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  1. We have Rich Gould as CEO, confirmed
  2. With my IPTV I get access to almost every game,I've watched on lap top a couple of their games, when we're not playing ,parts of or almost full, and they have been terrible. The Hanlon sitter that he missed tonight was typical. They get a chance or two but don't know how to take it. Rodman looked about their only 1/5th , decent player that I've seen. What a time to be a city fan. Mind the gap.
  3. Tragic that this happened......
  4. Saturday could almost be d day for them. Wigan home to Crewe and wombles home to swindle. Wins for the home teams and Lincoln doing the biz at the dump and they could very easily be 6pts from safety.
  5. The teams around them mostly play each other in remaining games. Looks real bad for gas , gutted , Rochdale look doomed and have swindle still to play. Come on Wigan , Northampton,wombles , let the others drop please.
  6. I had choice of feed's on my iptv and chose the gash one for a laugh, the comms are by guys who are something to do with a podcast? The doom in their voices in the dying seconds after what looked like a pen to them BUT ref gave Sland a free kick t'other way was brilliant, just wish I could have recorded it. Priceless, going about bad luck, poor ref's etc etc etc, could almost hear them cry. They were so lacking in quality , the big guy up front did one good turn and that is the only bit of quality I saw, and even that wasn't great. Go back a while when they were genuine rivals and most fans knew both starting 11's of the Bristol clubs, I genuinely had no idea about most of their team. They really do believe they are going down, the n'hampton game is massive for them if they are to have any chance. fingers crossed they **** it right up.
  7. Never been a swindle fan before BUT can you imagine a55chat when they've lost to the other robins tonight???? Please, Please, Pretty please. Agent Pitman has a mission. Only went on their "forum" once and I laughed too much to go on again BUT hopefully around 9pm tonight we'll see some belters.
  8. some statto will come up with the figures, but last couple of times we've had him he has been as ok, as a championship ref has been this season, as most are poor to rubbish. Saying that hell have a mare and send 2 off or something silly.........
  9. grubby


    A proper left back, not confident enough going forward but the best left back option at the mo. I want my defenders to be defenders first and foremost, attacking is a bonus, like with Rowe and JD who are great going forward. It'll be interesting to see if he starts Saturday, I hope so as a back four.
  10. drove up from filton, inside the ground the atmosphere was crackling, amazing win, just remember there being so officers around the place, drove back in time to watch the darts on bbc as well. In the next edition of the bounty hunter there was an article with Trevor Francis's pre match notes for the game after we battered them, and he says something like " we should never be losing 4 nil at home to a club like that" what a ****
  11. The three guitars going for it, freebird, by Lynyrd skynyrd. Bear outro ever. Class scene and I know what you mean about great feeling after winning.
  12. Just been looking at the table and as it stands after Saturday when we've played Watford on weds and Reading on sat we'll have played the other 7 teams in the current top 8. If we are anywhere near where we are now after sat then it can definitely be put down as a very good start imo.
  13. 2 pts a game is promotion/pray offs form. From those 9 if we get 15 or more I'd be satisfied. 20 would put us challenging top 2/3. 10 and we'd be just outside the pray offs. Less than 10 and I'd start worrying about mid table mediocrity.
  14. But pubs like mine who pay hundreds £ for sky sports every month don't get access to the red button championship games.....
  15. I think football/rugby clubs do get some discount. If my oroce goes up I'll say I've got a rugby and football team based at the pub and try it. Fair play to BT sport but literally just had text come through to say that they aren't charging us for PL ppv either.
  16. I'm lucky in my rateable value is very low and I get a rural discount as well. Sky made a mess of my quote when I agreed to the contract 5 years ago and gave me too much discount, I had them agree on the contract call and after some tooing and frowing they felt duty bound to honour the contract. I should be paying around £400 a month but am paying £210 for 3 sky cards and both racing channels. Sky have to add £135 monthly onto to the bill to make it £210 which is their absolute minimum sky business charge. I use one of the cards upstairs for private use just don't get sky's on demand service.
  17. In fairness to sky sports, their ppv are free to air for sky business subscribers. Your local, if it has sky business, only need to order the game through the sky website and it'll be available in said pub. I've just done it for ours today on the my sky sports website. Rare for sky business to be fair.
  18. Locals should be applying for a ACV, would stop any development for years
  19. Reading have bbc radio berkshire commentary
  20. I'll wait until a sale of some discription, I bought the red coat last season for £30 instead of £65 just after Christmas. Hummel do produce top quality though and the purple jacket looks
  21. Please read, it'll answer a lot of questions. Easiest connection to TV is via hdmi. SLO reckons chromecast won't work
  22. Efl 2 on Saturday..... Apparently......
  23. Used a laptop, chrome browser, and hdmi lead to TV. Very good picture this season, very little break up, other than when there was an electrical fault at the ground. Not sure about smart TV, may have to try as just bought Sony android tv. Works well on phone or tablet as well.
  24. My sub runs out first August, not automatically renewed this year. When do other annual subscribers sub run out?
  25. In the east end for Hereford Home, semi final 2nd leg that ended up with us at Wembley. With what the club had been through, I was in my late teens , literally crying at what it meant. The old EE was bouncing and it was a very nervous but MENTAL evening and it felt like the crowd dragged the team through.
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