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  1. You can probably look in the match day thread.
  2. It’s bad enough we have a multiple page thread on Ipswich. Just let it go. He’s gone.
  3. I swear before the season people were saying mid table was most likely. Now we have slipped beneath that position, people are losing their minds!
  4. Can people not think before they post? Jaysus
  5. some mind numbingly stupid responses on this thread
  6. What nonsense. They only had to keep people safe because of the invention/evolution of firms and I’m sure opposing fans weren’t made to feel especially safe. And if you are correct and the CSF were effectively policing safely then there is no need for them to exist in this day and age.
  7. Oh behave you Mormon
  8. Please keep posting, I find it interesting unlike @pillred whose ignorance is astounding
  9. Who gives a sh!t what the csf think also “However we don’t condone the violence and vandalism that led to the removal of the statue and would have preferred and supported the removal of it by a democratic process, if that is what it would have delivered should any such process have taken place,” he added.” Makes i laugh
  10. All this talk of putting Massengo out wide Best player at the club.
  11. I enjoyed the first few podcasts they did but they are dreadfully ill prepared and Jon Parkin really doesn’t have a clue about anything. Plenty better similar shows out there.
  12. Can people add podcast in the title of these type of posts? Cheers
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