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  1. RIP Dad, will leave a big gap in all our lives xx
  2. https://twitter.com/PNEPolice/status/1201621419190304770?s=20
  3. I saw two pages of what I thought may be interesting insight into Lee 'tinkering' with the team and instead read (well skimmed as I wouldn't have time for all that) 2 pages of a boys bitchfest. As you were lads, even us ladies aren't as catty as some of you lot
  4. hubby already said we are having leek and potato pie today, he is welsh (a sacrifice on my part) so consider my bit done. I will be at work though, won't hold my breath until FLDC have had their usual 20 minutes or whatever added on time.......
  5. Happy out, got the boy and myself a shirt and a few bits and bobs he will be happy with and saved a few pennies as well. Plus my boss is a Leeds fan - wonder if I will get away with wearing my shirt at work........ Also got round the international delivery charge by using Addresspal so it is all forwarded to me for a fraction of the cost
  6. I can now blame @Septic Peg for the kids playing 'who's afraid of the big bad wolf' on Alexa at the moment.......
  7. I love tormenting myself on this https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/championship/league-table/predicted and seeing where we may end up (has predicted scores sequences etc...)
  8. Happy Birthday @Tinmans Love Child, I am blatantly going to use your post as an excuse to put a pic of my twins birthday cakes we had made in September (sorry!!!!)
  9. @soultrader - you appear to be in my neck of the woods as we are in North Cork - nice to know! (I am getting fed up only meeting Leeds/Man U/ Liverpool fans!) I do have address pal set up so could get around it, but as someone who sends stuff the other way to the UK, and is conscious of how much people are willing to pay for postage it is a personal bugbear of mine when there is a totally ridiculous postage charge. Good to hear it is being looked at though
  10. not sure @Bristol Rob - to Ireland no more than £5, even registered it shouldn't be much more than that?
  11. @Bristol Rob yep, £40 - I know they use DPD but someone is taking the rip there. I get alot from the UK sent with DPD and have never ever paid suppliers anywhere near that much for 20kg+ boxes let alone a scarf.....
  12. I actually wanted to buy my boy one of the personalised scarfs for Christmas, but no way can I justify paying £40 delivery to Ireland unless Matty Taylor is bringing it personally.......
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