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  1. According to Ryan Morgan, they asked him and he said it's Micky.
  2. Matches that end in a draw after 90 minutes go to penalties to win an additional point.
  3. The England website has a match report - https://www.englandfootball.com/articles/2021/Oct/06/england-mu19s-france-match-report-20210610 - so looks like that fixture list is incorrect. This article - https://www.englandfootball.com/articles/2021/Oct/01/Ian-Foster-names-England-Under-19s-squad-October-20211001 - says it was France yesterday, Mexico on Saturday and Belgium on Tuesday.
  4. After some confusion over his whereabouts, Prince Henry is playing for Weston-super-Mare and has scored tonight:
  5. There will still be a handful of matches played at Ashton Gate. Playing games at the HPC has replaced playing games at SGS Wise (or Twerton but not sure if fans were ever able to attend those due to Covid) The club has arranged a special bus service to the HPC for match days to allow for easier access: https://www.bcfc.co.uk/travel/hpc-travel/
  6. As was Antoine before anyone decides to take that path.
  7. He signed a four year contract when he arrived in August 2020: https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/welcome-williams-midfielder-arrives-in-bs3/
  8. Isn't it going to be related to the sizing? There are limits on the number and sizing of any sponsorship appearing on kits. https://handbook.fapublications.com/#!/book/45/chapter/s8700-kit-and-advertising-regulations/content?section=s8701-a-general
  9. The club did say in April that this area of the stadium would no longer operate on an unreserved basis so it's not exactly a surprise revelation. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/price-freeze-202122-season-cards/
  10. Where does he come into things? He doesn't own Sky any longer.
  11. Ah yes. Sunday morning is but a distant memory.
  12. Toby was presenting on Wednesday. Commentary was Dan White and Lauren Smith, the City Women head coach.
  13. Sean Gilhespy, head of technical recruitment.
  14. Utterly bizarre. Pretty sure this is the definitive "yer da's taking the divorce well" video. He's actually lost the plot.
  15. Rooney in an interview with Sky Sports saying he learned of last night's developments by watching it on Sky. You'd think somebody from the board would have given him the heads up between the filing and the statement being released several hours later.
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