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  1. Possibly, but I alluded to folks criticizing JET for squandering his talents, which undoubtedly he did, but more power to his elbow for the life he's enjoying. Couldn't miss it given the boots he wore that day.
  2. Swazzy. Loved watching JET's 'training' social media when in Thailand. Recalls the Spanish waiter / George Best story, he delivering a UK newspaper headlined 'George Best, Where Did It All Go Wrong?' to the man himself. Best reclined on the suite's gigantic bed piled high with tens of thousands of dollars casino winnings, quaffing fine champagne whilst lying in the arms of Miss World.
  3. As Johnson openly discussed at a Senior Reds luncheon shortly after Engvald made his debut they'd made a 'panic signing' days ahead of the season, knew next to nothing of him other than raw stats, had never seen him play and when finally getting the chance so to do immediately realised the huge mistake they'd made.
  4. It didn't work out for him for one reason and one reason only. He's devoid of footballing talent.
  5. Loving the Barca fans who screamed for & celebrated De Jong's signing now standing at the training ground gates screaming not his name but the fact they now consider him a greedy ****er who should take a wage cut & **ck off.
  6. Frenkie de Jong – £470,156 per week Sergio Busquets – £354,591 per week Jordi Alba – £335,733 per week Robert Lewandowski – £302,208 per week Miralem Pjanic – £251,760 per week Ansu Fati – £224,842 per week Ousmane Dembele – £221,619 per week Franck Kessie – £218,235 per week Raphinha – £201,472 per week Jules Kounde – £201,472 per week Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang – £184,710 per week Gerard Pique – £167,947 per week Andreas Christensen – £167,947 per week Memphis Depay – £167,947 per week Pedri – £151,185 per week Marc-Andre ter Stegen – £145,060 per week Ronald Araujo – £112,824 per week Ferran Torres – £100,735 per week Samuel Umtiti – £100,735 per week Neto – £96,707 per week Quite a few of these haven't been paid of late....
  7. €1.2bn in debt. Marca reporting today the TV deal with Sixth Street was 'over-reported' by Barca to the tune of €150m. That deal is for 25 years (for every € they've taken upfront they've given €3 away in future revenue.) They've also given away a sizeable share in their own content provider. 6 of their 8 highest earners aren't yet registered to play this season. Madness.
  8. Flat? The egg-chasers pitch had a slope running from the bypass side down. That said, the kid I thought I'd killed didn't roll down it all the time he was unconscious so it wasn't as severe as some.....
  9. Give it a couple of months and they'll be starring in 'Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!' But what to seize...?
  10. So it's a crime not to be a glory hunter, to not feel obligated to follow the masses. I've done or said nothing to stop you and others enjoying your moment of glory (sic). I even offered my own congratulations to the Lionesses. All I did was highlight the folly of comparing the women's game to the men's. And that's now a crime? What, under your totalitarianism, would you have me do to mark the occasion? I said attend, not watch....
  11. Football is no exception and as with any business if the directors are of an opinion the operation may no longer be self funding then they must immediately takes steps to mitigate others losers by winding up the company. Unlike many ungratefuls on here I remind why we've everything for which to thank Mr Lansdown as without his beneficence City would already be history. City cover this by having SL convert loan to stock. No longer club loses they'll be SL's if crystalized. In football's case (men only) there are active controls (of which City may shortly fall foul,) that mandate long term sustainability and removal of the contrivance of ownership. The other difference between men's and women's football is, I suggest, that there are critical mass income streams within the men's game (and likely always will be, though not supportive of present rates of spend,) which may sustain the men's side but which are unlikely to materialise within the woman's game. I could be wrong, but history doesn't suggest I will be.
  12. Given today's wall to wall bandwagon jumping it's hard not to. But I'll be open. I'll commit to attending as many women's matches next year as I did this. (In my case that's not difficult.) Unlike others I won't scream women's football is the greatest thing since slice bread then do nothing until success is next in the horizon.
  13. Self-sustaining? They have to have the potential so to be else immediately must enter administration. Agreed /, profit and merit have no correlation. Equal footing? Ah, to the point of my original response, you'll recall, the comparison that the Lionesses had done something no men's team had done since 66. Should they both have the opportunity to provide outlets for both sexes to play? Of course they should. Should success in both be recognised? Again, of course it should. Should the entertainment and skill levels across the sexes be considered equal? Historically the populous would suggest not. Doubtless a few more will have changed their opinion since yesterday, perhaps there will be a boom in attendances across the women's game and good if there is. But for those who demand equality in everything, even where it doesn't exist, there are always those who highlight that folly. Having spent a lifetime watching football, and not the greatest standard either, I've absolutely no interest in watching football of lower standard. Whether that's women, kids, walking or disabled unless one has a personal interest, why bother? England's women won a women tournament. Great. Congratulations. But no need for unfounded extrapolation.
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