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  1. vicky10

    robins tv

    thats ok but only on iphone or ipad ..
  2. vicky10

    robins tv

    You are lucky DaveFevs tried Firefox and Safari both mac and ipad ...just managed to get half time chat on an iphone ...thios was supposed to be on TV /desktop not as an app on a phone.What a debacle .
  3. lisa knights say its back on stream - who is kidding her?
  4. vicky10

    robins tv

    They must be joking that they are bavk online, on iphone but not on line !!!!!!!!
  5. vicky10

    robins tv

    You wait all day in anticipation and let down once agaimn...happy to take the money but short on delivery
  6. vicky10

    robins tv

    all well and good burt why no broadcast on firefox or safari ?
  7. vicky10

    robins tv

    anyone managed to get tonights stram at 7.15?
  8. Wonder how much Derby still owed the Posh from the original deal...and JM must hae takn a huge drop in wages as it was reported he signed on 20k a week !!
  9. That is correct - i am sure it iss something to do with EFL rules ,which changed due to the pandemic ,but would help clubs income streams if it coulkd be continued.
  10. Think NP should show this TV series to the squad for some home truths and team building...!!!
  11. With the QPR game being broadcast at 3pm the City V Forest game should be on red button.
  12. What has happened to the 2.30pm Robins broadcast?
  13. Having followed City for over 50 years i can guarntee that if we start another loosing run the comments on here will be in the same vein as LJ and DH .....the only Messiah will be the one who takes us to the Promised Land..
  14. Probably why they are both coaches and not managers.....
  15. Injured the other knee ,and played on trying to run it off, just like AW when he did his ACL..
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