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  1. I’m not sure where you are going with this. I do believe you but had missed these articles.
  2. Okay……if you do stumble across them. Please share. Many Thanks.
  3. Hi, could you link to the salty quotes please. Thanks.
  4. sound an absolutely awful club!
  5. Have you tried much vegan food then?
  6. Try paying attention to what’s actually said instead of making something out of nothing just to justify your ‘views’
  7. It’s so odd that people hate Maynard because he said he loved the club and then left. If it’s because of a throw away comment he made, that’s even stranger..
  8. Went out one Christmas Eve with my ex and I had a horrendous tooth ache. After a few pubs we went back to hers, to wish her parents a Merry Christmas. Her dad suggested a brandy to help forget my tooth ache, despite hating brandy I thought this wise old man must have a point. I ended up throwing my guts up on the walk home and the man did indeed have a point, I certainly forgot about my toothache.
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