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  1. Sounds like the O’Dowda report 6 years ago!
  2. Exactly. For all the handbags, he was the only one that landed a sneaky beatch slap Clearly suffers from STS…….. * small taff syndrome
  3. The OP was referring to the fans being duped by SL
  4. And premeditated…..should have been sent down for that
  5. Case adjourned again, trial at later date. By the sounds of it, his defence may be trying to get it thrown out on a technicality that the CPS did not respond to an email from his wife. The scum will end up getting away with this again
  6. 1. City have been a part of SL’s ‘plan’ for over 20 years and remains part of his ‘interests’ built up over the years. He has no doubt made some ‘odd’ footballing decisions during his tenure and although he has stated he is looking for investors, he continues to invest and prop up bcfc. 2. SL has always stated his intention to make BCFC sustainable and to stand on its own two feet and as admirable a vision that is, it hasn’t as yet worked out that way. Suffice to say the lansdowns have still pumped literally 100’s of millions into the bcfc venture over the years, players, stadium revamp, academy, training ground etc. He was never going to maximise profit out of a football club, especially BCFC, so yes, he is an entrepreneur, a fairly good one too, who is looking to make a profit……hence why he has to go out and invest in other schemes such as the Ashton gate arena and housing in Ashton vale nobody has been duped….I really don’t see your point other than clearly a dislike for SL
  7. Just goes to show stats mean nothing as I have just witnessed one of the most dire team performance for a long time….. unfortunately, I have been saying that to myself too many times over the past 3 years.
  8. The ball only has to touch the white line
  9. The car park will be between winterstoke road and the atyeo statue, the arena between winterstoke road and the stadium as will all of the other office, hotel and residential elements. All on brownfield/industrial land The other housing development separate to the ‘arena’ development is on the land behind David Lloyd…. The former landfill site which is scrubland and does not encroach on the ‘village green’
  10. An application for new signage has been made by stonegate group, which, if you go by what they state on their website, sounds like it could be in good hands……. Originally formed in 2010 with 333 pubs, Stonegate Group is now the largest pub company in the UK following 12 major acquisitions. Our vast portfolio is now home to over 4,500 sites which range from Leased & Tenanted to Managed. We strongly believe that the pub is the heart of the British culture and we strive to deliver fantastic customer experience.
  11. I’m sure the criteria is not just based on assists and scoring goals otherwise mitrovic would win it every month. attitude, impact on games, overall performance are no doubt also considered. well done antoine
  12. Cardiff bust crappers, every where they go, Cardiff bust crappers, every where they goooooo, every where they go…..
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