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  1. Surely if you say a match will be abandoned every time there is racial abuse from the crowd, anyone unhappy with their team's losing position can shout something racially offensive to get the game abandoned. You might end up with total chaos in the fixtures and more racial abused being shouted than you do now.
  2. If your pass is validated by being double jabbed it should give a month. If it’s by inputting the code off a lateral flow test as negative it only gives 2 days. My understanding from my Welsh friends is that what makes it all completely pointless is that you don’t need a negative test, you need an unused test code which you report to be negative. Whether you do the test is between you and your conscience. So the only factual knowledge the steward gets is your date of birth. That could be awkward for some if combined with ticket categories.
  3. My issue with the relentless apologies is that most of the time I hadn’t heard anything ‘offensive’ and it draws attention and invites unattended kids to rewind to hear the said words.
  4. Park and ride never seem to check whether users are catching a bus. Closes at 2245 so fine for evening games unless cup games with potential extra time / penalties, but it is closed on Sundays so not an option for Sunday games.
  5. Communication and teamwork seems to be a weakness in most of our senior players. Maybe good humans don’t tell each other what to do, but it’s hard for our team to become more than the sum of it’s parts unless several players are capable of doing that at the appropriate time.
  6. One of the daytime radio Bristol presenter said earlier that they were back on the internet after being ‘geoblocked’ throughout the Olympics due to the risk of any comments about the games breaching rights somewhere in the world, so sound of the city may be back next week.
  7. The cars under the metro bus bridge all had tickets on at the end.
  8. Did anyone else think it was a bit of an odd move from Gregor to bring up an international own goal 2 years ago in the press conference. Asking about the Euros generally seems reasonable especially when City’s season is going nowhere now but why remind the guy of a bad day?
  9. Parkwaymom

    Robins TV

    The feed is working fine here even if I wish it wasn’t. Have you updated your app today?
  10. Against the top 5 teams in WSL you are on a hiding to nothing setting up to hold on to nil nil from the start and hoping for something on the counter arrack. It really doesn’t seem like the best use of the players they’ve got. I hope Beard’s knowledge of the league will allow him to adjust the game plan depending on opposition weakness as well as giving Salmon a better chance to make the most of her obvious talent. I fear that even if they stay up she will be gone at the end of the season.
  11. Everton are considerably stronger than they were when Willie Kirk took over. I think they are considered integral to the Everton in the community offer to encourage the around 50% of the population who are female to enjoy being physically active themselves. I still feel that City were cornered into having a women's club by Rovers getting relegated out of the league and if they could would give them back as a drain on resources. In this game the ref has 'tried to let the game flow' or has missed an awful lot.
  12. If Matt Beard didn't know what he'd taken on he does now. Next weekend could be painful as well. I don't remember them not losing to Chelsea since the formation of the league and in recent seasons it's been a pasting home and away every time.
  13. It's easy to think we could do better or know someone who could but as they say you can't please all the people all the time so it's not an easy job. While I don't think our social media output is great or dire, I think this kind of award just shows how poor an average clubs output is never mind a bad one. We can all wish for it to be continually improving, but sometimes it's a good idea to appreciate what we have got.
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