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  1. I’m not sure where you are going with this. I do believe you but had missed these articles.
  2. Okay……if you do stumble across them. Please share. Many Thanks.
  3. Hi, could you link to the salty quotes please. Thanks.
  4. sound an absolutely awful club!
  5. Have you tried much vegan food then?
  6. Try paying attention to what’s actually said instead of making something out of nothing just to justify your ‘views’
  7. It’s so odd that people hate Maynard because he said he loved the club and then left. If it’s because of a throw away comment he made, that’s even stranger..
  8. Went out one Christmas Eve with my ex and I had a horrendous tooth ache. After a few pubs we went back to hers, to wish her parents a Merry Christmas. Her dad suggested a brandy to help forget my tooth ache, despite hating brandy I thought this wise old man must have a point. I ended up throwing my guts up on the walk home and the man did indeed have a point, I certainly forgot about my toothache.
  9. I think most teams would look to change after getting beaten in the first leg.
  10. Really like Thomas Frank. Top manager. 1 game....
  11. Everyone should end posts like this. Bye bye.
  12. No no no. Even the new badge looks better than the one you’ve done.
  13. I assume so but this isn’t going to weaken these clubs , it will strengthen there position, they will get their money one way or another.
  14. That’s ridiculous. The clubs involved would know and if it’s been discussed for as long as they say, it would have been communicated, risk assessments, everything would have been done. This league was never intended to take place either at all or just this soon.
  15. Either a huge reform in European competitions happens and the businessmen make money that way or they find a way to push this through but act as if they are acting for the fans. Look at what’s been released , vague statements, calling long term fans, legacy fans, no relegation. These teams need money. It’s purposely done. No one has stepped forward.
  16. You have to have one person who will stick up for it to show the proposal has at least been thought out but then teams will drop out. It’s a perfect marketing strategy, gauge the market, get people upset with one particular facet and then change it and come back.
  17. As if Chelsea and the other teams weren’t aware of the backlash that would happen. It’s clear this was done with no intention of happening any time soon.
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