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  1. He’s a realistic and decent appointment if it happens.
  2. You may want to look a tad closer to home if you want to find a European nation with a medieval outlook towards foreigners.
  3. I mean I suppose it makes a change from the relentless LJ bashing or disagreements with refund policy. These ‘blah blah blah’ we should have employed someone straight away posts but still, not very entertaining or informative. Still I expect all these astute businessmen who post on OTIB with there intimate knowledge of the intricate ins and outs of running a football club are spot on.
  4. He sounds exactly like LJ how he sets up.
  5. Exactly. The few games he has been involved with this season he has offered us something very useful and been effective. To write a professional footballer who has played at a decent level and had reasonable success in my mind is not a terrible player and like you Dave, I can see why we signed him but injuries have held him back.
  6. Exactly this, people criticising Holden and his tactics for this game is truly bizarre. I would have been more concerned if he hadn’t made all those substitutions and set the team up not to have a go when the circumstances dictated that was the only option.
  7. Complains about snide remarks about the express etc and then calls the Guardian laughable.
  8. Deserve it. Best team in the league by a long way. Great away day.
  9. It certainly has come to something when people are throwing out bible quotes on a Warnock thread.
  10. Be interesting to see if he gets player of the season. Deserves it.
  11. Good to know that if we need to bring a striker on to foul everyone that we have Marley Watkins
  12. Watching a team managed by Warnock every week must be like watching any other teams last ten minutes when losing by a goal.
  13. I’m yet to be convinced that Vyners any better, defensively.
  14. Thanks Dave. A match thread with 8 paragraphs on something that has been discussed on multiple threads and has nothing to do with today’s game was more what I was getting at.
  15. Would rather @Davefevsor @phantomdid the match threads.
  16. Kudos for using the slipping in some Latin! ’
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