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  1. The park and ride is closed on Sundays and bank holidays so cannot be used for matches that fall on those and it closes at 2220 in the evening so an evening cup game with potential for extra time or penalties could be risky, but for games when it is open no action has been taken against those using it. I think those with bus passes are more likely to do the 2 stops to make it ‘legitimate’ than those who would have to pay for a ticket.
  2. I hope they are monitoring social media and getting an idea how many plan to go and have enough ticket windows open and enough stewards to open extra areas if needed. I’m wondering about parking as the likes of wickes probably won’t have any plans to accommodate.
  3. The Coventry coach was not remotely subtle in his instructions to the keeper to sit down and request treatment half way through the second half to enable the whole team to come to the sideline for a drink and to be briefed on the plan for formation following the outfield substitution which happened immediately after the break in play.
  4. Anyone know whether Mel Johnson is injured? Haven’t seen her on a team sheet for a few weeks.
  5. Anyone know why Murray isn’t in the squad?
  6. I may be doing Emma Hayes a disservice but I think she has a tendency to favour her own club players when asked to name the woman of the match.
  7. You are correct that you can’t get from sheens Rd to whitehouse lane via malago Rd. The council are currently saying 2 1/2 years before it reopens so estimate 5-10 years if ever.
  8. Unfortunately the weather up on Failand can be unappealing for much of the season. I've been up a couple of times and the forecast was a significant factor in choosing to watch the game from the sofa. Mel Johnson is quick but she is also very good a moving defenders about to create space for others. Sometimes she doesn't see that much of the ball, but the team looks better when she plays.
  9. Enjoying the regular appearance of a microfibre cloth. Yesterday the mens game on Robins TV could have done with a bit of that.
  10. You clearly didn’t need 9 on your subs bench back then.
  11. Surely if you say a match will be abandoned every time there is racial abuse from the crowd, anyone unhappy with their team's losing position can shout something racially offensive to get the game abandoned. You might end up with total chaos in the fixtures and more racial abused being shouted than you do now.
  12. If your pass is validated by being double jabbed it should give a month. If it’s by inputting the code off a lateral flow test as negative it only gives 2 days. My understanding from my Welsh friends is that what makes it all completely pointless is that you don’t need a negative test, you need an unused test code which you report to be negative. Whether you do the test is between you and your conscience. So the only factual knowledge the steward gets is your date of birth. That could be awkward for some if combined with ticket categories.
  13. My issue with the relentless apologies is that most of the time I hadn’t heard anything ‘offensive’ and it draws attention and invites unattended kids to rewind to hear the said words.
  14. Park and ride never seem to check whether users are catching a bus. Closes at 2245 so fine for evening games unless cup games with potential extra time / penalties, but it is closed on Sundays so not an option for Sunday games.
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