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  1. Most of us? I assume you mean yourself and a few other people you know. If it indeed puts you off then firstly that is strange as usually I avoid clicking on articles I have no interest in. Interest is likely to grow amongst people with no unconscious bias unlike yourself and a few people’s annoyance isn’t a good enough reason to withdraw promoting a team within the Bristol Sport empire.
  2. It’s exposure and they need to garner support for the women’s game, yes lots of people aren’t interested but until the games grown to a decent amount it’s quite right it should appear alongside the men’s team.
  3. Out of the current squad, he would be missed the most.
  4. Well that’s one Minimum would be 8 but ideally 10.
  5. Thought I would start this and see a) if the season goes ahead and b) seeing as the OTIB NFL league has just been disbanded whether anyone would be interested in starting a league up on ESPN. Lions fan here
  6. I think the banners are fine if a decision had been made much like when Pulis was appointed but to put them up based at the minute on gossip is understandable due to frustrations but at the same time, ridiculous.
  7. At least wait until the appointment before posting this.
  8. Just seen a hot air ballon over the suspension bridge with Holloway hanging his balls over the basket
  9. Oh for gods sake. We’re discussing Gregor now and journalism?? jaysus.
  10. I would have Smith over Hughton.
  11. If what has been said that Gerrard was first choice because he fits with the clubs vision but would cost too much and then our attention went to Hughton but there are stumbling blocks with regards to the clubs vision and his then I think it’s more than fair that this appointment unlike some others made, isn’t rushed.
  12. You lost me at the video title....unless it reads ‘Ian Holloway gets punched in the nuts by Chris Hughton’
  13. Now we really have to focus on keeping Famara. He has been immense this season and I think he, more so than any other player in the squad needs to be here next season.
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