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  1. Well, if Anderson & Jethro Till was a faux pas just wait until NTTDS discovers Lorraine Chase hails from down the road from me in Deptford... Perhaps he's changing onto the Thameslink service that occasionally runs to Luton from there?
  2. 'Human'? What's that to do with Cardiff?
  3. Don't think so; Weimann falls over in a breeze. FP to the officials for letting play continue.
  4. Did really well. His through ball for the opener set the tone. More games, more experience will give something for Pearson to build on next season.
  5. Watching his barnet today made me give thanks for the fact I'm a slaphead.
  6. I'm not sure of the breakdown of that owed HMRC , I assume it mostly VAT, though is it not still the case that if income tax / NI has been deducted at source but not paid over that the individual remains liable in those sums?
  7. I played rugby to a decent standard and as a prop forward never wore headgear, nor got injured (though my knees decades later are ******.) Reason for that being first lesson we were brilliantly taught the dos and donts of engagement, key being eyes open and always watch your opponent. Engage like you mean it, no shirking, never turn away. Same reason I pulled my son from his obligatory rugby engagements given his schoolmaster didn't agree with the old ways and I was fed up with seeing his charges carted off to A&E. Headgear leads to a false sense of security. In cricket these days you'll see more players being hit than when I played when there were no helmets. We were taught cricket balls are hard and dangerous, so always get in line and watch the thing for if you don't you'll be in big trouble. If it's coming at you move your head out of the way and watch it go past. Ultimately there's nothing to be done with contact sport other than to make people lighter, slower and to shorten exposure to repeated acceleration and deceleration of the head. I love NFL but seeing two 250lb lumps of muscle impact at 20m/s, that's frightening. Makes me wince this side of the pond. To make football safer the easy option would be to ban heading, but it's not football, is it?
  8. That gives an idea. Perhaps they could name their new stadium (whenever it arrives,) the Lesserstadion.
  9. The only thing worth noting is Bakinson will pass more often to a City player when playing for the opposition than he ever did playing for us.
  10. Protective headgear is against cuts and little else. Skulls (multi layered and laminated,) regrow and bond all the time such you shouldn't have weakness from previous fractures. If damage is extensive you'll get a plate but the skull still grows under and around that. Cech's headgear was more for confidence than anything else, he felt more secure playing in it. As Scott reminds, you cannae change the laws of physics and when one's head rapidly accelerates or decelerates that old brain keeps rattling around inside the skull. That's the major issue with contact sports and headgear doesn't do anything for that.
  11. I didn't realise until HXJ pointed out about the situation re registrations should you go under. He'd automatically be a free agent on those terms, don't know about your other kids sold, but worrying for you if it reeks of them going as the administrators ensure they maximize all returns come worst case.
  12. I thought MSD were owed £20m (£15m + recent loans) and other football creditors around £10m. HMRC was around £28m and Morris himself around £124m. Is there any suggestion that MSD take the ground in lieu of debt with Morris writing off all his debt? If so, I suppose an injection of around £30 could be a starting point but that's a massive 'if' and still assumes HMRC will cut a deal. That said I guess HMRC would recoup more by taking 50% than they would becoming a preferential creditor. But £30m is a lot for a Div 1 outfit with no ground.
  13. He'd likely throw it back so should you sit 8 rows distant from me in the Dolman, watch out......
  14. Not normally, but this one's puffed-up, nobody really likes it, it's well past it's best by date so I named it CoD.
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