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  1. Those of a certain age will know what TC did for this club & he was instrumental in ensuring we remain today. Few gave him sufficient credit for building & organising a squad from nothing and I mean nothing. Jordan later took his squad to greater heights but it's was TC's work ethic & foundation that turned City around. Brilliant player in his prime. Sad news indeed.
  2. For me the biggest change is the whole order of sport, including football, has gone to pot. Football was about ATTENDING matches; Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Mid August through first week in May. One or two highlights, but go to games or miss out. And these days it's sodding everywhere. Every day of the week, every week of the year on TV, phone, tablet, in every boozer and occasionally in person if one can be bothered. You can't move without football being in your face. Much of it utterly meaningless. All of it over-hyped. As much as I liked the start of the football season I loved the end of the old one. Here comes Cricket, time to relax, have a few months off, occasional tournament to look forward to. So The Euros start this week, or next (I'm not sure) yet I've no idea where games are being played or even whose in it? I'll be looking forward and glued to Ascot, for that's where true sport and the action is. Cricket has the same problem. One once knew what was going on dependant upon the day of the week; knew the players and their counties. Today I catch matches by chance and spend the first 15 minutes trying to work out who's playing and what format's being played. Who the hell are The Rapids? Are Birmingham & Warwickshire one and the same or are they different? How come X plays for Y in that format but Z in another. Oh, I see they've signed X this summer, yet two weeks later ask where he's gone not realising he only signed for a two match deal or is eligible only to play when his national, IPL, BBL, PCL, CPL side don't need him. The problem with excess, too much chop and change, lack of routine, is many, myself included, can't be ar*ed to keep up.
  3. Save he wasn't. As for 'blind from the truth', I refer you to Danny Kaye singing The Emperor's New Clothes plus Sky Sports Yearbooks (Rothmans,) where in black and white you can read of his mediocre managerial record. And when you've done that read City's accounts, as all that money "he made" according to you from sales of players for player acquisitions and developing talent, well the 'independently audited FACT' is he increased City Holdings net indebtedness by circa £30m, a figure that will likely double by the time the next accounts are issued. Hopefully by then we'll know the full extent of monies still owed or written off on his acquisitions such we can calculate the full extent of the damage he left in his wake. Sure as hell there's nobody this year bringing in the £25-30m his 'strategy' demanded. Doubtless his supporters will argue that accounts published after his departure had nothing to do with him.
  4. More importantly it's an incorrect use of the term. 'Midgets' described small or childlike entertainers & he sure as hell isn't one of those.
  5. Remind, what are the present net liabilities? Very decent of SL to keep City afloat but makes a mockery of the supposed aims of FFP. There also comes a point where if the Club is no longer a going concern that flipping debt for equity is not permitted.
  6. Wael-he-Quixote also channeled his inner Kevin Costner adding: "If I say I'll build it they will come..." though I may have misunderstood the last bit.
  7. Strangely, my lad loves the boozer in Preston though I'm with the City fan who years back, when having 30 minutes to kill and thinking of nipping out for a swifty, peered out the station doors up the rain sodden slope and utteref the immortal: "There's nothing out there..." as though Preston were an abyss.
  8. Once attended a pre-season 'friendly' between a side from Withywood & their rivals in Hartcliffe. I thought I was in for an afternoon's footy. 5 minutes later I was treated to a blow by blow reenactment of Hagler Vs Hearns. I've never seen two blokes go toe to toe for so long, or volume of punches thrown, or blokes withstand such punishment without going down & that includes having attended many a boxing event. Best part was when the two had exhausted themselves, much like with travellers fights, they shook hands and the match continued.
  9. I trust you offered him only the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?
  10. Firstly, let's break down what the statos record as Shots on Target against what most fans consider a SoT, the con that costs mug punters like me week after week. For it to be a SoT the ball must be adjudged to be definitely entering the net without intervention, anything near the woodwork doesn't count, it must be saved by the goalkeeper or a defender who is nearest the goal line and on the field of play but not necessarily the last player in play. Now that's an awful lot of conditions to be met for a SoT to occur. Most sensible fans would argue that if a player sends the ball toward the goal and the probability is it'll go in if not for intervention, then he's done all he can and that counts as a SoT, save it doesn't. Your argument also falls down as sensible fans also appreciate the quality of a great defence. Sometimes, as on Saturday, the defence is so good as to stifle even the best offence. Pep delivered the most goals this season, Swansea & Lincoln not to shabby either. But just because they couldn't muster a SOT doesn't equate to them having failed at the final hurdle. Perchance they were beaten by better sides?
  11. Been there too often for it to be good for me. Biggest surprise for me was to discover Brum has the second best 'Chinatown' bettered only by Manc.
  12. Recently delivered a project there which necessitated many overnighters & much to my surprise it's a pretty decent place to hang out. Absolutely no point driving as train connections are frequent and the centre compact and easy to navigate on foot. Other than the hoards of daytime zombie druggies on every corner (though like the commuters they go home once their begging shifts are over,) it's much going for it.
  13. Strangely enough, much like getting to AG, it's not. Whichever central station you come in pretty much the quickest way to St Andrews is to walk.
  14. If Banksy took credit doubtless post-modernist eulogies would be in full flow. As is, should they catch the drunken idiot who did this they should forget justice and spray him and everything he owns in lurid slogans.
  15. Not encouraging us to use the trains NTTDS? I've heard the problems with the new rolling stock are far more serious than they're letting on.....
  16. I've a couple of years on you & if you seriously think anything in the past 5 'City years' has been some of the best on offer I'd love to understand by what criteria you reach that decision? In respect of entertainment & fun they don't come close, they've been dross. Had more fun watching 'honest' unknowns plummeting through the leagues than watching the likes of Watkins & O'Dowda trouser huge sums each week for dialling-in abject sh*te. They're no better technically than most 3rd division players we've enjoyed over the years. Is the standard of football better than days of yore? Well, players are fitter (they should be,) playing conditions and equipment are vastly improved, but having started in days when it was difficult to cross the ball because it was sodden rather than an utter inability technically to hit the ball correctly, I'm not so certain the standard of play has improved that much. Officiating certainly is far worse, fans attention and knowledge of the game likewise and the pretty much sterile atmosphere in the stands is, let's be blunt, crap by comparison to standing on the terrace with ones mates. But to your argument, NO. Last night's game was a brilliant game to watch. If for you sport is about 'shots on target' and 'scoring' stick to squeaky daps and basketball. As ever was there's plenty of great football and plenty of dross. Only thing that's ever changed is fans (sic) unrealistic expectations. In my years we've won little and when we did it was Micky Mouse. I know where City stand in the scheme of things. Most modern fans (sic) think football, like the rest of their society, demands equality, acceptance and universal understanding. That everyone's a winner, or can identify with whatever success they like. They are, of course, deluded.
  17. Buying Red Bull perchance?
  18. Brilliant signing for us. Even end of career he still managed to give more than players half his age.
  19. Great managers lose matches (though fewer than bad ones.) Better way to look at it would be to ask how good was his opposing manager last night? Since his arrival at Chelsea Tuchel's defensive tactics have been peerless.
  20. BTRFTG


    Funny Brooker springs to your mind as for me Rob Edwards was master of the sicknote. Tickly throat, runny nose, verruca, hangnail, not for Rob to battle through adversity. That said our present squad run him pretty close.
  21. One can't furlough without consent, de facto it's a change in contract (albeit a temporary one.)
  22. Or they relate to what managers can do when acquiring decent players, motivating them and playing them in sensible formation. Hard not to draw parallels with the failings that have brought City so low. As NP is finding out it'll take years to repair the damage left behind.
  23. What, that nascent journeyman? Sunderland might be interested.....
  24. So if I asked you to do some digging around this bloke I've heard great things of, goes by the name of Engvald, what can you tell me?
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