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  1. 4:0 now not half time yet. We had scored twice by now
  2. Please excuse my ignorance here, but What relation if any is Ian to Alois (Alec) Eisentrager?
  3. Cane shouldn't be playing he's not in form..... What?
  4. Not that I think we will be in them, but 6 points cover Hudderfield in 5th to Preston in 19th!
  5. Whilst I agree with many of the previous suggestions I can add this one. Dec 28th Eastville howling gale of against us in first half and gas go in leading 1:0. At my first “away” derby in the muller road end feeling glum as most of my peers at school supported rovers (KLB Wotton Under edge) if there is anyone of that era on here. I was down at the front, my dad bless him someway behind me. An Elder red next to me says “ Cheer up cocker, we got the wind this half”. Cue Kieth Fear (twice), Trevor Taunton, and Jimmy Mann and we win 4:1 Made going back to school in Jan just that little easier.. That was the team that next season was to get to Div 1 Still have the somewhat crumpled program. A guy called Durrell played for us in that game but I don’t remember him at all.
  6. City fans loud and clear. “Drink up thy cider” guys
  7. Robins commentator states “ Bristol City have won it” Nothing can go wrong now
  8. Pring looking good today. Both defensively and in attack
  9. You ought to hear the Fulham version. Apparently the ‘Bristol’ player made a meal of the second tackle by Chalobah.
  10. HNM will play on the premier league, though I doubt it'll be with us. Absolute quality and getting better.
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