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  1. Charlton’s record is odd, most yellows by some margin but no reds either straight or two yellows?
  2. Thanks for that AR. I was at that game with my dad who is no longer with us. I remember being right at the front of the Muller Road end right in the far right hand corner. I was a bit upset at half time and an old guy said to me. “ Don’t you worry babber we’ll stuff em in the second half” interesting how things have changed pitch shocking tv picture shocking Cheese would have been sent of for the retaliation to Prince (?) Pace of the game seemed much slower More misscontrolled balls, though that might have been the wind it was blowing a bit. 21000 for a r
  3. Don't you know these things take time.
  4. How about Hannover 96. Currently in German 2nd Division not won anything for best part of 70 years. Similar population to Bristol
  5. RIP Mr Hunter Lucky to see you play for City. Saw you score too, ball, goalie, and left boot all ended up in the net. Thank you.
  6. If you can put them up. The “ and it’s Smith “ one from sky? Still send shivers down my spine
  7. Heard about this on Radio 5 today and expected to see someone comment on it on here. not seen anything so hopefully this works david potter (@davidnotharry) Tweeted: He’s here, he’s there the teabags in the air Korey Smith, Korey Smith https://t.co/sVjxRivlCc
  8. According to bbc 5 it’s Shrewsbury 0 Liverpool 0 have I missed something?
  9. My condolences to the whole Afobe family at this very difficult time.
  10. Called this because he couldn’t finish a two piece jigsaw puzzle.
  11. And pathological. To quote DB ish Bristol Rovers pathological and gasological liars
  12. Whoops they’re going to need more guy rope then sorry.
  13. Their going to need more guy rope then....
  14. Oh I think we know someone, don’t we children.. I think you’ll find Pirates are Villains as well
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