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  1. I'm sure Mark Ashton's ego tells him that he's more likely to play Brad Pitt in a movie.
  2. I am, and don't call be Shirley!
  3. Maybe they keep stopping for drink breaks.
  4. chucky


    Is the roof big enough for a JET
  5. Don't! You're gonna make me cry.
  6. I don't believe they are quoting SG as there are no "emmmmms" in it.
  7. Everyone's F5 key today.
  8. My F5 doesn't work anymore.
  9. Gregor has a piece now on BristolLive now saying the source is The transfer market guru.
  10. I'd be happy to take a page out of wally's book. "These things take time"
  11. 2005-2008 they were in league 1 for 3 seasons
  12. That's less than 20k per week. What sort of money would the club be looking to pay for a manager/head coach to "get us over the line" as SL said?
  13. Gorilla Monsoon with Booby the brain Heenan and Jim Ross with Jerry Lawler were the best for me!
  14. Anyone know if The Avon Gorge Hotel is open?
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