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  1. Horrible, horrible news Absolutely gutted tonight. Legend is an overused word nowadays. But by god TC was just that. RIP TC.
  2. Strange eh? He's given a convicted thug the keys to the club.
  3. That'll calm the masses. All hail Wael. No room for manoeuvre there, Barton is gone should there be a guilty verdict in either case.
  4. May have been covered elsewhere on here but don't recall seeing it - but might the others at the incident be driving this? Their statements might prove the golden bullet.
  5. Innocent until proven guilty I suppose. Rovers should have suspended him though. They probably have one eye on sacking him and then him being released without charge or found not guilty should it gets to court. Fine line they have to tread. And there's a threat of wrongful dismissal, compensation etc.
  6. About as uninspiring as us appointing Holden. I hope it goes tits up for them.
  7. Absolutely horrific - they look like some last minute Christmas stocking filler from a poundstore. The blue few will lap it up.
  8. I know it's only pre-season and we've been told they're training games, but I'm slightly concerned I must admit. We looked off it against Celtic and look off it again today. Just like we did for the majority of games last season. It cannot just be a coincidence.
  9. For a brief moment while reading that I actually felt a pang of sympathy for them.
  10. That is very, very strange. What business delays opening up revenue streams.
  11. Shame that hundreds of migrant slave workers who died building stadiums for the tournament won't. No doubt all the players participating will have some gesture lined up to show their displeasure at the use of slaves for them to work in air-con stadiums.
  12. I'm not convinced he's someone who is ever going to lead us to a final triumph on the European or World stage. He's tactically very naive and England are actually quite boring to watch. But I would keep if only because the players seem to believe in him.
  13. Best England player of the tournament IMO. Aside from being consistent throughout, he's a very good distributor of the ball.
  14. Italy right up for this. We look shellshocked.
  15. Long story short version, have family who live in Ipswich and used to go there regularly in the 80s. Marriner lived near relatives in a fairly non-descript three bed semi. Met Marriner and other Ipswich players on a couple of occasions. RIP Paul.
  16. What a miserable, vindictive excuse for a human being you are.
  17. Bloody hell. Get well soon, Paul.
  18. All match officials are German
  19. Saved the club and injected life into it. It's that simple.
  20. Incoming https://twitter.com/BristolCity/status/1410882687259136005?s=20
  21. Best we've played but still feels a bit disjointed. CBs looks very vulnerable for England. Get Kane off or at least change his lead boots for football boots.
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