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  1. Have just purchased some F DC re-sale tickets for the Academy in October. Not been this excited about a gig since forever.
  2. Sheffield Weds fans often highlighted by other clubs as having been superb as away support, both numbers and noise wise. Concur with the rest of your post.
  3. Ah gutted to hear this - Lester lived near me where I grew up in Weston, I started going to City with his step-son, Dave. Both immense characters and Lester was die hard. Debated with him the merits (and otherwise) of LJ tenure last year, I had no idea he was poorly. Used to love the post match cider in the Ship where he really would always tell it how it was! Rest well mate.
  4. Was in a pub in Weston with Dave Chidzey, a very colourful Weston city ‘lad’. Sunderland battered us. Was getting on well with the local patrons, until the goal went in and a bit of furniture was subsequently damaged. Next memory of Soren was away at Palace on a Saturday, he equalised but we lost 2-1. One of my fav away trips in spite of the score. Thanks for the re-visit! Was Sunderland a Monday night game?
  5. Or winning 4-3. As I said, I hugely admire how we are grinding it out at this stage, but I would say that our current position is definitely false based on performances. Reading matched us today, then their swagger won the game. They’ve also lost heavily and consecutively so far this season as I think you allude to. I would predict it’s easier to get there with swag over 46 contests, rather than being tight and looking to nick it.
  6. Our one player who will have a go at dribbling the football, good attitude, gets amongst the oppo, had some good and some bad games and so f-ing what! The negative hype around the lad is such a OTIB thing. And all because he stalled on a contract negotiation. Grip.
  7. The worry is we lack that but of swagger. We are a superbly coached and well drilled side but we rarely blow teams away, this season in particular. Don’t get me wrong, I think we are probably punching in terms of current position, but with half a team to come back in who knows.
  8. Well written. I expect a few Reading fans will be doubting the remainder of their season based on Coventry result. Cardiff done at QPR, Watford dropped at home, Wall ko’d by Hudds, Wednesday woes still continue...as for Chris Hughton’s Forest, none on here who wanted to give him the red carpet have mentioned him much lately. This is the league we live in. The hype on here is soulless and sad in equal measures. Makes me squirm when forum contributors refer to ‘the promise land’ with no ironical hint. This league much cooler.
  9. Well f me sideways, could have gambled my mortgage we were on tonight! Thanks for putting me out my frustrated misery. See ya tomorrow then!
  10. Decent cheers, can’t get the box in the middle of screen to disappear can you?
  11. Fishponds road, centre of a stretch of supposed gash land. Loves it.
  12. Anti-COD posts such as this - I get you are disappointed with the way the game finished despite still being top of the league, but this is knee jerk shithousery best.
  13. If there were awards for forums then from what I’ve seen this one would land every time.
  14. We lose at Stoke on Sunday and the tone of this forum will binge on negative output. A promising return last three games has got the majority mass on otib oozing positivity, which makes me feel a tad uncomfortable to be honest. But make no bones, this forum has a ratified history of total shithousery, and god forbid we perform under par at Stoke. Long season, major ups and downs = measure required, simply don’t exist here.
  15. Anyone else got him in their fantasy team?
  16. Which had zero effect on last weekends 10k gathering in town? I’m not talking similar Grenville - mob, but surely fans will gravitate to the church on match day? Not exactly Spain/Italy early restrictions right now.
  17. Wrexham away, first game of the season 1999 maybe. Great ride up on the rattler, plenty of fizz and comrade - we changed at Newport I think and emptied a local Tesco of Somerset champagne. Went left out of the station and into a pub full of city. My mate at the bar getting them in for us was pot-shooter by some Wrexham Kamikaze and it went a bit mental. He came out the melee with 4, nearly full pints, whilst a few of our more eager lads chased these chancers down the road. Great atmosphere, think we won 2-0 and got home safe and I ended up pulling an absolute rotter in a bar on Whiteladies. So began my away day obsession.
  18. Is anyone thinking of being around the ground for it. I get that large groups of fans will be likely swarmed upon, but groups of six, presumably 2 meters apart, is permitted right? If it’s a sunny day, I would like to take a few cans in the park and watch the stream - keeping it above board obvs. Think we will see supporters around all clubs trying to create something, particularly if the game really hinges on something important, which could be all our reminding fixtures. No statues smashed, firms popping, park rocking.... unless we go out on pens..
  19. I hope you trust me when I say this, but I have been the archetypal happy clapper around our club since LJ was at the helm. Only the 5-0 at Preston during ‘that’ run came close to me thinking his time may be cut short by powers beyond me. I actually revel in the fact that we are a solid run club who gives managers chances. If nothing else, this alone will stand us in fertile ground when we need a new manager. I started following City when we had Benny there, and I can only stand and appreciate just how good we have become since. Right now though I just can’t get my head around how bad a footballing side we have become. We are dire right now, and have been most of the season. Remember the silk that beat United, the away performance at City, the pundits giving it, ‘Little Bristol, great brand of footy though’... where’s it gone this season? My Leeds fans at the match yesterday - “City were dead as dogs”, “worst opposition we’ve had up here all season” “ you set up to play in our hands”... Remember Wigan home this season, THE worst City performance I have probably ever seen down the Gate. I’ll support us always, never boo, never leave early but shishting hell are we a non event right now. Part of the reason the mainstream media have zero to say about us across the board. Would actually respect one of the pundits if they came out and said we were awful. Which we have been for so long. I dream that this is a LJ masterplan, subtext building and conserving our efforts to peak at the right time (no doubt a dream influenced by the fact we only ever seem to play for 45 min a game, ((zero at Leeds)). Without a doubt the first time in 4 years I have actually doubted the man, and starting to doubt big. Never thought I would say that in the position we are in. Someone tell me I’m mid-life crisis-ing...
  20. Come on you reds is about as predictably flat and tiresome as it gets. COYR.
  21. Funny you should allude to that scenario - I was vaguely watching a sky sports programme about the Man Utd Arsenal rivalry of yesteryear. The one thing that struck me was as how nuts the away fan supporters erupted when scoring a goal.Probably what the modern day football interpretation of the term “scenes” was born from. I wasn’t at the United cup game but that seemed to touch on the old days - Hartlepool play offs was the last I felt it at AG. Love our club and where it is going but there is definitely a bit of ‘sting’ gone from the stands.
  22. Had that as my social media profile pic for a long time. Surprised it never really caught on like it deserved to.
  23. Due to working in Japan at the time, I bagged top corporate tickets for England Argentina in 2002 at Sapporo Dome. When we took our seats,in a very neutral zone of the ground,, I was amazed to see that we were sat next to 2 Gash lads. After a brief introduction, we then proceeded to ignore each other all game, even being the only 4 people losing the plot when Becks scored and when final whistle went. Had a lovely clear conscience when I finally went to sleep that night.
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