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  1. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/micky-bell-joins-city-full-time/ Great to see another City great get a job at City he was a great player and hopfully a great coach.
  2. The chant 'Your not fit to wear the shirts' was really bad, have the supporters not been to WBA before we have let in 4 goals on most occasions, we did quite well keeping it to 3. These are Premiership clubs playing in the Championship they get paracute payments so they can keep thier permiership player, we know is's not a fair league but just to stay in it is an accoplishment so just be happy with our team competing with these bigger team and beating some of them. 'City till I die' is a bit daft when you say that they are not fit !
  3. Just read Andy Coles Autobiography Fast Forward and in it he says that he enjoyed his time at City but going through the players he picked out Jacki, he said that he was a one off.What a player.He was loved at Celtic , and was equally as popular at City. HE WAS ONE OFTHE MOST SKILFUL PLAYERSTHAT I EVER PLAYED WITH. He would flick the ballover peoples heads for fun.If Jacki could have stayed sober,he could have been anything.The big Polish forwardhad a real problem with drink, and not a few many beers ;vodka.We loved him, though. This is a player who has played with Cantona,saying that he was one of the most skilful players,we were lucky to have him grace our pitch.
  4. They should have been down to 10 players as the yellow should have been RED for a two footed lung and even after that he did a couple of fouls the could have been yellow, no wonder they took him off at half time !
  5. It is another tictic for us but we need to mix it up a bit not just toss it in the area, I am sure that itcould be a tacic but we need to work on it.
  6. I have found that you have to shop around as Scotish Widows where I had my penson were ofering me £125 a month but I shopped around and managed to get £148 a month so transfered !
  7. phoned Jerry and he said that anyone going by coach can park at the club.Hope this helps.
  8. One of the best signings that we have made in a long while, not sure how long before premiership clubs come in for him though.
  9. Bit like when Cotrill was in charge before he left we kept letting in late goals and yet again we let a lead slip away.
  10. You go on e bay and put in any club and progammes are one of the most expecive things, there are programme collectors in every club, it is the wrong thing to do but they will call it progress.
  11. Mine Arrived but my Mrs is nowhere to be seen hope it arrives before the season starts.
  12. Im still Standing by Elton John
  13. Funny I have a 30" waist and 28" leg and I can not get any to fit.
  14. Still a bit worried about the players that we let go like Walsh and Patterson I think that we could have got money for them and maybe kept them on as they may come back to hurt us during the next season.
  15. foghornred


    I used to be a decent runner 2hr 32 marathon, 68.56 1/2 marathon, 30.12 10 k and 15.06 5k but now I just run for fun and do not compete as I will never get a PB, although I have noticed that standards have dropped because looking at race results the winning times are good but looking down the field the good runners are getting slower and it soon tails off to jogging rather that running.
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