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  1. Two things would have happened if they'd gotten their mitts on Ashton Gate - it would look exactly the same now as when they got it, or they would have sold it and be camping in Bath again.
  2. Hey Siri, what's a narcissist? Hey Cityloyal, please see video.
  3. Not able to watch - we hanging on for the inevitable last minute QPR winner?
  4. Slags 3 down. Bet it's getting toxic over at the minimal.
  5. Dire, dire, dire and no surprise they equalised. That was poorer than a poor thing.
  6. Thats interesting re Fielding - what could have been etc. Looking back though, the whole thing - the squad, LJ, MA, the 'run' - was almost a house of cards and perhaps the collapse needed to happen to expose the flaws in the pack (from which we are still recovering from).
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