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  1. A rejuvenated Forest backed by a noisy following against a pathetic City who can't string two passes together and backed by the Ashton Gate library. Only one way this is ending and might lead to the first signs of visible disgruntlement among City fans. We've barely raised a whimper about this home form and this can't go on. An ironic chuckle at the end of every home interview from NP about a failure to yet again win might start to grate.
  2. Newcastle fans have been cringey since the day this deal got announced. And I don't think we've reached peak cringe yet, not by a long way.
  3. I wouldn't want Saudi's owning city for all the money and trophies in the world. Not jealous of Newcastle in the slightest and hope to see it all come tumbling down. Seeing their deluded fans eating a bit of humble pie would be nice too.
  4. cityloyal473


    Pretty sure that "Steve, 57" posts on here.
  5. Sounds like the players recruited don't have the right DNA. Shock. Horror.
  6. Mark Ashton’s Ipshit lost to Accrington Stanley. Who are they I hear you cry.
  7. Gas losing and down to ten. Lovely stuff.
  8. I’m gonna say Sammy hat trick in injury time.
  9. Yes! I hope that’s the **** from Swindon?? (Says Nathan Thompson on BT )
  10. Drinking is a central feature of my day out at City. But I wouldn't want to drink during the match - just wouldn't feel fight. So it's a no from me.
  11. This has turned into a horror show from last season. Totally toothless up front, and powder puff in midfield. We’ve been poor bar fifteen minutes.
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