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  1. Does anyone who plays FPL know if we have a OTIB league?
  2. They’d give WSM a run for their money. Glad I saw all of them play at the gate. Albeit George was well past his best.
  3. Shame we can’t see the next comment clearly from a sag. Horse lover + Striker.
  4. Funnily enough I’m reminded of another when thinking of sags. Plaistow Patrica must be a friend of Irene.
  5. An interesting podcast on the BBC about the financial shenanigans at Notts County , remember Sven and Sol Campbell. Worth a listen. For those who don’t know the story. NCFC taken over by multi millionaire who employs a well known Manager and past it players with promise of new ground and the premier league within 5 years. Turns out to be a fraud. Sorry perhaps this is better in Dustbin Rovers thread
  6. Dangerous score line. Mind you what score isn’t for City
  7. 4:0 now not half time yet. We had scored twice by now
  8. Please excuse my ignorance here, but What relation if any is Ian to Alois (Alec) Eisentrager?
  9. Cane shouldn't be playing he's not in form..... What?
  10. Not that I think we will be in them, but 6 points cover Hudderfield in 5th to Preston in 19th!
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