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  1. Totally agree with you. It was shameful by the club and fans. I thought more effort would have gone into todays game. I let it know to the east end boys I was unhappy about it. You gotta think about the families that are being murdered by the russians. We need to make a better effort and stand up to this evil.
  2. Do you mean this picture? I'd love to find some pictures of when it was a cricket ground but I've been unable to find anything.
  3. Funny enough I was in there yesterday they're still freezing cold! Did mention a few F words under my tongue.
  4. Good post. I must admit i've always been disappointed in managers we've appointed apart from gary johnson and cotteril who gave us a glimmer of hope. Gary Johnson really lifted our spirits as a club I looked forward to going watch his team every game but in the end again it didn't work out. After Cotterill I really felt we needed to recruit a top manager but once again the club screwed it up. Now we have ended up again with a rookie manager and an owner i think his heart is no longer in it. Just been watching the leeds tv show episode 2. It's a real eye opener and they decided to go for the top manager route.
  5. I'm very sorry to hear that bigTone.
  6. Can't thank you enough for putting that up it is very important to have someone to talk to when you are feeling very low. I've had a very bad year and got really desperate and contacted a fellow red on here. Can't thank him enough for his chat and advice and for just listening to what i was going through. It encourage me to seek further help with my depression. So thank you again
  7. I think they should say If you do not want to be in the ballot then you cannot re enter if you change your mind. I made my mind up and will stick to it. Would make it fair for those who comitted to going back from the start.
  8. I think the club should do a survey now to season ticket holders who wants to take the risk to go back and who doesn't. Personally I won't be returning until at least march or april hoping i will have taken the vaccine by then. So I hope the club will do this pretty soon. Hoping I can carry on watching robins tv whilst getting the refund. I'm in the 50-64 age group so I have a slightly higher risk than those of a younger age according to the BBC website. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54251632 P.S. China is gonna bring back soil samples from the moon. I can see a new virus on the horizon.
  9. I personally think going back to football in any form without any vaccine on the horizon is a high risk for me. I preferred that my season ticket money for this season would instead be transferred to the following season. Fingers crossed that things would be safer by then.
  10. Good Luck to Holden. He's gonna need it. really disappointed we didn't get the manager we needed. This will probably be my last season if we're allowed back. I've had enough. Fed up with being treated like a cash customer where everything is overpriced. No communication between the fans and the club anymore like it used to be. Fed up with the over hyped security and the way the singing section is treated by the club. I always thought I was a die hard supporter but the last few years that has gone. If he get's us to the premier league good luck to them. I've lost my love of football. Thank you very much Mr MA, JL and SL.
  11. Have to agree with that. I was screaming at the goalie to move towards the center but he didn't hear me.
  12. Too much blue creeping in
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