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  1. Very fair assessment. Another season of struggle I believe. It's a total mess there; Ashton didn't leave because another opportunity presented itself, he left because the spotlight was going to end up being on him and he'd have nowhere to hide.
  2. Cant imagine that's his concern. They'll have had plenty of warning. Players are told to be somewhere they need to be there. He's not responsible for the logistics. Woe betide someone who somehow doesn't make it.
  3. An underlying message from all his interviews has been you're either on board or you're not. Only winners wanted. I like the bluntness and clear messaging.
  4. Throwing a marker out there for the players. Said they're athletes (inferring that they should be keeping fit over the break). Got them in for two days testing next week. Those that pass the tests get another week off. Those that don't remain in training. Off to a training camp in Loughborough. Three sessions a day there. Wry smile and said the players would get used to it. Spoke of Rennie and again brought up fitness. Obviously - as he's already stated - something clearly wrong there last season.
  5. The delusion runs from top to bottom. The fans are an integral part of their success? Huh. I'd wager that none of the squad have played in front of a "packed out Mem". In the past year they've had four managers and have been relegated by a country mile. Deluded. But he knows how to press their buttons.
  6. All had top produce a negative result 24 hours before entry I believe. They've been requested to undertake one 5 days after for research too. I'll wager, that Edgbaston, like many outdoor events, where people are having some fun in the sun doesn't contribute to some COVID armageddon.
  7. https://twitter.com/bbcsport/status/1402949247192928257?s=21 What could possibly go wrong…
  8. Deary me. Everyone's a winner.
  9. Me neither. Sheesh, what next - everyone through to the knockout stages. Thats been clarified above by BCFCGav. But still, why this screwing around with it. Top two through that should be it.
  10. A sneaky attack then. If the cap fits....
  11. Yep, the group is no cakewalk.
  12. What are the odds we don't make it out the group?
  13. Liking that - just bought hoodies for my three boys.
  14. I see it as him paying off his own frivolous spending on his own credit card.
  15. https://twitter.com/GeeMacGee/status/1400061063006150656?s=20
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