in too small a pool? As to the recruitment bits, Brentford...they are quite heavy on the data and analytics front but of course by no means is it solely that. Can list a range of players who have come from abroad in recent times to Championship clubs with good success...would his approach factor in any of these? Excluding ones pumped up by Parachute Payments at times of course, subject to fee and wages. @Davefevs I think some of those RBs were reasonable tbh- some were not of course and 11 in 5 or 6 years is terrible churn! Fredericks has gone on to have a reasonable career, thought Pisano had his good points and bad points, Pereira and Hunt had their uses- again good and bad, Bennett- was he under Cotts or am I thinking of someone else? If under Cotts, more of an RWB as the back 3 thing. Matthews first loan was impressive, second was awful- Fulham at home in February 2017 sticks in the mind.
  15. Watching back- can't recall if it was pre match press conference or post match press conference but he said that there is always a second chance- but that they need to take that chance- so I think there is a bit of carrot there for those who buy in, who really want it who might be out of favour atm.
  16. I was using the BCFC Holdings accounts as my reference point- Robins High Performance (Ha on recent form) Centre? Interested to know if it's hit the Balance Sheet yet or if the £2.8m in Depreciation was before it arrived. My basic calculation for the Tangible Fixed Assets Depreciation was to look at the BCFC Holdings Accounts and knock off the depreciation- could have missed something or double counted of course, although on the £5m for total allowables bit I also saw that on SwissRamble's calculations last season so I hope- the higher it is the better it is for us- that it is pushing towards £5m. Double checked in fact, being an asset under construction (at that time), that Depreciation is as per the Accounts before the HPC hits the Balance Sheet- I think.
  17. I had a problem with their optimism bias at times and as for the error about us being a goal up...
  18. I like to think- great post and series of posts btw, but just on the excludable costs bit though (before we come to Covid), I like to think it might be closer to £5m per season. What with the hefty depreciation of recently built/redeveloped assets. IIRC it's £1.5m per year on a Category 2 Academy alone? Then Depreciation and a little of amortisation on non Football based Intangible Assets, plus Women's Football and Community- I like to think (well hope perhaps) that it's pushing £5m per season. Agree, the splurge idea- it could have been possible in isolation for this season but the caveat would have, in technical financial terms been get promotion right now or screwed.
  19. One of the less important aspects but Sala fee hearing set to be in March. https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2021/cas-hearing-in-litigation-between-nantes-and-cardiff-over-emiliano-sala-set-for-march/
  20. Needs to be done, FFP- operating losses etc etc. Could we have recruited better? Yes. Could we have got more out of what we did recruit- also yes in varied cases IMO. Cardiff are also heading towards a downward trajectory FFP wise, or have been.
  21. Quite enjoyed the Blackburn game too- felt a lot more like the first 10-11 games.
  22. Still pretty early to say but didn't sound like any returning for Saturday based on NP on Radio Bristol.
  23. Didn't work- definitely not a wise tactical move, hoped it might work but feared it wouldn't. Not that it was the difference today. Semenyo on at 1-0 and retain some kind of shape in CM, maybe a reconfigured... Bentley Vyner Kalas Atkinson O'Dowda Massengo Bakinson Weimann Scott Semenyo Martin Far from perfect but Baker's injury would've limited the scope for substitutions- might have had a bit more natural balance? Or Scott wider right, Weimann central behind Martin.
  24. Nice to see Semenyo on. 4 forwards and 1 natural CM though...? Let's see how it goes.
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